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OTP reaction gemini poll


because we feel different!   

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  1. 1. reaction 1 -- love them! they made me swoon

    • Find me in your memory: jeong hoon - ha jin (main OTP); elegant, quiet and cute!
    • drama x - no dramas that were really interesting OTP
    • Hospital Playlist: Prof Ahn Jeong Won and Dr. Jang Gyeo Ul; wintergarden ship that actualy sailed!
    • Crash landing on you: Ri Jeong hyuk and Yoon Se Ri
    • Chocolate: Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young
    • Crash landing on you: Seung Joon and Seodan
    • Itaewon Class couple: Park Saeroyi x Jo Yi-seo
    • 365: Repeat the Year: Ji Hyung Joo and Shin Ga Hyun
    • When My Love Blooms: Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun.
    • Forest: San-Hyeok & Young-Jae
    • Hyena: Yoon Hee Jae and Jung Geum Ja
  2. 2. reaction 2 - break up already, please break up!

    • Wanna Taste: cheol jin - jin bong (secondary OTP); we cheered when they broke up but it was only a few episodes. sigh.
    • drama x - no dramas where I wished for zero romance
    • Crash landing on you: Ri Jeong hyuk and Yoon Se Ri
    • Love with Flaws - kangwoo and seoyeon
  3. 3. reaction 3 - rather boring; watching water boil for tea was more interesting

    • Gracious revenge: Hae Joon - Janice (main OTP, a thunderbolt love story that wasn't!)
    • drama x - no dramas really struck me
    • Find me in your memory: jeong hoon - ha jin (main OTP)
    • Crash landing on you: Ri Jeong hyuk and Yoon Se Ri
    • How to Buy A Friend : chan hong & so hye
    • Eccentric chef Moon: Seung Mo and Yoo Jin

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Reaction 1


If the weather is good, I'll find you - Hye Won & Eun Seob

Chocolate - Cha Young & Lee Kang

Crash landing on you - Seung Jun & Seo Dan

Game: towards zero - Tae Pyeong & Joon Young


Honorable Mention - Love with flaws - Mi Kyung and whoever she was flirting with :wub: (Kim Seul Gi stole all the scenes she was in)


Reaction 2


Love with flaws - Seo Yeon & Kang Woo


Reaction 3


Gracious Revenge - Jennis & Hae Joon

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thanks everyone for voting as well as adding to the conversation -- @ELFlamingo @LeftCoastOppa @partyon @thanie @rocher22 @ktcjdrama @Hijau @snowlou @celebrianna @staygold @tulip06 @sadthe1st @phikyl @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @vangsweetie637 @kokodus @wallflowersforjane ......


it looks like most people like the OTPs in the dramas they watch! what on earth am I watching though? kekekek......



till the next event!


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Darn it all another poll I ended up missing. Sorry about that hopefully I will end up catching one of them on time. Not so sure if all the options are good. For instance I may enjoy a couple but they might not make me swoon. But still will let you know my thoughts even though they don't count now for the shows that I atleast watched if possible.


1. Gracious Revenge Option 3 thought Option 2 could also work here.

2. Unasked Family - Option 1 (from the available options.) 

3. Bad Love - Option 1


Didn't watch any other daily so no comment on the others Wanna Taste gave it one episode before getting sidetracked with other shows so can't make any comment on it since I also didn't get to see any interaction between the main leads at all. Strangely it appears that I have never completed any show where she is the female lead and that is strange since I think that she is an okay actress. Something must be wrong with me. :huh:


now on to the short dramas that I have watched.


1. Psychopath Diary - Option 1

2.Love With Flaws - Option 2

3. Woman of 9.9 Billion Won - Option 3

4. The King Eternal Monarch - Option 1

5. Romantic Doctor (S2) - Option 1

6. 365 Repeat Year - Option 1

 7. Find Me In Your Memory - Option 1


as for a few others


Black Dog, Touch. Memorist, Nobody Knows, The cursed, Tell me what you saw, and Rugal was there even any romance between the Main Leads because if there was I must have missed it. In The Cursed the the leads were already married but I was more focused on the story than their romance so can't comment over there. Memorist they never end up together nor were they going there so i fell that it is hard to comment. did enjoy them so i guess i will go with Option 1 since that is the closest to that. 


Tell me What you saw the story was more important than any romance so in that front I guess option 3?


anyway those would have been my picks if they were selected.

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