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  1. I love that scene too because it also shows that someone now is stepping up to take care of GT too after he spent his life taking care of his brother.
  2. This drama is just the gift that keeps giving. The 8th episode is such a gem too. Today was really the episode of KT finally not suppressing himself and his feelings and finally making a mess. It's such a healing drama since it makes me think about all the things I actually do too and that are shaping up some of my decision making too in a way that is sometimes not the best for me.
  3. Today's episode was so good, probably my favorite till now. I always end up crying and emotionally wiped out after watching this drama but in a good way. I love how they're are helping each other heal. I'm so happy for GT for finally realizing his mom actually loved him too no matter what and no matter how hard it must have been for her to raise her two sons alone. I can't wait for him to finally let go of his safety pin and to embrace the fact that he can have his wants and needs like anyone and he doesn't need to suppress himself all the time. I am happy for MY starting to finally set herself free from her mom. And for once I am not annoyed with the second leads of a kdrama.
  4. @paulizaoooh the weather is already hot but now the temperatures are skyrocketing
  5. Lmao we got updates from both of them on their ig accounts showing off their flexibility:
  6. This episode was really rich with information about both our leads and the ending was so heartbreaking that ended up crying. Now I'm really curious about next episode and about what we will learn more about their pasts
  7. Please let's not bring up what happens on other platforms and let's not compare ships since both things are against the soompi shipping threads rules. You would see here in the past pages that we always worked hard to never make comparisons and called out people who did so. Lets continue doing so. People are free to ship any ship they want and what happens on other platforms should stay on those platforms.
  8. Not only it basically is the premise of the drama with the synopsis describing her as a kid's fairytale writer with an antisocial personality disorder but the sleazy book critic she almost took the eye out in the second episode said so threatening her to basically out her medical condition to the press. The drama also keeps showing that. In what world would her behavior since childhood be seen as normal? Even her smoking in the psychiatric hospital's garden right in front of the sign prohibiting smoking was a little reminder of her not caring about rules.
  9. About that opinion, I guess some people are missing that KMY suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder. She just doesn't care about others feelings and about rules and morals. If someone is miffed by her touching someone without consent in the third episode but didn't notice her wondering about whether or not to let someone die drowning in cold water when she was still a kid then they need a brain. The drama is just portraying her mental disorder as it is. There is nothing more to it.
  10. In response to us missing her, Hyunnie updated her ig account with cutie tankuki: Hoping next her face will be included
  11. Just finished watching the second episode and somehow convinced my non drama watcher sister to finally watch something with me. I loved it and she did too. And the preview is making me think I'll love the next one too I can't wait for him to learn to face his fears face on by living around her brave self. I know he is supposed to help her calm down and heal too. I don't mind her healing but I don't know if I want her to calm down too much cause I love how she always faces people and doesn't back down. I can't wait for what comes next
  12. Man SYJ's voice is really something. I'm still not over it. She can read me all the fairy tales she wants! And I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the camera work is:
  13. Here's another site translating comments with higher upvotes about the pilot of IONTBO: https://k-communities.com/2020/06/20/k-netizens-reactions-to-its-okay-to-not-be-okay-episode-1/
  14. I just finished the first episode and I must say the excitement I got from the teasers and posters made me afraid the drama would let me down but it really didn't and it even surpassed my expectations. The opening is beautiful and eery. The whole episode made me watch from start to finish without pausing or skipping even once which is rare for my impatient personality. I love how they set up the story and introduced the characters without making it boring at all. In fact they made me just so curious about the characters especially about the childhood of the female lead. Also I was interested by the chemistry of the lead pair in the promotional interviews and curious about how it'll translate oncam and it didn't disappoint. I now can't wait for the next episode!