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[Drama 2020] Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2


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tvN Drama

Forest of Secrets Season 2



Network: tvN, Netflix

Episodes: 16

Genre: action, drama

Airdate: August 15th - October 4th 2020

Airtime: Sat & Sun @ 21:00 KST

Director: Park Hyun-Suk

Writer: Lee Soo-Yeon





The prosecutor's office and the police find themselves on opposing sides. The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha, want discretionary power over investigations. Meanwhile, the police, including Choi Bit, tries to get complete investigative authority that is independent of the prosecutor's office. Under this tense situation, Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok and Detective Han Yeo Jin chase after the truth in a hidden case.




Cho Seung-Woo - Hwang Shi-Mok

Bae Doo-Na - Han Yeo-Jin

Jeon Hye-Jin - Choi Bit

Choi Moo-Sung - Woo Tae-Ha

Lee Joon-Hyuk - Seo Dong-Jae

Yoon Se-Ah - Lee Yeon-Jae

Park Sung-Geun - Kang Won-Cheol

Jeon Bae-Su - detective squad chief

Choi Jae-Woong - Jang Gun

Song Ji-Ho - Park Soon-Chang

Park Ji-Yeon - Jung Min-Ha

Kim Young-Jae

Lee Hae-Young

Hong Seo-Jun - assistant prosecutor general

Yu Seung-Il - Heo Yoon-Hwan







Press Conference








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Update #4 - New rule: "No Instagram embedded posts


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I am glad that they moved forward to produce the second season as they announced not long ago.

This drama is one of the most anticipated drama for me and I want the writer to give us a good story again.

They changed the PD but It looks like familiary faces will appear in second season. I can`t wait.



September 3 2019

Cho Seung-Woo cast in tvN drama series “Stranger Season 2”


Cho Seung-Woo is cast in tvN drama series “Stranger Season 2” (placeholder title). The drama series is a sequel to 2017 tvN drama series “Stranger.” Actress Bae Doo-Na has also been offered to reprise her lead female role of Han Yeo-Jin and she is still considering her offer. For “Stranger 2,” Cho Seung-Woo will reprise his lead male character role of Prosecutor Hwang Shi-Mok. The screenplay for “Stranger 2” will also be written by Lee Soo-Yeon who wrote the screenplay for the first season. Park Hyun-Suk, who has largely worked with KBS up to this point, will direct the drama series.

Filming for “Stranger Season 2” will begin sometime during the first half of 2020 in South Korea.





tvN’s “Forest Of Secrets” Confirmed For Season 2

Sep 3, 2019
by R. Jun




tvN’s “Forest of Secrets” (also known as “Stranger”) is returning for a second season!

September 3, Ilgan Sports stated in an exclusive report that the drama would be heading into production for season two, with the goal of airing in the first half of next year. In response, a source from tvN confirmed that the drama would be returning with season one writer Lee Soo Yeon and said, “When the second season will air has yet to be decided.”

The source added that the director has been changed from Ahn Gil Ho to Park Hyun Seok, whose previous works include KBS2’s “Uncontrollably Fond” and “The Princess’s Man.”

Whether or not Bae DoonaCho Seung Woo, and other cast members will be returning for season two is also up in the air, according to the tvN source.

The first season of “Forest of Secrets,” which first aired in June 2017, had an incredibly successful run with its story about an emotionless, loner prosecutor named Hwang Si Mok (played by Cho Seung Woo) and a warm detective with a strong sense of justice named Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona) who work together to catch a serial killer and expose corruption within the prosecutor’s office.

Source (1) (2)






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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2 - Lee Joon Hyuk & Yoon Se Ah

September 3, 2019

Yoon Se-ah and Lee Joon-hyuk Confirm Roles in "Secret Forest 2"


Source: TV Daily via HanCinema.net




Yoon Se-ah and Lee Joon-hyuk are starring in the second season of "Secret Forest".


Ace Factory sources confirmed that the actress and actor going to be in the second season.


Previously, tvN announced that "Secret Forest 2" is coming out, but its broadcasting period is unknown.


"Secret Forest" was first broadcast on the 10th of June in 2017 and it's an internal secret-tracking drama about a lonely prosecutor who doesn't feel emotions, and a warm and just detective that delve into the prosecutor's sponsor murder case.


