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  1. Aww I'm so loving their timing!!! Why are they so in sync!! Caring oraboni!
  2. Unnie anneyong!! You ship them too haha! Nice seeing you here! Welcome on board dearie!
  3. Omo why does their wrap up party cake look like a wedding cake??!! Weiiii!! Why are they doing this to us!! TT
  4. Anneyong shippers! I've been a silent reader on this thread for some time now and been thoroughly enjoying all your post. I'm so loving their chemistry that has transcended beyond their onscreen performance and it's a joy to see them so happy when they are together Goner Alert!!!
  5. And NamJi made us feel like.... Hyuni thanking Changwookie oraboni Lmao when Jigoner let the cat outta the bag bwahahaha When he hid her away from the rest of his army mates
  6. Anneyong! I'm a little late but, Happy 2020 sistas!! And saranghamnida CR NamJi_Goners
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