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  1. Finally watched the 4th episode. I didn't like the editing as much as for the 3rd and there was too much slapstick with the ex bf of GMR. Looks like we will get more romance next so I am excited for that. Also I can't wait for MDC to finally grill his ex gf for how she did nothing after he disappeared cause he needs to knock her off of her pedestal. She just accepted to shut up about him and move on with her life after shedding some tears in exchange of a promotion...There is no way she really loved him.
  2. Finally got the time this to watch the first episode and I must say I can't wait to see where the story goes! I love the late nineties feel too. The ratings also went up between the first and second episode and I can't wait for it to go even higher. JCW suits the role of a PD and I love WJA's portrayal of GMR with her wittiness and also her sensitivity concerning her little brother.
  3. So excited for Wookie's comeback to the screen cause I haven't watched a single drama for over a year now and I hope MMS and Wook will get me back to liking dramas.
  4. If you want to talk about me, you can just tag me. No need to make roundabout posts about it. Whether you like it or not, it is a public forum not some private place and what you say reflects on the celebrities involved. I am a fan of MCW for even longer than this thread existed and I just wanted people not to connect her to a guy that was still in the process of divorcing. Now that the divorce is finalized, I don't care anymore. So happy shipping. PS: unlike you, I don't go around other social media like twitter to berate the content of soompi threads and I actually share my point of view to the people in the thread.
  5. Doesn't make it less unclassy. Even if a ship is not real life. It would be of better taste to wait for the divorce to be completed and it would also be better not to discuss rumors surrounding another pair in this thread. That is my opinion. Also I didn't hear your answer about SJK-MCW dating.... PS: I don't care for them and was never their shipper. I also didn't even watch their drama while I watched Nice guy...
  6. Never heard from any credible source that they did date before he enlisted. Also, it is still pretty distasteful to try to revive this ship at this sensitive timing when the divorce was just filed.
  7. Oh I love that they updated! They both look happy and healthy. Hope they stay that way
  8. It is not a healthy approach to shipping. It is not your own relationship so you shouldn't feel sad or jealous for someone else's possible relationship. It is all fate. If they end up together then it will be good for them otherwise, life will go on. It is also their job to act and kiss and if their partner can't take it then it is their problem as a couple and they should work on it. It is not your own. If you see something you don't like in the future BTS then just move on respectfully and calmly cause life goes on and you don't know JCW nor NJH personally
  9. So nice of wookie and his team for working for free to help the magazine and the homeless people selling it. It reminds me of that success story of one homeless guy who went through a similar type of magazine selling too before writing a best seller. Edit: The guy was actually selling Big issue, the same magazine Wook participated in just that he was selling it in London: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2014/06/28/how-a-street-cat-helped-a-homeless-man-turn-his-life-around/amp/ I read the book and it was really good.
  10. Lmao I know it is dated and old fashioned but everything happens for a reason. You actually lucked out by not having to wait for Wookie to be out of the army as long. There is a bright side to things.
  11. She did for the 2017 one for sure but I don't think that Hyunnie was working with Aluu then... maybe(delulu-ing, delula-laying) she saw Hyunnie (and the way Wookie looked at her) and was like: 'I need to get my hands on her right now!' ... also, you'd be totally forgiven if you stumbled across the Aluu accounts and thought you'd found a JiJi shipping account Actually according to jmy, she knew hyunnie for 5 years by July 2017: So I guess she worked with the two for quite some time.
  12. Lmao @masthu your posts are always a pleasure to read and watch. Thanks for always finding and making the best gifs.
  13. Lmao I know. But on a serious note, words have a meaning. Don't use words thoughtlessly cause they can have a big impact. Think more than once before you write anything and only write it if you are ready to any consequences that might come out of it. I am currently writing technical specifications and price schedules for hundred million dollars construction projects and they all have to be read by a legal advisor afterwards because any vague word or unclear left open to interpretation sentence could be used against my company and my client by contractors if something goes wrong. I think a lot about what I say and write because I know that in my profession, you can end up in jail for a mistake and I even witnessed colleagues being questioned by the police and investigated for a crack on a wall they participated in designing.
  14. I think someone needs to know what a player is: What is the definition of a player in a relationship? There's some variation in the definition of a player in dating, but the general consensus is that it's a person who doesn't want to commit but makes his partner believe he does. Players often know just what to say to make dates believe they are ready to settle down. Players often use mind games to convince their dates that they are interested when they are actually emotionally unavailable. They are usually charming and may sweep you off your feet with their romantic talk and gestures. I don't see going to clubs being part of this definition. Wook has been consistent about his closeness to Hyunnie for years now and Hyunnie obviously returns him the same feelings. So I guess there is no playing here. Also, it is disrespectful to NJH to assume she wouldn't be able to spot a player who wants to waste her time and feelings, knowing how smart she is and the fact that she herself talked about liking to observe people.
