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  1. I'm currently watching #TheCall right now! I'm speechless, really! Gosh, it's so tempting to drop some spoilers here, lol! And Park Shin Hye is exceptionally beautiful in this movie. I fell in love with her for the 1000th times
  2. Missed you too, @alcides14ahjumma Have you watched our girl's CALL? I hope it'll be a success! ALIVE did really well ... I wouldn't mind if history will repeat itself!
  3. Good Morning to you, too! Whoaaaa .... it's 1:41 PM here in my country. I wonder which part of the earth are you from? I hope you have an enjoyable breakfast 130
  4. For some reason, I missed the old people of this thread namely: @angelangie, @triplem, @Dhakra, @mouse007, @cenching, @Lawyerh, @kokodus, @Sushimi and @sejabin (who deactivated her account recently . No offense meant to the newcomers, You guys are awesome for keeping this thread alive and lively +2
  5. FALSE! Next Person: loves spraying on Perfume Mist
  6. @mirmz, I was busy with officework and online business, but I've been with Soompi for 3 days straight now. +2
  7. Hello, All! Good Morning to us all ... +2
  8. @MY15, so rich and creamy. I want to grab a a bite 202
  9. @larus, Yes! More of a Fantasy, Time-Travel and Love Story in ONE wonderful drama . It ended with a hot kiss, too! Ayeeeeeh! A little trivia for this drama: The lead cast(s) fell in love with each other while filming on set. They had it for real until year 2014 Try to re-watch it, @H0ney! 258
  10. @Lmangla and @partyon, I wonder if Queen In-Hyun's Man (starring Yoo In Na) is under Sageuk catergory? It's one of my favorite, hehe +2
  11. @partyon, me too. I am not into Sageuks drama so I can relate with @kokodus' statement. The only Sageuk drama I have ever watched was Faith... because there was LMH on it. The drama was subbed in our local language and I only watched it because I was sooooo bored. Anyway, I am looking forward to another event on Soompi. Thank you for the tag. Hugssssss... Muah Muah! +2
  12. Chocolate or Mango flavor, please! @partyon, I have watched BLACK, too! 632
  13. Hi, Guys! How about a "little" changes for Add and Subtract Games? There should be a "minimum" number of characters for every reply to be ADDED or SUBTRACTED Because it doesn't make sense if we just type a NUMBER. Hope this will be considered, lol 574
  14. That's okay! Team Add have been victorious for the past few years ... 486
  15. Hi, from what country are you from? If you don't mind me asking.... in my country, it is RAINING almost every day, which is kind of annoying. 418
  16. False! i'm not watching any kdrama right now Next Person: Love Pasta with White sauce
  17. Sejabin, it really feels so weird talking to a Soompi Guest Why don't you create another Soompi Account? I feel so sorry for your other account ... it has so many contents already and it hold a lot of memories, too!
  18. @angelangie, @triplem ... WHAT the hell is happening?!?! WHY are you guys leaving? I have been busy this past few weeks, thus, I can hardly log on to Soompi. I missed reading all your post, especially here at ADD and SUBTRACT thread .... and I missed liking (and clicking on REACTION BUTTONS) no matter how nonsense our post(s) are! So what have I missed? @SEJABIN is also MIA. Duh, Weird! Shout out to @Lawyerh, @mouse007, @hibiscus23 ... and the rest of the guys +2
  19. @partyon, THIS COMMUNITY IS UNAVAILABLE is the most common issue everyone have encountered. I was typing a message on our GC this morning and the SUBMIT button suddenly went missing. When i tried to refreshed it, TCIU warning popped again which is kind of frustrating. It took me more than 1 hour for my message to be sent successfully. +2
  20. @Sushimi, what's the difference between FRIENDS OF SOOMPI and being an EVENT ORGANIZER? I happen to notice the changes . I think I'm the only 1 in this group with the same, old boring Profile. Any suggestion? 488
  21. Wow! Soompi is getting better and better! I got surprise when I logged in to my account this morning It feels like FRIENDSTER ... that old school socmed before Facebook +2
  22. Team Subtract is about to have another victory. Where are the rest of the Team Add? 126
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