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[Drama 2020] Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2

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48 minutes ago, pompyavi said:

were you guys detective or prosecutor in your past lives?

No.  But in a similar profession. Observing and putting the clues together to form a diagnosis  :lol:.  Staying objective is key.   I could be totally wrong of course.  But it’s fun guessing. 

55 minutes ago, pompyavi said:

If it was Choi Bit, why would she want him to stay kidnapped?

I think she was opportunistic in that sense.  She thought she would just keep silent (like LCJ’s voiceover said in Ep1).   I think she was weighing up her options.  And just letting it run its course and sitting in the sidelines.  Pure speculation on my part :lol:

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I can`t believed how fast the subtitles come. YAY!   I also missed Shi Mok and Yeo Jin. Just seing them work or live like ordinary people was enough.   The case just started. Somet

My heart is full of joy      All well that ends well.   Truly an excellent second season.  True friends will find each other      The End.    Till S

Can we stop loving them even behind the scenes?

Annyeong Chingudeul Area 51 Hello GIF by Parker Jackson


Has been a long time since I wrote, season is coming to the end. Followed up all your content, great work guys...

Sometimes I just wish this doesn't end and I get to see Han Yeo Jin and Hwang Si Mok's life everyday. But that will delude and dupe the ethos of the show... (self-contradicting:blink:)

Cherished that scene where HYJ went for HSM in pain, holding him, being there for him (eternal comrades):happydance:


I last thing I posted was about curiosity of Yeo-jin's part background, but we got just a mention of her grand ma... 

As already some of you have listed there are a few things need to be taken care of. But I am personally interested in these sentimental ones

1. Yoon's package

2. Si-mok's home visit

3.  Dying to see our leads in a romantic angle (though won't be dissatisfied if not, they are pretty enough like this also)


Tell me if I left any emotional gaps??


Though I have been dreaming about a situation, where similar to S1 HSM asks HYJ about having a boyfriend. But unlike S1, this time he seriously asks as a man. That would be iconic,,Major League Baseball Mic Drop GIF by MLB


Since I already started fantasizing, bear one more - Speculating how HSM would react when HYJ is in danger?? That would be epic, right!!:heart2:

10 hours ago, pompyavi said:

English subbed.

Thanks a lot, was really wanting to see this. CSW looks just a different person in his, great acting skills.... LEGEND


At the end, this show really quenches all the desires of all genres.. Loved watching it..

Looking forward for last two episodes...

Take Care all

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Stranger Season 2 (2020) Episodes 13 and 14 "Politics as Usual"


Seo Dong-jae, I think, should thank God every day for the rest of his life that it was Si-mok and Yeo-jin that was on his case... with machine-like doggedness (I might add) despite every attempt to hinder the resolution of his kidnapping on several fronts. I eagerly await the look on his face when he realises who was instrumental in getting him out of the bushland area. It's true that some of the obstacles sent them on several wild geese hunts in that regard but the pursuit of those lines of inquiry eg. Segok station suicide did yield other pertinent facts highlighting why the law and order system is in dire need of reform.


Politics undoubtedly created many of the obstacles for the protagonists but it was political wrangling that helped clear the way for the Dong-jae kidnapping to attain its final result. That was particularly exemplified in the incident of pulling rank and seniority. So it seems that justice... as has been harped on all throughout the show...  has been relegated to side-taking. On some level no one seemed to care about the rights of the individual who was abducted except that if the incident could potentially open up the proverbial can of worms. Seo Dong-jae, the man, the father, the husband and even the prosecutor did not have value beyond his role in the politicking on both sides. Dong-jae wasn't well-liked to put it mildly beyond any kind of political mileage. The desultory chatter of the cops regarding his disappearance highlighted that clearly enough.  In blunt English, he was a nuisance. His reputation of being something of a weasel, brown-noser and political animal preceded him But I'm sure it's no accident that the show chose him as the victim here. Despite all that he is and what he represents, he is still a human being whose life has value, if for no one else but for his family. Perhaps we are meant to be stunned or at the very least struck by the cynicism that his kidnapping has brought out of the woodwork. The writer has successfully tied that to the prosecutor-police reformation council in the opportunistic strategies that are deployed here. It's not quantum physics, but it clearly suited one side (the prosecution) to fake evidence to finger a cop for Dong-jae's disappearance. The logic is to undermine their integrity and the currency of their claims. If that was all it was, perhaps no one would mind so much but the wasted resources spent to chase up that rabbit trail could have been the difference between life and death.