  15. Like why are we served old stale cold tea that we already discussed months ago in the proper channels? This discussion has no place in a shipping thread. My message to newcomers: if you want to ship ship, if you don't want to ship don't. We are here shipping this pair so welcome if you want to join us since it is the purpose of this thread otherwise you will be off topic. Also I don't want us to reach 2000 pages and have to close this thread and get a new one for non shipping talk so please let's use the space wisely.
  16. You think you are the only one who saw that? We all saw that and the person who actually tweeted that was never a fan of JCW but just a casual one and all I see is an assumption about his character. I don't get what your intentions are by doing this. Tbh it is quite obvious so sayonara and never come back since you obviously deemed JCW guilty of some crime that you yourself can't even formulate properly and thus you don't ship him with NJH. You have no place here then. I took the time to read your posts which taught me nothing new and you obviously didn't even take the time to read my responses to you. You already made up your mind and you already don't want to ship the two so you have no place here. You can go to njh's thread and talk about her instead.
  17. The problem I have here is just that we already went through this and we know what we know. We also have nothing proving he did wrong to anyone, going to clubs is nothing and I have gone and still go to some from time to time. There is nothing wrong with it. It doesn't make JCW nor me players. That was the whole point from our answer to you. You are acting as if you were the only one who was rational enough to look up that but we all were aware of it and had done our research. I just don't see the point of bringing it up again after months. He even brought it up in his fanmeeting and talked about how he would make better decisions in the future. The real problem I have with the player bit in your post was because during the airing of hdh, the disheartened shippers of the new hdh ship who didn't get what they wanted from the BTS interactions of their ship, started calling JCW a player who forced himself on NJH and was touching her too much and kissing her inappropriately when they were hoping for the same for their pair. All this talk about JCW in that way just made me sensitive about that issue and I will look closely at the words used to talk about JCW. I am not a JCW's apologist cause I basically don't see anything wrong with what he did in the past. Is his flaw going to clubs? Cause I know a bunch of people who do and they are nice normal people. That was the only thing people "accused" him of and he never denied it and of course he can't sue people for saying that since it is true. If they accused him of an actual crime then we can talk.
  18. Korean reporters wrote articles about that. It is just that they weren't translated by the likes of soompi and the kitchen.
  19. I have to say that this whole touchy to boost the ratings is disrespectful to both JCW and NJH who never needed to use such low ways to get ratings. Not only that but there were fancams and fanpics of the two being the same way even without the BTS cam filming them. Plus, you can't force people to be touchy to each other unless they themselves are comfortable with each other enough. No production team can force their cast to act a certain way in the BTS either. Also why didn't njh use this strategy in the BTS of her last drama? She didnt even try to talk much with her next costar. And as you said, the two are obviously still very fond of each other, years after the end of the drama. They have been always consistent and they were that way only with each other. On the other hand, the number of revealed couples is nothing in front of the couples that are dating but not revealed at all and idols are more likely to be revealed because of the nature of some of their fans. Some agencies also make sure to pay up paparazzis if they want things to stay hidden whole other agencies always confirm dating rumors and news. Some big actors didn't have any dating news for years and it sure doesn't mean they aren't dating but just that their agencies are more invested in keeping their private lives private. Lately, Sandara Park for example confirmed that she always dated and those she dated were always celebrities and the way she was able to go unnoticed was with her strategy in dating which involved always meeting in cars and never ordering food for example. 2ne1 debuted in 2009 so that gives you an idea of how long she dated on the low. PS: As a longtime fan of JCW, I would like you not to write your own judgement on his character when you only know very little about him. Please watch out what you have to say about someone's line of conduct.
  20. Lmao I watched everything including the vlive you are talking about and I wonder if we watched the same thing. Wook even read a comment saying NJH was pretty during that vlive and in the press conference he shouted pretty while applauding when njh stood up while he said nothing when the others stood. Again in one of the bts, he had to look at the second female lead and in the BTS he kept turning to njh instead to the point CTJ had to physically make him turn to the right direction. In the photoshoot BTS, he turned his back to the second lead and was only talking to NJH.... I can go on and on about multiple things that prove that what you are saying is not true at all. In the end, the only past female costar he invited to his military musical was NJH, the one he asked to help him with his scripts was NJH, the one reporters asked him about as soon as he stepped out of his military camp was NJH and he sure was smiling brightly while talking about her even after his 18 months of service. So I don't really get where you are coming from and if you have that many doubts in JCW, I don't see why you would join a shipping thread instead of just moving on with your life instead.
  21. Poor girl is getting work on top of her studies with all the script reading
  22. However, JCW himself already connected NJH to his upcoming drama by saying she had a hand in helping him decide the drama he chose and this is not really in the line of what you are affirming. So I don't think anyone can predict anything as surely as you are doing. Anything is possible. Positive or negative
  23. It wasn't always the case so I don't know if it was already the case back in June 2018.
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