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[Drama 2020] Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2

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5 hours ago, bedifferent said:

The scene transitions to his dream where he is reunited with the many prosecutors whom he have worked for, the real men and women whom the reform council supposed to fight for.  LCJ who had put faith on SM to be the person to carry hope for them all.  I was moved seeing LCJ's nod of approval and slight smile toward SM for a job well done.  It's not the affirmation that is important to SM I suppose.  More for understanding that he has risen to LCJ's expectation so that LCJ's ideal and sacrifice were not in vain.  I also teared up seeing Eun Soo acknowledging ShiMok's guilt so that he can move on.  I absolutely love how he took it in stride and helped Min Ha forge on as a prosecutor.   He's back to mentoring another junior prosecutor, helping her indict the Segeok cops in bullying Capt Song by sending the will.

I realized that how none of them moved on. They were still in the trauma for what happened 2 years ago. Shimok unconsciously blames himself for Eunsoo's death. Had he paid a little attention to her last call, may be, may be she could have been alive. I also feel LCJ'S nod meant that he did well and he needs to persevere and continue doing that. He expressed to Yeojin that at times he thought about the dead and the gone and this was their way of telling him they are okay and he needs to keep doing what he is doing. His subconscious mind may know what he wishes for but he himself is clueless about that.

In last episode where yeojin said she should end it for that day as she was afraid of seeing her make a scene, made me realize she was talking about LCJ. And how she is also traumatized from that.

5 hours ago, bedifferent said:

For a split second, Kang was going to tell ShiMok to not expose Hanjo's connection to PGS's death.  It was at the tip of his tongue that he couldn't get it out.  But by the grace of luck, a difficult decision was made easier because SDJ woke up.  As in SM's dream, Kang made the detour at the last minute instead of doing something that could possibly destroy him.

Kang was so obsessed with Hanjo that he didn't want to spend time on a case which looked trivial to him. As if that was not enough, he even took on LYJ'S bait because he was so desperate to take down Hanjo.

And at last, the thing which he was proud of, his conscience was lost. If he investigated that case properly Dong jae wouldn't have to go through all that. And that's why he resigned before he could do any further damage.

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I can`t believed how fast the subtitles come. YAY!   I also missed Shi Mok and Yeo Jin. Just seing them work or live like ordinary people was enough.   The case just started. Somet

My heart is full of joy      All well that ends well.   Truly an excellent second season.  True friends will find each other      The End.    Till S

Can we stop loving them even behind the scenes?

But did they really made so many scenes cut ?? Are they doing that  cause they have a plan a head?? 



There was bts   photo of YJ   and sdj  where YJ  still in long hair  and wearing blue 


There was bts  photo where YJ  filming with LYJ  ( but they never meet this season  in the final cut) 


There was bts  photo where YJ  and her police  team and SM  at LYJ  house 



There were more bts  filming that we didnt see , and the fact the part of LYJ  involved  was ended as open not as filming  scenes and we never get to see her so called  brother or father 


Did they made some change in that side if the story  in the final cut ?? Did they decide  to make it open for another fight ( if they planning  season 3 or movie  or anything  please no more then one year waiting , I am still not forgetting the suffering of waiting confirmation  for three years before ) 

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Ahh it’s been a blast with S2.  This writer’s knack of twists and turns didn’t disappoint.  Thanks everyone @bedifferent @Sleepy Owl @pompyavi @nona88 @Gummi @larus @exolxin @penelop3 (sorry if I left out anyone) for making the ride all the more enjoyable with theories galore.  Springboards for possibilities.  DJ  makes me laugh, he’s the constant through the series, that swagger at the end :lol:, lapping up all the publicity.  The survivor.  Just like Jang said, if anyone would survive the kidnapping, it would be him.  Loved the nod to Yoon which gives hope to those who have fallen from grace.  Redemption is a real possibility, when you have friends who believe in you (and choose to walk alongside you on that lonely path back).  Hope to see all of you again in S3 (if we get one) or when some dastardly criminal needs chasing down in some other Crime WhoDunIt Drama.   :)

EDIT - I love YJ as a character.  Her unwavering belief in the potential for good in every human being.  No matter how far they have fallen.  And even when they have stopped believing it themselves.  It’s infectious.  And what more needs to be said about SM?  The champion for justice.  Never deterred.  Always battling for what’s just and good, awakening the dubious consciences of those who’ve swim too long in the mud.  Inspirational.

