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  1. @kokodus Tbh, none of these shows are very realistic. They SHOULD have cut more of the slab down for exactly the reason @nrllee said. But it's a show so they needed drama. ./shrug. The Grey's Anatomy one, the rebar went through the girl's lung... completely through.... and just barely nicked the guy's heart. They did try to save both but couldn't stop the bleeding in the girl's chest fast enough to repair the lung iirc. 536 Edited because I thought we were talking DotS at first and then realized we were talking Dr Romantic.
  2. 898 Happy New Year to you also @packmule3! I set myself an easy resolution that I will still fail to accomplish.... Drink more water!
  3. 792... I think. @Ameera Ali Are you team Add or Subtract?
  4. It's a little early but Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're not spending it like me; sick af. 734?
  5. @triplem Not so much no time as no interest in anything that's currently airing. I can always manage to squeeze in an episode or 2 during the week but nothing has caught my eye in the past few months. =/ 986
  6. Actually, I am one of those environmentally conscious weirdos. I have a fake tree that we set up on Thanksgiving, after dinner. I'm not really huge on Christmas tbh. I celebrate it with family and we do the gift exchange thing but I much prefer Halloween. I do love the smell of pine trees though. mmmmm. @triplem Busy is an extreme understatement to my life right now. Between work, gym, school and fixing my car I feel like I have no time to do anything anymore. >< Not sure what the number should be so.... +2
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