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  1. It's been a while since I posted on here. Hope everyone is doing well in this weird life situation with lockdowns, curfews and whatnot and that you and your families and friends are healthy. It has also been a while since I checked on namji's whereabouts or even watched a kdrama but this thread has connected me with so many good people and there is no moving on from that at all. Can't wait for the W or H or even namji drama that might bring me back to kdrama world
  2. Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Seems like our girl is filming something, she also got a new cat. Meanwhile, there seems to be a new drama project for wookie too
  3. Yay finally an update of our Hyunnie! https://www.instagram.com/p/CHKaBlJlBHJ/?igshid=1652shdeip8bi
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a while for me since I've been drowning under work. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss Hyunnie so much, hope we get some update soon
  5. Lmao just how many massages did he give her a massage on the set? There are at least 3 times that were caught on cam lmao: the first one where NJW was just fired from his job as a prosecutor, the one where NJW had a nightmare and the following one lmao He also sang for her more than once too lmao Personal massager and serenader
  6. It's funny to see sbs still releasing clips of namji and sp to this day https://www.facebook.com/167387976606223/posts/3595352360476417/
  7. Lmao I'm still not over the fact that he shared their first kiss no cut BTS on a wide screen while singing in his fanmeeting right before enlisting :
  8. This interview will stay legendary: He kept looking at her talking then asked her to praise him while trying to nudge her "discreetly" . I love the part where the two stopped talking and started only looking at each other's eyes while ignoring the poor interviewer That's namji in their own world for you
  9. The court kiss BTS is so much better than the aired kiss. I love their smiles, the lip bites and teasing In fact, most of their scenes are even better in the BTS. Jibong were living a life in SP but namji's relationship was even better than jibong's we even got JCW serenading NJH when JW was so mad at BH and Wookie twirling Hyunnie in fancams when jibong was nowhere near that close
  10. Yesterday I wasn't able to see the posts since soompi was still not working for me but finally I can now. I can't believe I missed the spazzing about KT showing his kissing skills lmao I'm also happy the trio really starting to find their balance cause I thought it would take longer. I guess the fact that MY is really persistent and that KT found the way to reach his brother really helped. Now they can start building their social links with other people and MY will finally feel like a member of a family.
  11. The forum is still not working for me since I can't see posts but seems like it's working for some. I hope it gets fixed soon
  12. I'm happy the forums are back right on time for the new episode
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