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Hurray, Dong-Jae is back. I thought the last we'd see of him in Season 2 is in his hospital bed, but he rises again (albeit with an arm cast), hair slicked back, ready to smarm. I never thought I'd be so happy to see that. And I loved it when he looked straight at the screen in the interrogation room and said, "stay tuned for Season 3." :lol:


But seriously, Dong-Jae, you've now become the superstar prosecutor you've always wanted to be. Triggering several corruption investigations and almost dying for it. You are a bigger star than Shi-Mok now. Will you squander it?


Lee Yeon-Jae. Soft-spoken gangster boss until the end.


Well, Choi Bit and Kang Won-Cheol screwed up - succumbing to momentary temptation. They did the wrong thing, but they were able to admit it and take their lumps. (Well, Shi-Mok had to persuade Choi Bit. He should seriously be a hostage negotiator or something.) They are essentially good people. The corrupt system is what makes it very difficult for anyone to stay on the straight path, and that's the saddest thing of all.


Speaking of corrupt - all Yeo-Jin ever wanted to do was the right thing. So someone who's just trying to do a proper job is going to be bullied and harassed by everyone at work. So sad. Happy to see Kim Won-Hae as a guest star, giving Yeo-Jin that vote of confidence! (I hope he recovered from COVID! And see you in Season 3!) Still, it's sad that it took a higher-up to quell the nastiness in that room.


Loved Yeo-Jin's visit with Yoon Se-Won. She can think what he did is wrong, but she is right - his bad act doesn't have to define all of him. He can't change the past, but he can try to live a better tomorrow.

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I wanted to give ShiMok a mirror.  Did he know he figured out the answer by himself? :biubiu:



Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 3.32.45 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-04 at 3.33.24 PM

It's a selfie moment, ShiMok-shi~~


credit: Netflix


It was really the last shooting scene for the drama too.




Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 3.37.26 PM


If we were watching a melo, this would be where the characters are heartbroken over their farewell. HAHA Not here.  These two have the most beautiful goodbye.  They recognize how precious their relationship is.  They wish each other strength to keep marching on.  He worries but cheer her on knowing the obstacles she will face.  The trust and respect SM has for YJ is beautiful.  :heart:


We end on a high note. Ratings wise, season 2 consistently bested season 1 


AGB Nielsen ratings


Episode 1 (8/15/20):  7.627% (9.012% Seoul)

Episode 2 (8/16/20):  6.415% (7.585% Seoul)

Episode 3 (8/22/20):  7.014% (8.190% Seoul)

Episode 4 (8/23/20):  6.422% (7.378% Seoul)

Episode 5 (8/29/20):  6.041% (7.070 % Seoul)

Episode 6 (8/30/20):  6.281% (7.487 % Seoul)

Episode 7 (9/5/20):   6.502% (6.950 % Seoul)

Episode 8 (9/6/20):  7.493% (8.856 % Seoul)

Episode 9 (9/12/20):  7.190% (8.553 % Seoul)

Episode 10 (9/13/20):  7.203% (8.031% Seoul)

Episode 11 (9/17/20):  6.843% (8.017% Seoul)

Episode 12 (9/18/20): 7.458% (8.707% Seoul)

Episode 13 (9/26/20): 7.179% (7.755% Seoul)

Episode 14 (9/27/20):  8.831% (10.312% Seoul)

Episode 15 (10/3/20):  8.307% (9.589% Seoul)

Episode 16 (10/3/20):  9.408% (11.039% Seoul)






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The ending was sooooo good. 