There are grave moral implications to playing politics. I don't think that's news to most. But when one is fixated on a particular agenda, one misses crucial details despite the fact that they're staring one in the face. For instance the show highlights that both Choi Bit and Yeo-jin were told by the father of one of the boys who drowned about the new hugely expensive pair of trainers. That boy could never have afforded them. However, he assured his father that he would have to find a part-time job to pay for it. The implications of that was lost on both even as they heard those words fall out of the man's lips. For me that incident showed that the evidence was there to invite suspicion early on but what the two of them were interested in at the time was how they could use any information during the interviews for political purposes. This shows that biases can cloud the way key information can be viewed. An experienced police officer like Choi Bit missed it because she was listening for something she could use against the prosecutors.  She wasn't interested in the case for the dead boys although ironically if she had put her focus on that, she would have found the the ammunition she needed against the prosecutors for being shoddy investigators. On top of that she and Woo Tae-ha wouldn't have had to manoeuvre madly regarding the mysterious death of Park Gwang-su. But there's no doubt that that particular closet and all its skeletons are long overdue for an airing.

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On 8/29/2020 at 10:31 AM, Gummi said:

I keep thinking who would have sent that pkg to Prosecutor Yoon!

- kim jong bon (no reason for him to not indicate his name)

-SM (doesnt seem like his style)

- Lee yeon jae ( perhaps she was showing care on behalf of her husband who was partly one of the driving forces behind Yoon)

- kang won cheol chief prosecutor

- park kyungwan (PMS's son)



On 8/29/2020 at 5:22 PM, bedifferent said:


- Kim Ho Sub (SM's old assistant) - he was part of the team, sympathetic to Mr Yoon's situation.

My bad, it was not a poll.  Here are the guesses we made about the package sender!  Anyone wants to finalize the choice? I can tabulate.


@partyon @Jillia thank you!  Not over yet, we did pretty good!


Name of thread: Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2


Name of poll: intrigue at every corner!  


Q1. Who kidnapped prosecutor Seo Dong Jae? votes

1. Woo Tae Ha/Choi Bit ~ 1 votes

2. The survivor boy whose friends drowned (the Tongyeong drowning case) ~ 7 votes

3. Female colleague Prosecutor Jung Min ha with someone ~ 1 votes

4. His wife with someone ~ 2 votes

5. The Bully boy ~ 2 votes

6. Someone of the Segok Police involved in the cop's apparent suicide ~ 9 votes

7. Hanjo Group ~ 5 votes

8. He staged it ~ 3 votes


Q2. Is Seo Dong Jae Alive?

1. yes ~ 28 votes

2. no ~ 2 votes


Q3. What is the secret shared between Hanjo Group, Choi Bit and Woo Tae all about?

1. it is related to Lee Jung's death ~ 7 votes

2. it is related to something bigger ~ 21 votes

3. other option (share your thoughts in post) ~ 2 votes


Number of votes: 30 votes

Played: September 2020




@pompyavi @nrllee  I see your points regarding Choi Bit and the lighter.  Would be trippy once everything is explained, we get to see that darn green lighter @farawayland in every important scene! :lol:  Who knows, WTH and CB met the first time to share a smoke right? LOL


We are coming to the end... :tears:  I am thrilled we got to see a second season.  Even more thankful it was a fantastic one.  Everyone in the production should be proud of what they have worked on.  :heart4:

I know we may  not get full resolution of all our questions, not everyone will have closure.  I am ok with it since this is the writer's style.  I do want our characters, esp SM, YJ, DJ, CP Kang, LYJ to be in a happy place at the end.  If season 3 does happen, I will be ecstatic.  If not, please at least end with ShiMok eating a home cook meal with his mum.