In season 1, Yoon Se-ah played Lee Yeon-jae, a villain who did anything for her husband, Lee Chang-joon (Yoo Jae-myung). Lee Joon-hyuk took on the role of Seo Dong-jae, a corrupt prosecutor wrapped in a sense of inferiority.


Meanwhile, Cho Seung-woo has confirmed his role as one of the lead stars in "Secret Forest 2", but Bae Doona is still considering.


September 2, 2019

tvN Confirms "Secret Forest 2", Cho Seung-woo on Board, Bae Doona Considering


Via: HanCinema.net




The second season of "Secret Forest" is taking off.


tvN announced that "Secret Forest" is coming out with season 2, but the release time is unknown.


Writer Lee Soo-yeon-I is in charge of the second season, "Secret Forest 2", but there will be a change in PD from Ahn Gil-ho to Park Hyeon-seok. Park Hyeon-seok is known for his works such as KBS 2TV drama "Uncontrollably Fond" and "The Princess' Man".


When it comes to the cast, actor Cho Seung-woo has confirmed his participation, while Bae Doona's agency has stated that the role offer has been made, but she can only make a decision after the drama's release time has been confirmed.


"Secret Forest" is a tvN Saturday / Sunday drama that was broadcast from June to July of 2017. Throughout the show, it had been loved by viewers, continuing its steady rise in ratings and buzz. Therefore, many viewers demanded Season 2 after the end of the first season.


Sources: (1) (2)

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Jo Seung-woo confirms second season of Forest of Secrets

by tineybeanie


After two years of much anticipation, hit 2017 legal thriller Forest of Secrets (a.k.a. Stranger) has officially started casting for its second season. The story from season one was about a prosecutor who had a crucial surgery on his brain in childhood that left him unable to feel emotions. He partners up with a righteous, warm cop, and they begin to pursue a murder case that leads them right back to the door of the prosecutorial organization.

For season two, it has been announced that writer Lee Soo-yeon from season one will be returning to write the script, but the director has been changed from Ahn Gil-ho to Park Hyun-seok (Dance Sports Girls, Uncontrollably Fond).

Additionally, according to his agency, Jo Seung-woo (Life), who starred in the first season as an emotionless prosecutor, will be reprising his role as Hwang Shi-mok. Currently, his co-star Bae Doo-na (Kingdom), who played his partner, Detective Han Yeo-jin, has been offered her role again, but she has yet to confirm.

The ratings for Forest of Secrets were amazing, beginning with 3.041% and rising to 6.568% according to the Nielson Korea system. It also won all kinds of awards including the Daesang at the 2018 Baeksang Arts Awards and the 2017 Seoul Awards. So there are high hopes for season two.





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I am so ready for this - thanks for starting this thread @0ly40


Like many posters have mentioned, hoping for good news soon from the Bae Doo Na camp!


It would be nice to get character development for everyone, honestly. Would love to know what makes Han Yeo Jin tick, not to mention the creepily elegant widow of Lee Chang Joon... 


And by all means, bring on the smarm, it was so much fun :P I do wonder how those two clerks who used to work for Prosecutor Hwang coped with their new boss :sweatingbullets:


Roll on 2020 :blush:

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On 9/4/2019 at 6:45 AM, AC95 said:



Like many posters have mentioned, hoping for good news soon from the Bae Doo Na camp!


It would be nice to get character development for everyone, honestly. Would love to know what makes Han Yeo Jin tick, not to mention the creepily elegant widow of Lee Chang Joon... 


Yeah, Bae Doo Na is the key... there's much to tell about her background, how are her sketches linked to her past (the apartment!), where is the rest of her family?! 


Yoon Se Ah is a marvelous actress, her widow character could be the villainess Yeo-jin needed... does anyone here watch "Killing Eve"? :D  cuz I for once want prosecutor Hwang be in a supporting role with his partner.


Bae Doona keeps posting videos of Stranger 1 on her IG!!! I haven't watched works of this PD?  Any opinion here about him?


@triplem thank you dear for the mention.  I am so behind Justice, need to catch the last 2 episodes. :glasses:



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1 hour ago, pompyavi said:

Am waiting for Bae Doona's official confirmation. If she would not be in S2, it wont be same. Shi Mok and her camaraderie was great. They form a good team.