They better go up to season 5 because this ahjussi would be such a scene stealer. 



---- Edit


I can't believe it just ended. Just like that three months went by so quickly. whattttt

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ACE FACTORY posted BTS of the dream sequence.  Nostalgic already.



Bae Doona cut her long hair on the last day of shooting, before the farewell dinner with SM.  She also confessed being a fan of CMS, finally got the chance to selfie with him.


We also have a petition of season 3 from Song Ji Ho who plays Soon Chang!!!! 






Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 5.19.17 PM


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I watch the final episode last night while working. There's an emergency in the office. So, I wasnt 100% watching it. But, from what I saw :

- CB is a good leader. She didnt sacrifies her trusted 2nd to be the same pit she was in. Great for her! YJ can live. 

- HSM is a very rightful person. He is a very scary person. But, from him everybody have to be honest doing their job. Why the corruption? Money and power. 

- Hanjo + LYJ... until the end, they never learn their lesson. They are money and power. Be alone forever LYJ, she will be an evil witch. 

- KWC didnt let me down. I was sceptical for once when he trapped getting hands on Hanjo bank statement. The scene when that person blackmail him back with it, just make me... Want to kick him! He proved to be a good person when he resigned. Well, he can work in private somewhere. He has the ability to do that. 

- what can I say, I love this duo. HSM and YJ. YJ got a new boss..lol at the actor. Always see him in funny character. YJ and HSM for sure will work together again. 

- Finally, HSM smile...genuine right? He felt comfortable with an old acquaintance. 

- SDJ and his wife. I hope they happy together. And him to be a better man. 


Thats it, i'm back to work! 

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@bedifferent Thank you for the video clip  and your interpretation of the dream sequence.  


When it was shown I had a scare and anxious for a moment for those who are still living ... Each person facial expression means so much.  I'm glad that my earlier thought was just a thought and they still live on facing their next challenges.





Credit to the owner

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6 hours ago, bedifferent said:

The scene transitions to his dream where he is reunited with the many prosecutors whom he have worked for, the real men and women whom the reform council supposed to fight for.  LCJ who had put faith on SM to be the person to carry hope for them all.  I was moved seeing LCJ's nod of approval and slight smile toward SM for a job well done.  It's not the affirmation that is important to SM I suppose.  More for understanding that he has risen to LCJ's expectation so that LCJ's ideal and sacrifice were not in vain.  I also teared up seeing Eun Soo acknowledging ShiMok's guilt so that he can move on. 

I think that dream when recounted to YJ at dinner with SM prompted her to visit Yoon.  3 people walked towards the light (death).  Yoon was one of them.  Kang walked to the side (he resigned).  DJ was directed back to the living.  I think YJ was worried that it was foreshadowing that Yoon would do something drastic because he had nobody left to “live for”.  That’s probably what spurred her to visit and tell him what she did at the visit and it was timely.  He didn’t look to be in a particularly good headspace. To give him hope that whilst it was a heinous crime he committed, there was room for repentance, change, forgiveness and redemption.  I am not entirely sure her story about the giver of the parcel was legitimate but it was what the parcel represented that mattered.  Someone thought about him and cared enough to send him a care package.  He mattered.  And her promise to check up on him was another person he could add to the list (of people who cared).  

