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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)


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Again after 4 years :joy:

Time and time again hyunie is being connnected to wookie. Gosh Now in 2023 they even use her pic alongside wookies where in 2019 they didn't. What are you two upto!!!

Soop let them use her pic in his discharge video!!! Unbelievable :ph34r:


I can't at the vid caption!! "There was an actress more important than a girl group" ~ OBS Tv

Yassss that actress is Jihyunah after all!!! :wub:








cr SMI

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Hyunie changed her Profile Pic On on her 19th Debut Anniversary (25th Feb 2023)


New Profile pic translation: 


The kid holding an orange balloon with the dream of being a star, is now an adult with a blue heart ~ Nam Ji Hyun (25.02.2023)


Thank you for translating sis @riririru 





Lmaoo those myunnies trash gang need to stop treating her like a kid. It's a clear message from adult Nam Jihyun. Like it or not Hyunie is an adult and very much capable of making sound decisions on her life. 

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Hyuni Stories Update 25.02.2023


Thank you @riririru

(sorry its not in order)


1. I blue (love) you! (I blue (love) you too! *blue heart* *blue heart*"
2. I wish you a bright future 
3. A face of burning passion and deep love
4. An adult with a blue heart
5. A kid holding an orange balloon who wants to be a star














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Wookie's Elle Iv 02.03.2023


"I think he wants the girl he likes to look at him,so he does things he doesn’t normally do &shows his pathetic side. I sympathized with it &felt that it was true love" ~ #JiChangWook 02.03.2023








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