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4 hours ago, bedifferent said:


We are coming to the end... :tears:  I am thrilled we got to see a second season.  Even more thankful it was a fantastic one.  Everyone in the production should be proud of what they have worked 

I know we may  not get full resolution of all our questions, not everyone will have closure.  I am ok with it since this is the writer's style.  I do want our characters, esp SM, YJ, DJ, CP Kang, LYJ to be in a happy place at the end.  If season 3 does happen, I will be ecstatic.  If not, please at least end with ShiMok eating a home cook meal with his mum.


@bedifferent bonus points if SM's mom gets to see how YJ takes care of SM, perhaps stumble upon them having a meal together outside and the mom witnessing how SM can smile (gasp!) and  enjoy himself with YJ. Seeing that, the mom invites SM back for a home cooked meal, together with YJ next time. 


One can only wish <3


I am waiting for the smiles from SM in E15-16. Thinking it will likely come in E16 given that we still have a lot to wrap up for the cases. Perhaps YJ and SM could visit prosecutor yoon together, and SM telling Yoon that he (perhaps) sent the parcel? 

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On 10/2/2020 at 6:42 PM, nrllee said:

  KSH made sure the Police watch was in there though.  He reminded SM about it.  SM gave him a strange look when he mentioned it in passing.  I think he was wondering how he knew about it.  It was not publicised?

You are right! I rewatched E13 the part KSH talked to SM. So it’s likely KSH waa the one who sent the photo. But he didn’t seems to know abour the fake witness. Probably WTH since he visited the crime scene.

I hope we would see a scene where Chief Kang, SM and DJ meet and talk like the old time. And SM and his mum. 

I don’t think we will see the heart warming scenes until the last episode. 
i saw the new still cut, look like SM and YJ will visit the ex Iintelligence director in prison. 
Few more hours to go...


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20 minutes ago, farawayland said:

But he didn’t seems to know abour the fake witness. Probably WTH since he visited the crime scene.

But SM made that link between KSH and the witness.  He was prosecuted by Criminal Division 2... and SM asked KSH straight up which division he was from and he replied Criminal Division 2. When they questioned the fake witness, they found the same floor pattern in his apartment that was in the photo and the glass table in the photo was also tied to the fake witness somehow.  So I am more inclined to think the photo and the fake witness was organized by the same person.  But maybe it was WTH that planted the fake witness.  Then we will have 3 different persons who were tied to DJ’s kidnapping.  We won’t have long to wait till we find out for sure.  After this weekend, we should get our answers. :)

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The final week - thank you for the intelligent discussion in this thread.  I've always make a reference of what's really going on after watching each episode from this thread (usually I can't catch up with the specific info but still enjoy the drama)





Credit to tvN 

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Okay my favorite  moment  they chatting  in secret behind  their bosses  back I know they taking care of important  and dangerous  investigations  but here  I am seeing it si cute specially  when YJ  send him sticker



Okay they cute I am not just overreacting  they both naturally  cute  forget the serious  episodes  and watch SM  reacting to understand  the sticker :joy:



P.s. official why they didnt give them  more scenes  together  all this time  , forget about romance  I am talking  serious  here they rock scenes together, they so enjoyable  and bring the best of each others  in all the sides specially  the human level  side 

I am not angry cause some dream romance I can forget about it I am just feeling pity not making this great work and human partner have more time together  




Edit : woo  did crazy and stupid  mistakes  in his life  but you know ail that dont even be compared  to the two biggest  mistakes  of his life the first underestimated  SM  from day one till now, and  the second underestimate SM  and YJ  connection  ( again you crazy missing  with one of this two especially  infront oth the other) 