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I am having a hard Time saying goodbye to them , all of them,  Secret  forest is a really masterpiece  written and have  great cast's  they choice all the time even for supporting characters 


You can feel the writer  affecting toward  her characters all of them since she also bring mr oh in the end , that why even any support  role  in this drama is honor to play 


Why we love them so much?  why they never just another drama characters cause the writer  treat them like a real, all of them not just the leads  like the others drama 


I always  feel  like this while  reading novels,   the  different  between  only good one  and between unforgivable  one is on the writer feeling for the characters he or she can make them a live or just words on papers  for me 

season 4 starz GIF by Outlander


 How I can say goodbye  again, for that great written and great cast's ?  They living for more then 20 seasons  in my head  they was living too for three years i was thinking  what going now and imagination  scenes of them without  even planning  


They are living somewhere like normal human being  that how I felt for 3 years and how they going to keep going but still it painful  to say goodbye  to  them now,  again I need time to progress  to go back to where I was for three years 

Thinking Of You GIF

All the people from season 1 who appear  in last episode  I just felt like yesterday  I was living your storyline,  it felt like you never leave cause you really never  did not for them and not for us  some we also still affect by your lifes story , how much I love all of you too is behind any words :heart:


But come back again, even if you dont come you are living but still come back:dissapointed_relieved: 


with all what going on Korea and world cause the covid  and political  and economic change dont we have a reason to come back?? :cries:



That scene was what we feel for them 

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 3.37.26 PM


The writer  all time in this season  was like I know what you going to think and prepare  answers  and scenes for you 

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I had read some of the comments here. I came in late and only got to binge watched from ep1 to 14 a few days ago and just finished with ep15 and 16. That it was really good i must say even better then Stranger1 imo. I wouldn't missed HYJ and SM for world! love this two so much! I followed their conversation very slowly having paused and playback dozens of times.

5 hours ago, nrllee said:

I love YJ as a character.  Her unwavering belief in the potential for good in every human being.  No matter how far they have fallen.  And even when they have stopped believing it themselves.  It’s infectious.  And what more needs to be said about SM?  The champion for justice.  Never deterred.  Always battling for what’s just and good, awakening the dubious consciences of those who’ve swim too long in the mud.  Inspirational.

Inspirational indeed! There was two occasion where HSM words really strike me. The first was when he said to WTH "Your duty is to serve justice and you should never hide behind the word "anyone". The other was when SM rejected Deputy Prosecutor General Shin Dong Un suggestion to close the case on the fake witness and saying to his face "Those who made the authority we maintained for 70 years something to be bargained with. They failed by abusing and misusing it". Yes those in power misuse their authority for their own benefit. 


What i love the most at the end was HSM smile!!! coz he had never smiled (i think it was because of some disorder he suffered when he was young) but he was slowly opening up and i'm thinking HYJ helped him a lot. Thumbs up to CSW for doing a superb job in the role and the rest of the cast was excellent.


Well, this has been a really good show and i'm already looking forward for Stranger3. 

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Last episode was indeed very good. The writer wove in so many meaningful scenes. Bravo!


I particularly loved how the legacy of the season 1 characters continue to impact the recurring characters until the end. Not just the obvious of LCJ, but also Eun Soo and even Park Moo Sung’s son, Kyung Wan. I remember when he visited YSW in prison in season 1 finale, he was not visibly angry at him. Similar to Shi Mok, he asked him if he felt better after he killed his father. YSW could not respond, but after some silence, he tearfully apologized to Kyung Wan as he left. Though YSW was obviously wrong, I think Kyung Wan understood deep down why YSW did what he did. So, I think the care package could possibly be Kyung Wan’s way of “coping” with his father’s wrongdoings and for both sides to be comforted and move on with life. It makes sense why it was anonymous. No one really needed to know who sent it…until Shi Mok had his dream. I believe Yeo Jin did her “investigation” upon learning about it and what she told YSW was the truth.


I also loved how Yeo Jin’s hair was basically cut back to how she had it in season 1. After a mentally and emotionally tolling journey for her, it seemed symbolic that she was able find a sense of her old self again. (It reminded me a bit of Designated Survivor 60 Days where Park Mu Jin got his old hair style back in the finale.)


Similar to season 1 finale, Shi Mok also arranged to meet with Yeo Jin for soju before he transfers to another post.