I am sure she will sign for the second season but I am glad that she is negotiating really well her participation in the drama.

It is good she wants to be in the second season and they want her as well.

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I love this drama so much I finally decided to create an account! 


Watching season 1 was by accident because I had got bored of the rom-coms and needed a change of genre. The first thread kept me good company after each episode, so when I saw  this new thread was created, I decided to join in! Now, I must wait patiently for the drama to begin as it will take some time.. Something tells me that the thread will already have quite the number of pages before the first episode drops :smirk:

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November 20, 2019


Looking Forward to the Dramas of 2020

Source: Sports Khan via HanCinema.net




There is a line of dramas featuring famous stars and famous productions lined up in 2020.


It's the end of the year, but the drama industry is preparing for next year's dramas. As pre-production becomes increasingly common, there are a number of works that have already been filmed. We take a look at dramas coming in 2020 according to actors, writers, and seasons.


- "This actor is a must-watch"




The actor decides the genre of the drama. Those with probability and visuals are getting ready to star in new upcoming dramas.


SBS's "Hyena" is a survival drama about lawyers who represent the top 1% high class society. Rather than the intelligent and rational aspects of the existing lawyer character, it will show a diverse range of human beings involved in their interests. In addition, the casting of Kim Hye-soo and Ju Ji-hoon makes the drama something to look forward to. JTBC's "Sisyphus: The Myth" cast Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye almost right away. Aside from the fact that it's a sci-fi mystery drama, nothing else is known yet. Still, the drama is looked forward to thanks to the choice of the two actors.


JTBC's "I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice" features Park Min-young and Seo Kang-joon. It's not about a 'prince on a white horse', but the simple and warm healing story of a man and a woman meeting at a rural independent bookstore is the driving point.


"HERE" starring Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min, Shin Min-ah, Bae Sung-woo and Nam Joo-hyuk is written by Noh Hee-kyeong, whose scriptwriting abilities have been proven numerous times.



- A credible production team




Just like a well-written scenario, the drama is a 'writer's work of art'. 2020 brings dramas from famous writers.


The most anticipated drama of all is, of course, Kim Eun-sook and SBS's "The King: Forever Sovereign", starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun. Despite the cold weather, they have started filming and are getting ready to meet viewers next year. "The King: Forever Sovereign" is a fantasy romance drama in which a deity has unleashed a demon unto the world of humans, and that demon has opened the door to a parallel world.


Writer Yang Hee-seong from MBC drama "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" and tvN drama "Familiar Wife", is attempting a very human-like weekend drama. "I've Been There Once" is the turbulent story of the Song family, beginning with divorce and ending up united in love and family, starring Chun Ho-jin, Lee Jung-eun, Oh Yoon-ah and others.


The writer of KBS's "Road to the Airport", Lee Sook-yeon, is coming out with tvN's "Half of a Half", a romantic drama about the relationship between an AI programmer and a recording engineer, starring Jung Hae-in, Chae Soo-bin and more.


TvN's "Hi Bye Mama" is a fantasy story about a Korean funeral custom called '49 days' and it is written by Kwon Hye-joo, who also wrote "Go Back Couple".


The book "Golden Hour", written by Professor Lee Kuk-jong, an authority on treating severe trauma in Korea, will also be reborn as a drama. Based on Professor Lee's vivid experiences, it is the talk of patients at the forefront of life and death. The drama is written by So Hyeon-kyeong and Only One, of dramas "My Daughter Seo-yeong" and "My Golden Life".



- Season 2, can't miss it


Due to the popularity of previous installments, a series of works to be produced for a season 2 will also appear. "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2", which is set against the backdrop of Doldam Hospital and its real doctors, returns with Han Suk-kyu from the first season.


Another medical drama on its way is "A Wise Doctor's Life", directed by Sin Won-ho and written by Lee Woo-jeong-I. It tells the story of a hospital of doctors, nurses, and patients based on a hobby band made up of doctors. The cast so far are Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Dae-myung and Jung Kyung-ho.


The second season of "Secret Forest" is coming out too. The cooperative story about a lonely prosecutor who doesn't feel any emotion and a just and warm detective is coming back this time as a story about the murder of a prosecutor and the truth behind it. "Secret Forest 2" is also led by Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doona.

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