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  1. Hmmm... speaking of black and white effect...... we know who likes B&W effect too
  2. So true @adi2019jiji they are so comfy comfy. Comfort level 200% and they both said that they dont know each other very well before the drama started filming. soooo suspicious.. who needs eyes when your hands can do the talking these clips were taken during their photoshoot. comfy level OVERLOAD! my classic fave GIF haters are gonna be haters forever. Nobody can change what these 2 shared while filming the drama. So happy for both of them coz they were able to work well with one another. I think both of them would say that suspicious partner made a difference in their careers.
  3. @babyval22 Because practice makes perfect! everytime! Aristotle was right about these two! LOL cto
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