Funny how this time, Shi Mok immediately noticed Yeo Jin’s haircut. A big difference from when he couldn't notice her obvious red lipstick in season 1 finale. He had also commented back then that the lipstick was weird so Yeo Jin's natural response was to ask him if her hair was weird. This time, he said that it was different and reminded him of when they first met. :wub: It is impressive how the writer successfully depicted the development of their relationship from season 1 and 2 through the subtle nuances of their interactions and conversations.


On 10/4/2020 at 2:26 PM, chickfactor said:

Hurray, Dong-Jae is back. I thought the last we'd see of him in Season 2 is in his hospital bed, but he rises again (albeit with an arm cast), hair slicked back, ready to smarm. I never thought I'd be so happy to see that. And I loved it when he looked straight at the screen in the interrogation room and said, "stay tuned for Season 3." :lol:


I was bummed that Dong Jae was missing over half of season 2 so it was awesome when he did this. Haha. In Shi Mok’s dream, LCJ signaled Dong Jae to not come with them as if it was not his time yet. (It also seemed like LCJ wanted Shi Mok to look after Dong Jae as well.) I wonder if Dong Jae may have had a similar dream as Shi Mok right before he regained conscious which triggered him to wake up. I want to know Dong Jae’s perspective of what happened to him in season 2 and for the rest of his story to unfold.


On 10/4/2020 at 5:19 AM, dzareth said:

LYJ is fast becoming a favourite character too. I hope she will still appear in S3 if we come to that. We haven't dig up enough about her this season. I think deep down she was really affected by her husband's death and secrets.


On 10/4/2020 at 9:46 AM, dzareth said:

I'm liking it that LYJ is pulled into a deeper shade of grey. One can see how she was affected by Chief Kang's words. I like this build up. I think the best 'love story' for FoS is the one between LCJ and LYJ.


Thank you for sharing this. Since the beginning of season 2, I have been rooting for LYJ for these reasons and for her to ultimately do the right thing. I still will in “season 3”.


Take care, everyone. Please stay safe and healthy.

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It was really a drama that gives hope that there are still some good people there in the world. Kudos to Lee Soo Yeon, the director, the cast and all the staff involved. Everyone portrayed their role perfectly. No overacting or underacting. Also, thanks to all the chingus here with whom I could share my views and could read all your views which made it more enjoyable and meaningful. Hoping against the hope for another chance to see our awesome duo. Take care guys and stay healthy. May be we can meet in another drama thread. Sayonara.

recognize good day GIF by Hyper RPG


Guys pray hard. KdramaGods may grant our wish if we pray hard enough. 

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This drama started with a slow pace, and made the viewers confused at the beginning with many suspense plots , however, as story moved along, it was getting so interesting after Seo Dong Jae got kidnapped and disappeared....


I love the first EP began with a inspirational quote ".........in the belief that a hand full of hope is better than immeasurable despair, we move forward with unwavering determination once again........." and the similar quote of finding the truth wrapped up and reinforced once again on the last EP.  The synchronization of the key message and the belief were perfectly done. There is a saying it is easier to perceive error than finding the truth, for the former lies on the surface and its easily be seen while the latter lies on the depth of the truth , only the few are willing to search for it. 


I admired both ML and FL their boldness and courageous in finding and speaking up for the truth.  It's only after we decide to step out our comfort zone that we begin to change, develop, and transform ourselves into a better ones. Bravo..


A true leader that still cared about his juniors before himself (he resigned from the office), Chief Prosecutor Kang Won Cheol , that made his image stand tall in this last EP. 


For last EP, about the ML's dream, for me, it represents HOPE that was captured in the scene, and put Seo Dong Jae stopped in the middle, it can be interpreted into two meanings: either he follow them, or it may turn back and reflect himself to become a righteous man. Overall, it is an awesome drama although i personally prefer the first season. However, the plot leave behind for our speculations, but i am sure the writer's intention is to continue finding the truth behind although it will be a long and winding road ahead of them. Well, let's catch up on season 3, hope it will be sooner than we expect. 



