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  1. Hi ching-deul! I’ve been busy with shitty real life and been away from this ship for so long but when i scrolled my fellow shipper’s posts on ig, i realized that i can never move on from them. I still believe in their eyes and smiles and lingering touches! Especially in the golden dcut!! Can’t wait for our girl’s new drama and oppa’s musical. I missed them so much and decided to drop by here. Keep steering and fight the waves chingus!
  2. Our captain is enjoying his vacation so much! I’m sure he met his lady already
  3. The aftermath of buying the blu-ray is soo painful for my wallet. But after I received the bluray, all i can say that it’s all worth it and i have zero regrets! The best thing is i can see every small details clearly that i cannot see in SBS catch, in 60”! (well, internet sucks here haha). But DVD is great too, Namji goodness is all there hehe
  4. My advice to him exactly . During one of his radio interview, he said that “finding a pretty face is easier than finding a girl that he can connect well”. I wanna scream to him, “OPPA!!! She’s the one!! Make her yours!!!”. Their gazes, touches and even their simple gestures towards each other (even when he was helping her stand up after a scene) made my heart goes dugeun dugeun. Their kisses?? Well I need another post dedicated only for their kisses I watched his other BTS and yes, he’s playful buttt still guarded. I can always see a wall he made to distance himself despite being his cheeky self. Watching Namji’s interaction as the shooting progresses is like watching their own kind of drama Ok, since parents have gone to sleep, time to continue watching my dcut! Mine too. I need to re-organize my thoughts hahaha
  5. Finally, the dcut is in my hands!!!! Well, my national courier screwed up big time, my dvd got held at custom at the wrong state for almost 2 weeks. The set is sooooooo gorgeous I’m smiling like an idiot. Can’t wait to dig into the videos and I’ll come here if I ever need oxygen.
  6. OMG I can’t wait to get mine (held by custom apparently, so another few days for clearance before I get mine!!). I can sense their wifey hubby vibe even from drama itself, obviously soulmates. I might faint if I watch the bts myself. Just by seeing them together, I feel soo happy and soo in love
  7. I place mine on 13/4, the order completed in not more than half a day. They shipped mine the next monday. Maybe they’ll ship yours today.
  8. Ok, I looove your point of view. I don’t ship on-screen couple too except for few. Being a long time fan if JCW, I can tell you that guy is dead serious in finding his future madame. If they end up together, they will both be very lucky to find each other and that will be a beautiful story to tell
  9. That will be dream comes true chingu. Namji babies roaming around!! I will get a smack in the head if I watch the 27 minutes kiss in front of my parents HAHAHA
  10. OMG I just saw few seconds of the laundry basket kiss. That was intense. I’m still waiting for my Dcut (darn it how can they keep my dvd at the airport for 4 freakin’ days ). Since I’ve ordered the bluray, I need to watch it on TV, in the living room, where my family usually hangout. How can I watch it without being judged seriously??? Now I have invested my money to buy a bluray player, do I need to buy a new TV so I can watch it in my room peacefully? I blame Namji for this
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