His biggest  flaws  not being smart enough  to understand  who he facing  and how dare he bring that name  he nothing like him how dare you shoot at SM  brid being  that man in this conversation   ( LCJ  was at least have some regrets  and he trun monster  tourn between  his  belief  and justice  and between  his wrong doing he nothing like woo ) 

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Okay I need to understand  LYJ  what exactly  she want are she really trying to do both of her work as the company  president  and both LCJ  missions  I don't really  get her, yeh she need to protect  her company  and control it but in the same time she showing hate for the the dirty prosecutor and police  I think she half that and half that she also between  herself and the side of her late husband  thought  and suffering  


I think she herself  still dealing with his death and more important  with understand  his dilemma and suffering  to do what he did 




YJ  my baby  you have us with you dont he be so broken, yeh she strong and face the fact fast  but it stil hurt 

We love you and you have SM  too , he really care  , this two the best for each  other as human  support  and emotional  cure 



Choi she seemed  to choice to go first and betray woo  I am not sure if it ger sense  if duty  or she feeling bad after talking with YJ  or if she really controling damage  going up first damage herself but the prosecutors  more and still save some face for the police   but at least she not going to join hand and bury  it and YJ  future too  



Yj and SM scenes are the best, this two really so warmheart  to me , I don't need cheesy  or over emotional  scenes between  them , it enough  seeing them silence caring for each other, helping each other, outsmarting other people  and using their smart mind 


The scene after SM and YJ  talk to woo and they were walking out was the best hard and both know what going to happen but still they my cool  partners  just know what they have to do no Matter  what  the result 



Edit: and I know for Choi to do that it has to be our her boss now or the one in prison  they the only one who can order that as favor  and give her that big promotion after that 

Edited by nona88
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Woo Tae Ha is a bigger trash than Dong Jae was in S1. Not only he tried to take advantage of Dong jae's kidnapping, he didn't care for his life at all. How dare he compares himself to LCJ? He even accused Shimok of driving him to suicide. Mr Trash, LCJ was proud of Shimok and left everything to him. Kim Sa Hyun is a much better person than him. I can sympathize with Choi Bit but no amount of excuse can make her less guilty than Woo. 

Seeing how disappointed Yeo Jin was made me realize how Shimok might have felt when LCJ revealed everything and jumped right in front of him. He could sense the disappointment in her eyes. That's why he went to meet Choi Bit and asked her to take responsibility for what she has done. 

Lee Yeon Jae is really her father's daughter. 


Edit: I really wanted Kim Sa Hyun to be little better so that he can help Shimok. There's no one who can help him in Supreme office other than him.

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Such a huge jump from ep 14 to ep 15 with this ep of WTH revealing his ambition to become a politician > now we know to what extent he's willing to sacrifice other people. I have to apologize to KSH for theorizing that he's the bad guy, this guy is a red herring after all. 


If S1 is talking about one person - LCJ as the monster or fallen angel, then in S2 we're dealing with real monster, people with greed for power and money: WTH, CB, Segok police, you name it, even that Lawyer Oh. 


Applause goes to HYJ during her scene confronting CB. Real emotions there. Disappointment, frustration, and sadness. I'm with HYJ in this case. By having a 'tainted' career path, CB will forever be indebted to the people in power. She would always feel  that she didn't deserve the high position that she now has. Such a shame. For someone to be so smart yet to have made the worst decision. She could have walked away. The moment she knew the problem, she could've driven away. Yes, her career may take a step back or many steps back, but at least her conscience is clear. 

Oh well, it's very easy for us viewers to dissect and judge, but if we're put in the same position, how many of us can actually walk away?