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I loved the episode a lot. Was good to see Choi Bit coming clean, accepting her mistake and acknowledging her role in PGS's death. I guess sometimes it is just that one moment, that one wrong choice, which changes our path entirely. This was the case with Choi Bit, same happened with Kang Won Cheol. It was nice to see him being in dilemma of asking SM to not speak about Hanjo's involvement or not. Finally he decided to do the correct thing and resigned. But seeing a righteous prosecutor like him falling for baits like that, because of his ambition of bringing Hanjo to justice, makes me wonder how many righteous people like him actually falter in their real life too. That one moment of greed and ambition, led to wrong decision being made by both Choi Bit and Kang Won Cheol, but at least he realized it soon enough and decided not to be Hanjo's puppet. 


Next thing I loved was the dream SM saw. Wow, LCJ stopping Dong Jae coming towards them, acknowledging SM by nodding at him. Eun Soo looking at him again, three of them, including YSW going towards one direction, Kang Won Cheol towards another. Nice to see YJ interpreting his dream sort of correctly and meeting YSW. Maybe her story of the package was not entirely correct, but thing is someone out there actually sent it to him, meaning he/she worried about his well being. So it was nice to see her giving hope to him, promising to meet him again in some months, and he really didn't look in a good condition. After the dream, I was actually worried that we'll get his suicide's news. But well YJ was fast enough to meet him. 


Also loved how YJ stood up against institutional bullying. Yes she was the whistleblower here, or at least would be. Choi Bit came clean in order to protect her, but everyone knew how things actually happened. Well those two guys already had inferiority complex against her, but well we see the whole organization ignoring her, even people in her new department. But things do change when the new Director greets her properly, and mentions Choi Bit having spoken about her. Which does also show how much Choi Bit still cared about her. But I actually loved how YJ decided to stay and fight for herself, rather than returning back to her old team and do fieldwork. I actually had thought she would return, before watching the episode, thinking she would love to go back being old YJ, which she did but decided to fight for her place. 


As for SDJ, glad to see him wake up, glad to see him back in those suit, and I don't really think he gave a proper answer to that question. Firstly he is not actually a fool who would directly answer to it, knowing how capable Hanjo actually is. Plus I am sure he must have heard LYJ's whisper to him. It was smart of them not showing his answer. 


And finally we do see KWC also feeling guilty over not reviewing the Drowning Case even once. We already had discussed here that if some time was given to the case, then they would find the survivor suspicious and KWC finally acknowledged it. Could be one of the many reasons he resigned, but well the biggest reason was he did not want to be Hanjo's puppet. It was good to see trying his best to protect SM till the end against Hanjo, ranting on them, and yes he was right about LCJ's mistake of marrying LYJ and getting connected to Hanjo. 


I was actually rooting for LYJ to be different from her brother and father, but well, that would be too idealistic. She is fighting her brother over the company, but she is shown not be much different from him. If there is Season 3, I want to see more of Hanjo and see them finally falling. 


 @larus, @bedifferent, @pompyavi, @nrllee, @nona88 and many others whose names I did not remember and forgot to mention, it was fun joining this post and reading all your comments. Loved how we all came up with theories, joined together in solving the mystery. I always looked forward to reading your posts after watching the episodes. Loved how you all would not miss even the minutest details and would post images showing it and explain about it. Thank You Chingus, hope to meet you all on other threads and really hope to meet you all on Stranger S3's thread. 

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“Forest Of Secrets 2” Finale Achieves Its Highest Ratings Yet As “Homemade Love Story” Hits All-Time High



On October 4, the final episode of “Forest of Secrets 2” achieved the drama’s highest viewership ratings to date. According to Nielsen Korea, the season finale scored an average nationwide rating of 9.4 percent and a peak of 10.1 percent, marking a new personal record for the drama.






