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  1. You are welcome dearies!! The pleasure is all mine Val! Aww love love @ajboomer28's edit!! Makes me rofl every single time. Thank you for reposting it dearie!! Lmao uri co - captain was so daring! When their Bts is more romantic than the actual drama scene Chincha these two!! What are they doing holding hands! ctto
  2. Reading someone's post just made me lose all my brain cells! I hope that fly never returns! While in NamJi land.... Never mess with NamJi! NamJi together screams DANGER Lmao the casualty rate is so high. Poor SP crew
  3. Lmoa I can't! NamJi T action be like Happy weekend everyone! Caring Namja Why so cute!!!
  4. *ME reading your post* Love love what you said there dearie! Love you girls and the bond we share. You are all precious to me Reading about NamJi and their fate make me want to tear up. Because....
  5. Yeah the songsongs were merely comfortable with each other to the point they made the director retake the wine kiss a few dozen times just bcz they weren't satisfied with the take. Lmao rational? Yeah the Bts were scripted to the point it said "Jcw and Njh should shove their tongues into each others mouth". Now we need the Bts of the scripted Bts! Lmao you remind me of those Anti's who kept saying that songsongcouple were being so touchy touchy in order to boost ratings and for promos. Looks like you stepped into the wrong thread dearie. I'm more than happy to direct you to another thread where you'll find plenty of like minded ppl who would love your take, while we find it down right disrespectful and insulting. Announcement to all the flies in here.... ...instead of wasting our remaining pages in the thread.
  6. *Hugs post* Your commentary is jjang and so on point @nianderson unnie!! I can't get enough of your post love! Inserting in some gifs for all to enjoy!! Lmao I just can't at hyunie caressing him all the way down gif credit @adi2019jiji Sorry girls I have no idea how to rotate the gif hehe.
  7. Lmao Wookie didn't waste a minute after his discharge to try and distract us from his comeback project! Wook made sure that everyone knew of the important role Jihyun played in choosing his comeback project. Now his upcoming project is inevitably connected to his previous Co-star Nam Jihyun Translation credit @riririru Lmao another one but his mission was unsuccessful Hyunie choking her oraboni CTTO
  8. Lmao I bet NamJi did more than just script reading at their place Right dearie!! We sure can wait for them. Until then lets enjoy some NamJi moments Love their fist bump moments Lmaoo Light testing NamJi style He sure got a thing for her chin ctto
  9. Lmao more like he didn't want to stop talking about Jihyuni While on the other hand we have international Myoppa fanbase wishing the reporter a painful death. I'm sure wookie would feel proud of them While Korean Jifans on sns ... Lmao when it comes to NamJi everyones so affected
  10. Happy Sunday Shippers!! Haven't been able to post lately. Real life has been super busy TT Miss you all!! Lmao when the system you speak about does not exist within the musical but at Cherwon Wookie you never learn! Lmao where was that Wookie who said that his fellow soldiers would be happy if Hyuni visited him at the army? Aww this is soooooo The way they hug ctto
  11. Yup that definitely looked like a fishing spot kekeke Lmao Val you aren't helping us at all!!! *bangs head on the wall* Girls.. Believe me this is a very innocent gif
  12. I bet all my savings that no real NamJi/JiJi shipper would want to sell the Dcut and I bet that everyone regrets not buying the blue ray lmao!! Our shippers be like.... Lol Old? Believe me the Dcut has been on repeat mode since the day we got it . We simply can't get enough of it! NamJi Shippers right now... Lmao girls this is soooo us bahahaha We are all #NamJi_trash_bins
  13. Love love this bts!! Hyunie is giving me wifey vibes here Lmao why does it look so normal as if they are used to do such things all the time BTW... Lmao flies on our thread be like.... Flies who really think that we shippers believe they are genuine fans of JiJi/NamJi couple Please! Creating negativity on this thread doesn't make your ship sail period... I can't at if this ship sinks, then mine sails mentality Whether you ship NamJi or not... And YES...
  14. Lmao Val you still have faith on Jigoner?! bahahaha I bet Glorious and Bangchigu might have wanted to do exactly this after Wookie's post discharge IV ... Lmao I agree unnie!! *fist bumps* I still can't move on from the "System" tongue slip kekeke Wookie is like a loose cannon Who would even ask one's ex-costar to help in choosing his next project after military discharge? He was....
  15. Wookie looks so handsome in his Vlive!! Can't wait for his latest drama Happy Thursday shippers! NamJi being Touchy touchy in between takes of the kiss scenes The way she looks at him Not even the chair can keep them apart! ctto
  16. Welcome to NamJi family!!! NamJi is indeed addictive. Trust me you are not alone. Almost everyone in here would own upto to being a NamJi_trash_bin We would love to read your take on their bts, IV's etc... Fighting with the backreading!!
  17. Happy Sunday Shippers!! Lmao just what are you doing wookie NamJi acting like kids Wookie stop staring at her and listen to PD nim *face palms myself* ctto
  18. Happy 2nd Anniversary Shippers!! It feels like yesterday we celebrated the 1st Anniversary and now it’s our 2nd haha. Shipping wouldn’t have been this fun without you Fam!!! NamJi and you girls have brought such joy to my life and helped me overcome a certain difficult phase in my life and I’ll be always be grateful for that. Real life has been super busy and I miss spazzing with your girls!! Will catch you girls soon. Until then... Jichang wook: "She is controlling me" He loves making her laugh Why so cute!!! Love how touchy touchy they were in between kiss scenes I can't at how Wook's all shy shy in here When you don't want to let go of Oppa's thigh ctto
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