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  1. Lmao it's funny how Kitchen9 prepared a seaweed soup for Wook as a service (when we never ordered one) and of all days it was Hyunie's birthday! May be he packed some of the delicious food we sent him for that someone who has been hidden from the rest of the world This ship couldn't get any weirder ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Last but not least thank you everyone for all the hard work you all put in to make this Food Truck project a success! You girls did great! Once again we proved that Shippers can show their support without being biased. Well done shippers! *Group hugs everyone*
  2. Happy Sunday Everyone Lmao someone tell him to leave! #shameless_oraboni The way she looks at him Lmao when he was asked his fav scene in SP *face palms myself* ctto
  3. Happy Sunday everyone! Lmao I chincha can't at his reaction@ptp321 Their hugs are so
  4. Lmao the only thought on my mind when I saw "W and H spent some time together last night." NamJi should take responsibility for corrupting me ctto
  5. Lmao I can't unnie PS: The xcut i mean dcut has corrupted the innocent me
  6. Lmao the system should take responsibility for hiding hyunie from the public. As for captain i just came across a pic of him sleeping on sets. Lmao it never happened on SP not even when he was tired. Same with hyunie kekekeke.. Some NamJi moments Wifey vibes
  7. Annyong shippers! Couldn't post in here cz of real life. Hope you all are doing great. Finally we got an update from hyuni! Looks like the system set her free for now These two are so over the top man Lmao wook grabbing his own script would mean having to let go of her,so he took hers. Have a blessed week everyone!
  8. You are welcome dearies!! The pleasure is all mine Val! Aww love love @ajboomer28's edit!! Makes me rofl every single time. Thank you for reposting it dearie!! Lmao uri co - captain was so daring! When their Bts is more romantic than the actual drama scene Chincha these two!! What are they doing holding hands! ctto
  9. Reading someone's post just made me lose all my brain cells! I hope that fly never returns! While in NamJi land.... Never mess with NamJi! NamJi together screams DANGER Lmao the casualty rate is so high. Poor SP crew
  10. Lmoa I can't! NamJi T action be like Happy weekend everyone! Caring Namja Why so cute!!!
  11. *ME reading your post* Love love what you said there dearie! Love you girls and the bond we share. You are all precious to me Reading about NamJi and their fate make me want to tear up. Because....
  12. Yeah the songsongs were merely comfortable with each other to the point they made the director retake the wine kiss a few dozen times just bcz they weren't satisfied with the take. Lmao rational? Yeah the Bts were scripted to the point it said "Jcw and Njh should shove their tongues into each others mouth". Now we need the Bts of the scripted Bts! Lmao you remind me of those Anti's who kept saying that songsongcouple were being so touchy touchy in order to boost ratings and for promos. Looks like you stepped into the wrong thread dearie. I'm more than happy to direct you to another thread where you'll find plenty of like minded ppl who would love your take, while we find it down right disrespectful and insulting. Announcement to all the flies in here.... ...instead of wasting our remaining pages in the thread.
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