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  1. Hello all I haven't watched this drama (TBH can't afford till the end this year), only read some excerpts. And as you might be experiencing its indulging. I had a few doubts, if anyone of you kind soul can clarify that. 1. Is Min Seol A is Su Ryeong's biological daughter? 2. Also Seok Hoon and Kyung's half sister? Since may people are shipping Soek Hoon and Bae rona, I just wanted to know were they not that evil towards Seol A? And what i really want to see is how the twins will react when they get to know their father's doing and secret of Seol A's death? What do you
  2. Hello all from what I think, the politician Lee is the one who started the fire and broke the peace in 1997. After which, though some of SK soldiers survived including 'Night Owl'. But due to difference in opinion, the now army chief and Lee sabotaged the evidence and killed all of them. Ye rim seems to be the baby from DMZ Dong Jin is 'Night Owl's son The person who visited Dong Jin's mom might be the army chief or Lee Hyuk Also the theory of two mutated... I don't think so. Even NK soldiers have green uniform (can check the soldier who got in fight with D
  3. Annyeong Chingudeul Has been a long time since I wrote, season is coming to the end. Followed up all your content, great work guys... Sometimes I just wish this doesn't end and I get to see Han Yeo Jin and Hwang Si Mok's life everyday. But that will delude and dupe the ethos of the show... (self-contradicting) Cherished that scene where HYJ went for HSM in pain, holding him, being there for him (eternal comrades) I last thing I posted was about curiosity of Yeo-jin's part background, but we got just a mention of her grand ma... As already some of you have
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