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Yes on all accounts and honestly it doesn't get better it only gets worse with episode 3 and 4.


As I said nothing about the drama really stands out. The cinematography is non-existent as is the music editing. There seems to be no concept at all. It's as if both, writer and PD, thought we have the novel and that's enough.


There is no finesse in the writing. The acting is decent for young actors but nothing is spectacular. I had a tiny bit of hope but she isn't doing great in episode 3/4 either. There is no real spark between her and Shi Hyun. He is actually the only one who I have a idea what he wants to be and was WDH wants to convey.


As I said before this is a drama which won't last beyond the airtime. It will be forgotten and look old same time next year. I'm so surprised how low value the production is. Then again I never thought MBC dramas looked particularly good in the past either.


From what I understand, and as you guessed, all of the 3 have troubled family backgrounds... and honestly Soo Ji needs therapy. She is psychotic imo. And I don't understand her obsession with Tae Hee. What has Tae Hee to do with her problems with men? Especially, as you mentioned, we never get a real idea that the oppa actually meant anything serious with her. So I don't understand where her hunger for revenge through Tae Hee is coming from?


Kim Min Jae aka Se Joo is forgettable which is sad because I think there is potential for more when he does have a character to work with.


Overall this drama seems to be without any concept and goal. I think it's fine for the young audience but for older audience it's obvious and not interesting enough. Even though I could argue there were enough people to watch DotS with similar non-existent plot. But at least there the production value was good.


Sorry for my constant hate on DotS. ROFL But that's the only other drama void of plot which came to my mind. :tongue:


I'm not sure if I will continue this drama as my guilty pleasure. But I can say episode 3 and 4 didn't give me anything to look forward to. On the other hand if I drop this now and Return, Mother and Misty end I have only one drama to wait for: CWPFN.




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20 hours ago, Dhakra said:




Indeed, little sis, indeed. I certainly have a list of dramas I absolutely despise. And most of you know them! I openly live this hatred and anger against these dramas. I never go tired about spreading my displease about them. And I gladly explain in detail why I hate these dramas so much. I will just name the ones I openly hate with passion.


  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Coffee Prince


Gosh just mentioning SWDBS makes my blood boil. How can people actually like this pile of garbage? You remember the bomb scene at the end? Week after week I wrote @triplema Wall of Text about how much I hate this drama. It became my weekly task to rant about it.

The same goes for Coffee Prince, maybe not as strong as DBS.


And since then PBY is probably the only one who is on my blacklist.


Though I agree with SWDBS, that was just awful, I should slap you for Coffee Prince. For that time it really was incredible. The acting was solid, the story is pretty good and it handles delicate subjects like gay love (though in the end it's not, but Han Gyul would've gone there!), poor working conditions (especially for females), the low standing of lowly employees and how they're being exploited for low wages. Besides that, the chemistry is for real.

I'll defend this K-Drama to death. It was my first experience with K-Drama and it completely hooked me. So much better than 90% of US series.

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My comment on DotS:



I think the script never worked for a drama. It would've been fine for a movie but to make a drama with 16 episodes? Not really. I think it was planned for a drama with 12 (?) episodes but even then there wouldn't have been enough plot to keep me entertained from beginning to end.


The thing for me is: I didn't know what this drama wanted from me as a viewer... other than to show off its production value. Yes, in a way it helped to give other dramas more budget to work with. So that might be the only positive thing I take from it.


Other than that it gives terrible writers like Kim Eun Sook more chances to spread her average talent on the small screen. I had a little hope for Goblin but it was just as bad as DotS.


Of course I don't want and can't take away the love viewers have for this drama but I think for most it's simply a subjective love, not objective. Because the first scene in DotS is by far the worst scene I've ever watched in a drama... it's oldschool and cheesy but covered in blinding high production value. My thought was "oh no people will like it... it will get high ratings and therefore more dramas like this will be produced" and I wasn't okay with it at all. It's sending the wrong message: no plot but popular actors to get the ratings aka the money.


As for the plot in regards of NK... I honestly think I'd rather rewatch Joint Security Area. :)


But again: there are enough dramas out there to cover each interest. So you can love DotS and I can dislike it. It's simply a matter of taste. :D



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42 minutes ago, Jillia said:





My comment on DotS:

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I had a little hope for Goblin but it was just as bad as DotS.


I should really slap you for this. HOW!?

Goblin was only the BEST K-Drama I've ever seen and I've seen plenty (100+ and counting)!

I think I'm going to have to get that mod status revoked. You're obviously not worthy



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