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  1. Wahh..so much to read.Awesome you guys..NamJi is still flying with with high colors on forums!!!! Apologies for not being able to contribute a lot on here,been busy with work lately.LOVE the countdown to Wookies military discharge And Hyunnis latest pics are Stay wonderful everyone!
  2. Happy New Year NamJi fam! I have not been here as often as I could..but know that there will always be room for NamJi in my heart..in any form that may be hehe!Hope you all had a gret 2018 and an even better one come 2019! Waiting for our dearest Wookie real soon..and to the always lovely Hyunni,can't wait for your new project..will she be appearing later at the SBS Drama Awards? GOD BLESS US ALL!❤
  3. Hah..I find this real cute.. Ctto Round 1:33 he's practicing the heart at the back together with KHN haha...the person on front when he turned back could only smile of the achievement lolz.. Upclose ctto Lucky girl Ctto There's a tweet that I saw with blurred image of the girl...if the face wasn't revealed I would've thought of it as hyunni in between Wookie and HaNeul haha..add up that hand pose,smile and shirt lol.There goes my love triangle bwahaha Ayt..dont mind me..Its been a while since I posted in 2 days succession lmao Happy Monday everyone.
  4. Could she have taught him?Or he tried to learn it to show someone? I'm totally delu-ling but what the heck this is NamJi thread after all Wookie didn't know how many people he has made happy with that gesture hahaha!
  5. When I first saw the Wookie pic doing the heart thingy..I thought of Hyunni coz she does this unususl heart with ease.My shipper heart tells me..where could have Wookie seen it?Who has been doing it?Could he have missed her? But then thats just me. Haha. And yes Wookie struggling doing this difficult heart is adorkably cuteee...a gem this is! Happy Sunday too dearie and to everyone!
  6. Changwookie Oppa is so original I guess I can't believe I listened to the entire song So who's suffering?
  7. Hyunnie said 100 days just ended why is it still Suspicious Partner? Wahaha..I love how these words came from her mouth haha! Must you ask why? I personally think SP was Hyunni's bestest up to now,then there's that natural and overflowing chemistry with her Changwookie oppa I'm still lurking at this thread and luvs Namji still..just preoccupied with things atm..hehe...but I find ways for my dose of NamJi
  8. Congratulations Hyunni for a successful fanmeet and woah Hyunited soompiers..what a wonderful cake...and that photo collage/mosaic like was lovely....
  9. @pauliza on that third tweet link #thewayjijikissed...it felt like both of them got carried away And then I thought...where did I see that cut again? I need to rewatch SP adcit aain haha
  10. I forgot the link from where we previously bought it.The one that we have is Director's Cut of SP..I'm not sure if they have some more that is available since this one's for a limited only. I found this though https://www.yesasia.com/global/suspicious-partner-14dvd-outbox-digipack-photobook-postcard-set-sbs/1065723688-0-0-0-en/info.html The thing is..this is 14 discs only wherein the directors cut had a total of 16 discs (2 discs additional which is the couple discs) Its up to you if you'd buy the 14 discs..it still has bts goodies though or maybe btry Japanese links that could have the 16discs..although its rare nowadays..hehe Do I recommend this DVD? : HIGHLY❤ you won't regret it.
  11. Pretty hyunni Ctto And the awesomeness that is Wookie! (Add up HaNeul) Cr.kanghaneulorg
  12. Overwhelmed by the tantamount number of pics from our dear Wookie on ig (lurking).Looking so fresh,manly and handsome The inner fangirl in me will wait for your return hihihi Until then stay healthy.We are all proud of what you've become. Ctto
  13. Awww...what a cutie Hyunni❤ And I swear..Wookie is getting handsome and handsome each day
  14. Good day everyone Cr.sbs catch Who's not moving on Even if we've all seen this quite a number of times..we all end up clicking the play button lolz
  15. Who's jumping ship?!?! When we're all on board for a great ride on here. Yer..pretty sure PDnim has lots of hidden gems there too.Even without the vids or bts our OTP knows it too 30s my foot!!! Is my dvd player timer acting up? There was no 30s on there...30s minimum probably haha Best 30s was just a feelers for everyone..the one on the dvd is their actual best me thinks And yes those kisses may it be bts or not were convincing to me too..it's like magic! ❤Ah these two are good! I luv the "slow your roll turbo," part ..this is what I'd like to believe,thats what she meant.I lol'd at the spoiler A section tv interview..I second..third that haha
  16. 30s?!?!?!...I am shocked to the point She should be taking her time None of the interviews asked..if she has visited Wookie already?!I'm dying to know
  17. I lol'd at the highlighted words..first thing that come to mind was "who's pressuring you?" I'm sorry Hyunni ..nonetheless love her honesty But looking at those words..I'd say the girl is willing to wait hehe (who knows..if its that one who can't be named ) I'm sure you'll have lots of time to get to know each other when he comes out,haha)just for fun ayt.Peace! Thank you for the translations hyunited soompiers
  18. Hyunni blowing bubbles remind me of EunBongHee..the hairstyle maybe..hehe Wookie looking gooddddd! Nice to have updates from both of them Beautiful!!!!! I miss NamJi too!!!
  19. Woah..beautiful gif. Chaewonnie looks so lovely!!!! Can't wait for this drama to air!
  20. Sbs catch is so obvious lmao I swear..I so love Wookie in SP bwahahaha Yes dearie..the feels!!!! It never gets old haha Pretty Hyunni..yay! Xd SBS catch can't move on and so are we I watched the clip with these eyes haha.. Better yet ask our dear PDnim...with the same casts of course haha
  21. Proud of how NJH have become all these years..and I'm pretty sure everyone here knows that she'd definitely go places whatever she'd like to become. Seeing reel vs. real again..can't help but admire the playfulness that is NamJi trademark as well. Grinning from ear to ear still hihihi
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