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  1. I was wrong about SJK after all. He was unable to handle a woman as strong as Kyo. The love wasn't enough to see through each other's weaknesses and strengths. They should have surrounded themselves with good advisers to let them understand that marriage is always a work in progress and both of them have an obligation to keep it burning. It's a lifetime commitment, and 2 years is still part of adjustment and 7 year itch. I think SJK's career will take a dive, a lot of kyo's fans inckuding myself are so very disappointed with him.
  2. 20 years a Hye Kyo fan, I guess I will always be biased to take her side but I think the best thing to do is to give them the peace that they so need right now. This is a truly heartbreaking thing to happen when you are just an ordinary person but very magnified if you are celebrity. Everyone is having a feast and Kyo is a very very private person, I'm sure she hates all this spotlight at the moment. I think she will go in a hiatus for at least 3 years.
  3. I am very heartbroken. Does not matter who did what.. It's all blaming game. Truly tells us what they are on screen can be different beyond closed doors. Very very sad news for someone who shipped for the first time
  4. Hi beautiful people.. It's been a while since I last posted and visited our thread but know that I'm still with you all FIGHTING!! Last Saturday, I needed a little pick me upper so I tuned in to Viki and rewatched ep17 to I think dirty but pretty before I have to return to my reality. But let me tell you that the chemistry that attracted me from the beginning is still there, unbelievable. I'm still as giddy as I was and was so attracted and in love with them still. Wookie was really different in SP as was Hyunni, there's so much attraction flying in that screen and up to now can get me hooked. Thanks for keeping the thread alive and lively with your beautiful gifs and commentaries. Sailing
  5. Hello everyone... just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all and welcome to new shippers. RL has been tough for me, struggled with work and personal things lately. This thread is truly awesome, the gifs never fail to bring the smile and giddiness inside me. It might be a really long wait for all of us, we don't know if we could ever get an update from them (together) or not. Just like what I said before in the beginning of our shipping, we will enjoy the ride, the ship might be on sail for a long while, who knows. Hopefully I can catch up with what I missed and contribute more regularly. If not, thank you for all your beautiful gifs and opinions that lighten up our days
  6. Annyeong haseyo.... wanted to stop in and congratulate everyone, all our loyal, hard working shippers. I'm sorry RL has taken priority and it's only very recently that I have visited the thread and read the DMs. But please know that I remain a JIji shipper and I have no doubt whatsoever that their chemistry is beyond filming of SP. Wookie will be out soon but looking back it seems quick And just like everyone here, I'm excited on him returning to big screen and hopefully picking up where they left off with our Hyunnie.. Cheers everyone!! Thank you for keeping the thread alive even during drought. Miss you all!!!
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