I really admire HSM and HYJ's perseverance and resolution here. It's very easy to be swayed by the options. Look the other way, you'll be safe and nobody will be harmed. It takes bravery to decide what HSM and HYJ did. If this is Harry Potter world, they'd belong to Gryffindor. :lol:


AND by now, it should be noted by everybody - both in prosecution and police department, that nobody should mess with HSM. You hire a big blade, you get whacked with the big blade. :lol:


Though I am worried about HSM and HYJ's future now since even the people in the high power was involved in this mess. Who can protect them? Before it was prosecutors vs Hanjo and other corrupt people. Chief Kang and his team went all out for HSM. Now? :blink: :wacko:


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No SDH tonite. Well, we have bigger revelation tonite. They both confronting their superior. How dare WTH blackmail them back and suggested a planned to save himself? CB shoulf know what she did was wrong. If she was a rightful person, she wont do such a thing. 

Thats a problem when trusting a person too much. YJ trust and admire CB as her superior.  But, we trust YJ and HSM right? 

The last scene, WTH prepared a press release denying his involvement and found out the PR room is empty... Serve u right! 

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Favorite  scenes




1. All SM and YJ scenes I cant stop if I start talking let talk later when everyone watched this episode  



2. Sm making too know his place I was my self  angry when he compared  himself  with LCJ  you crazy and useless  person  you nothing  like him he was great even as monster he was something  you will never understand ,  and SM show his true face saying in scary and clam way infront of woo face  he going to investigate it and make everyone  pay for their crime 



3. SM  asking for an arrest  warrant for woo  from KSH  and KSH  was like how dare you and SM  said with his poker face then should I asked woo for it ??  ( man you talking so logical  here you have no choice  but  to ask one of this two to get it but why your logic  is the funniest  tging to us :love:



4. KSH  talking with woo  after knowing the true about the fake witness, you grown in me so much sorry for hate you  before , him telling woo in his face that all his excuse  is empty  he barely  escaped  being a murderer  thanks to Sm how dare he act as he didnt do nothing wrong 



5. Woo  threat YJ  and SM to keep quiet  and shot their mouth  if they dont want their future  to be ruined  i was angry  from the preview  last week but in today episode   I was  watching and was thinking " you really  have no idea who your are talking this two basically  rained  their  direct both bosses  and  all the police  and prosecutors teams two years ago , and you not even scary as much as their bosses  were) 



I hope I didn't  forget anything  ah their woo and LYJ  scene  too but what to say I need to understand  LYJ  more before  talking  about it 


Really in short it all the episodes  was my favorite their no  scene  wasbr my favorite  and no scene I can skip  

That my forest  of secrets  feeling   like 


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3 minutes ago, penelop3 said:

If S1 is talking about one person - LCJ as the monster or fallen angel, then in S2 we're dealing with real monster, people with greed for power and money: WTH, CB, Segok police, you name it, even that Lawyer Oh.

This is why I love this series a lot. It is not only thrilling but connects to me as an individual. And kudos to Lee Soo Yeon for writing scripts that can have an impact, may be a little but a handful of hope is better than complete despair.

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3 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

So were the note and fake witness tie to WTH and KSH! 

Yeah. Kim Sa Hyun was silent, so he's an accomplice.

The deputy prosecutor general is also involved. They won't show him if he wouldn't have any significant role. We didn't get to see Lee sung jae yet but every other episode his name comes up.

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Sm was worried  that night after woo threat  them he not the kind to worry about himself  so he was worry  about YJ 

he go out even knowing the time late at first I I thought  he go to see YJ but later when Choi meet YJ  she said she was meeting  someone  

And before woo  made the conference to run both YJ  and Choi, we have Choi go out first and made that conference  


So what the chance that SM  did go to meet Choi that night before YJ??? To make sure to stop woo  from destroying  YJ  ??? 


I don't know but he not the  kind to sit down and do nothing  and it about YJ  


And in the previews  he greet Choi as thankful  greeting ,  


AM I reading to much into it ? Or there really a chance he did it ?    

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