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  1. Lmao just how many massages did he give her a massage on the set? There are at least 3 times that were caught on cam lmao: the first one where NJW was just fired from his job as a prosecutor, the one where NJW had a nightmare and the following one lmao He also sang for her more than once too lmao Personal massager and serenader
  2. It's funny to see sbs still releasing clips of namji and sp to this day https://www.facebook.com/167387976606223/posts/3595352360476417/
  3. Lmao I'm still not over the fact that he shared their first kiss no cut BTS on a wide screen while singing in his fanmeeting right before enlisting :
  4. This interview will stay legendary: He kept looking at her talking then asked her to praise him while trying to nudge her "discreetly" . I love the part where the two stopped talking and started only looking at each other's eyes while ignoring the poor interviewer That's namji in their own world for you
  5. The court kiss BTS is so much better than the aired kiss. I love their smiles, the lip bites and teasing In fact, most of their scenes are even better in the BTS. Jibong were living a life in SP but namji's relationship was even better than jibong's we even got JCW serenading NJH when JW was so mad at BH and Wookie twirling Hyunnie in fancams when jibong was nowhere near that close
  6. Yesterday I wasn't able to see the posts since soompi was still not working for me but finally I can now. I can't believe I missed the spazzing about KT showing his kissing skills lmao I'm also happy the trio really starting to find their balance cause I thought it would take longer. I guess the fact that MY is really persistent and that KT found the way to reach his brother really helped. Now they can start building their social links with other people and MY will finally feel like a member of a family.
  7. The forum is still not working for me since I can't see posts but seems like it's working for some. I hope it gets fixed soon
  8. So nice to see updates from both of them : https://twitter.com/Starmoonintern1/status/1285842593494953985?s=19
  9. It could help in the future but it still felt unhealthy to me and also both if them going back to their past dynamic even if they got to talk about something that weighed on KT for his whole life. The relationship they went back to is still unbalanced and needs a lot of work. But I see what you mean and how it is a necessary step for a change to happen.
  10. This! It felt exactly like this to me. It was in no way a healthy exchange and in no way a positive step. The way ST is forced to act the only way GT would be satisfied regardless of his wants and his own dreams when GT can never really do the same for him. It angered me more than anything.
  11. Had to do something light-hearted after today's episode and I got KT. Which is funny cause I sure don't have his patience towards his brother. I'm feeling super mad at ST for how manipulative he really is. We see that he has such a great memory that he remembers how his brother left him to drown before coming back and he knows it was wrong to do such a thing so he also must remember how he just let his brother drown right after he saved him. If his brother has to be reprimanded for that mistake and has to feel guilty about it, does he hold himself to the same standards? If he gives himself a pass, shouldn't he be able to give a pass to his brother too? I really wonder how his mind really works but I sure could never spend my life taking care of someone who returns that care the way he does. I also hope somehow both ST and MY realize soon that KT isn't some doll they can exchange and they can own. He is a person. I think it could be possible that MY knows that and just tried to use MT to reach ST since that's how he thinks.
  12. KT's position is not easy though. He is stuck between his wants and his responsibilities and we can see his guilt too. Imagine growing up with the guilt of wanting your brother dead. The script is just showing that and will keep showing it. Even if he falls in love with MY and decides to have a break for a day, he can't just change all his priorities at once. ST and MY aren't easy either. Both require a lot of love and attention and KT is just one person and he can't give his all to each one of them. They still need to find their balance if they ever find it and it won't be an easy feat.
  13. Just finished the episode. I loved it as usual, I felt uneasy watching it though and the ending really explained the uneasiness. It was building up for that. I also am worried about the foreshadowing when they talked about how love is about letting go too. When you really love someone you might reach a situation where you need to let them go for their own good. In this case, since MY was the one who thought it was ridiculous and she would never let go of GT while GT told her she can't know what might happen in the future, I think MY would actually grow to the point where she would be selfless enough to actually let go of GT despite of loving him and wanting him for herself for his own good. I loved the peck and someone might think it was too light but it was appropriate since they were reliving their childhood confession with a positive outcome this time. It made the child in MY happy and satisfied.
  14. I love that scene too because it also shows that someone now is stepping up to take care of GT too after he spent his life taking care of his brother.
  15. This drama is just the gift that keeps giving. The 8th episode is such a gem too. Today was really the episode of KT finally not suppressing himself and his feelings and finally making a mess. It's such a healing drama since it makes me think about all the things I actually do too and that are shaping up some of my decision making too in a way that is sometimes not the best for me.
  16. Today's episode was so good, probably my favorite till now. I always end up crying and emotionally wiped out after watching this drama but in a good way. I love how they're are helping each other heal. I'm so happy for GT for finally realizing his mom actually loved him too no matter what and no matter how hard it must have been for her to raise her two sons alone. I can't wait for him to finally let go of his safety pin and to embrace the fact that he can have his wants and needs like anyone and he doesn't need to suppress himself all the time. I am happy for MY starting to finally set herself free from her mom. And for once I am not annoyed with the second leads of a kdrama.
  17. @paulizaoooh the weather is already hot but now the temperatures are skyrocketing
  18. Lmao we got updates from both of them on their ig accounts showing off their flexibility:
  19. This episode was really rich with information about both our leads and the ending was so heartbreaking that ended up crying. Now I'm really curious about next episode and about what we will learn more about their pasts
  20. Please let's not bring up what happens on other platforms and let's not compare ships since both things are against the soompi shipping threads rules. You would see here in the past pages that we always worked hard to never make comparisons and called out people who did so. Lets continue doing so. People are free to ship any ship they want and what happens on other platforms should stay on those platforms.
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