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@partyon eehhhhhhh not really offended i have more light brown hair w/ (natural) gold highlights with still a tiny bit of red dye on the left side (even tho it's been like 3ish months) :D

DO 10 reps, if i an do 2 more (12 reps) , Go to the next heavier weight  Use the “two rep rule” to know how heavy you should be lifting. | Here's How To Actually Start Lifting Weights The 3 Sexiest Compound Exercises 24 Hilarious Fitness Memes for Recuperating after Leg Day   #fitnessmemes #legday #workout #gymmemes #funnypics #memes 


67 Memes About Going To The Gym That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be 23 Workout Memes That'll Give You A Six-Pack From Laughing - Memebase - Funny Memes lol


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Please put more than 3 pics/IGs in spoiler tags, thanks!
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