Very well deserved. :P

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We see how different Woo Tae-Ha reacted to being caught compared to Choi Bit. Woo Tae-Ha was combative and acting like a victim. That if Seo Dong-Jae hadn't dug around cases that were years-old, he would have gotten away with it. (probably true) There is no true remorse or reflection, just blaming others, blaming the situation, and everyone does it so why should he be punished for it?


So I thought it was interesting how Yeo-Jin told Shi-Mok about Hoo-Jeong (the Tongyeong guy). Hoo-Jeong complained that it wasn't fair, that if that rich guy hadn't taken those instagram photos with his girlfriend frolicking on the beach, Seo Dong-Jae would have never noticed and none of this would have happened. (also probably true) No remorse, no reflection, no sense of shame for what he did.


They're only sorry that they got caught.


No one is always perfect and no one always does the right thing. But the ability and willingness to reflect on your actions and take responsibility for them is what elevates you above those who refuse to acknowledge that they were wrong.


Even Police Officer Baek from Segok pondered whether he really needed to take those bribes and concluded that he could have resisted, showing us that he has a conscience. (But then, there is the bullying and "suicide" case still left to be solved.)


I loved how we got to know Shi-Mok better. Because of his inscrutable face, sometimes it's easy to assume that he has some special power that makes him more razor-sharp observant and analytical than the average person. But at heart, he is just a good person who understands that his job is the pursuit of justice - which every prosecutor and cop takes an oath to do - and he just doesn't lose his focus on that goal. And in that, he has found his life partner in Yeo-Jin.


Having said that, I love the actor who played Woo Tae-Ha (Choi Moo-Seong). He often plays sympathetic characters but here, he played someone morally complicated and he was great.


Also playing against his usual type is the actor who plays Seo Dong-Jae. I feel like I've only seen him in straight-edge good guy roles (City Hunter, 365: Repeat the Year) but he is so good here as the shady guy.


And I loved the actress who played Choi Bit. She was bada$$ in WWW: Search. I think she was even better here. No doubt she is a bada$$ in real life.


I liked Bae Doona in the long hair. It certainly gave us a different vibe. But I loved that she went back to the short hair. She's going back to herself from S1, but it also felt a little bit like a tribute to Choi Bit. Like she was spiritually stepping in her shoes, and finally accepting her role in the Central Police Agency rather than go back to her precinct to work on the street (they cleared her desk :tears:) because she can do more good there.


I think it's an interesting theory that Yeo-Jin is lying to Yoon Se-Won that Gyeong-Wan is the one sending him care packages, but I don't think so. If you're trying to give hope to someone who is possibly suicidal, and expecting that he may hang his hopes on what you are telling him, it just seems like an incredibly bad idea to lie about something like that. Also, although we didn't see a lot of Gyeong-Wan in S1, he did come across as someone who is capable of understanding and compassion. So I think it's Gyeong-Wan, and rather lovely that even after a terrible event, there can be grace and forgiveness in this world.


*sigh* That was good. Just a great show. I hope there are future seasons and I hope they don't take 3 years to make another one. Part of me wishes I waited until it was over so I could binge it, but watching it live was fun because I loved reading everyone's comments and analysis. :)

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What a finish! It was satisfying! But..... 


what would have made it better would have been


1)Kang managing to talk to SM and both of them outwitting Hanjo and that Kang didn’t need to resign.  BUT ... this will take another two episodes haha


2)Would have been nice to see that ex-Judge working for Hanjo to trap Kang, received his comeuppance! GRRRRRRR... can’t stand the guy! 


oh well, given that we didn’t get to hear Seo’s answer to the investigator and that Hanjo is still getting away means hopefully we will have season 3 soon.  The undoing of HANJO.

I will miss CWS and can’t wait for his next drama or movie! Any idea, you sleuths out there? 

And thanks all for your input and journeying w me during this much loved drama.

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