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  1. True. Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, etc Next Person: Loves wearing make up @partyon, thanks for the tag
  2. @hibiscus23, this is cool. You went hiatus for while and came back with a new thread!!! Of course, with our CLOY and Chocolate Couple as Signature. Hehe! Hope to see more of your post's/entries here in Soompi!
  3. @lduc Re: Banana All of the above How come Seo Hae doesn't know the proper way of eating banana? It's mind-boggling for me. She was around 9 or 10 years old when the war happened, so she should be able to eat it correctly.. I find it really weird. It's not like she came from outerspace or something ...
  4. False. I'm more into caffeinate drinks nowadays NP: Have Penthouse on his/her watchlist
  5. False! My legs have average length. Next Person: Loves eating street foods
  6. There is nothing wrong with PSH' acting. Of all the dramas she have done in the past, STM is for me, the most exhausting and physically challenging. Nevertheless, she was able to deliver her most flawless performance ever! Salute! PSH never disappoints. If there is something that bothers me about STM, it's STM itself... I find it too confusing and so difficult to follow. I swear, I've been following it since day one! And that's when my head started aching, lol! I know it's a combination of Science, Fiction and Fantacy ... and my brain wasn't prepared for that. So I kind of ... dropped it (Opps
  7. Hello, Guys! Are you excited for STM? Because I am.. I've read several articles about it, though I'm looking forward to Netflix' official trailer, promotions and all ... well I'm glad that it's making some noise in the net already ...
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