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  1. @partyon @Ameera Ali @sweetroad @larus @gm4queen 🫶and all the add team we can do it Aerobics chingu I can do it online but going to the gym was much way better 👫 and it a sort of bonding with hubby💗 @rocat👋 sometimes🙂 especially during the COVID pandemic 998
  2. I don't liked that he will end up like his role in Vincenzo and I recalled his role in Love in the Moonlight , I wish him he will soon have a major role that will fit for him🤞 ---- i need to go for my Physical exercise bye for👋 now @partyonchingu❣️ === 990
  3. @partyoncan you imagine this scene if he actually had a baby😇 “Da Hye! Geon U! My son can’t go to bed if I don’t tuck him in. Please, Da Hye!” @sweetroad chingu good to know you're okey, I did experience food poisoning when I was younger far worst, that's why I was extra careful what I ate especially raw foods like (the poke raw fish) ==== ---- @partyon with the fans https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133859/20240405/queen-of-tears-fans-plea-give-kwak-dong-yeon-happy-ending-tired-seeing-suffer.htm 986
  4. @partyon agree ----- adding saturday ost sounds like a bgm for a BED scene while sunday ost sounds like a bgm for a DEATHBED scene. the contrast ijbol. #QueenOfTears😭
  5. I stick to simple crepes apple cinnamon and also liked pancakes ,sometimes croissant Croissant breakfast sandwiches ===== ZHAO LUSI Madame Figaro China 2024 982
  6. Unnie you have to edited your number we the same add no. how about +2 @gm4queen💟 👋
  7. cto another your oppa level? ----- 976
  8. @partyon @sweetroad @larus glad that 3 add team chingus present today Macarons and Cappuccino☕Today, went for macarons of raspberry chocolate, s’mores, and matcha. All sweet and crispy. Soft when take a bite. Good to have once in a while. The cappuccino is authentic with heavy caffeine in small ounce. ====== ----- https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133828/20240403/lee-min-ho-most-loved-actor-2024-overseas-korean-wave-survey.htm 972
  9. another add Team @larus chingu ====== What ad is it? Mineral water? Why opening his shirt? 🤪 his mole..🫣 958
  10. @Ameera Ali @partyon @gm4queen @sweetroad and other Add team+members @joccu Paris is my waitinglist === 952
  11. @partyon @Ameera Ali Fans are admiring Ji Chang Wook's new look as he heads for an overseas schedule. https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133811/20240402/ji-chang-wook-enters-soft-boy-era-new-hairstyle-whats-next-actor.htm another article https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/133813/20240402/lee-jae-wook-aespa-karina-split-actor-agency-statement.htm ===== 946
  12. @Ameera Ali @sweetroad @joccu @rocat ======= cto 938
  13. liked this part @partyon repost @gm4queen 🫶 🫰 ==== ---- Add( + )Team930
  14. I called it pumpkin skirt/dress SYDNEY SWEENEY. photographed by Amber Asaly for Who What Wear Magazine ------ grilled golden kiwi, strawberry and arugula salad(vegan) https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ctw7XVvNhb_/ @sweetroad🙂 Just finished our Easter celebration was tiring but fulfillment 884
  15. Easter we celebrate with family and close friends with our kids do the eggs hunt games Mini Vegan Easter Bundt Cake Nests ===== 😍 I shipped him before with Moon chae-won 878
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