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  1. Sorry to cut the post. But what to you mean by, you will never meet? Is she not going to be a part of S2?? If it is, then it would be a shame to lose such a character... It can be true that JunWan is Song Hwa's first love, but with the level of comfortability she shows around JunWan doesn't seem to verify that logic. And her hesitation around IkJun makes the atmosphere intense. The too have supported the Bidulgi couple since start, but as I have mentioned previously also, I want to see more effort from IkSun's side into this relationship. Hope I see some chasing
  2. Been a long time since I write or read the topic. As mentioned before, HP is a part of Wise life series, which was quite simple and obvious in itself in terms of love lines. No tornadoes. It will keep its basics to normal life (as we all witnessed in Season 1), dealing with heart-touching interactions among the Fab 5 and also with the side characters (mainly patients in HP and were co-prisoners in PP). As could be felt from the start the uncomfortability between JeongWon and GW, finally resulted in love line at the end (just like a common ROM-COM). Don't be offended, I
  3. Many people were discussing about the future of Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Sun. Here are my thoughts.... Actually no one ever wrote much about their story and took granted that it will sail smooth (overlooked tiny details, I too did that). Here are some point which I just realized... Take a look and tell if my interpretation is right? Jwan sent her the rings and I feel that, IS has the capability and heart to send back those rings, and it might be the twist of the season 2 for Jwan. There are two possibility. that he will become really insensitive and ungenerous or become to soft and gen
  4. I too think that is a possibility, since Winter garden shippers are on cloud nine right now, and it will make a great twist to start off the next season with Winter and garden on opposite ends, if not a life-death drama. (though I too personally want this devastation to not happen....) And if we think of something more positive, it can be professional and personal conflicts (which too I think has a slight chance, since both can be seen to be madly in love with each other and understanding in nature personality wise + Jwon has his squad on his back) Whatsoever, but I am having this i
  5. OH MY GAAUDDD {Disclaimer : Haven't watched ep 12 yet, analyzed just by reading co-writers' posts} What did I just see? From the point where I was constantly praying for no heart breaks for my dear Gyeoulaaa, to that kiss. Ground swept under my feet, my heart skipped a beat, and I froze just like her..... (though I feel like, she should have reciprocated, if not while he was kissing her, but at least when he hugged her...) As many of you have mentioned, that it feel detached, nothing gradual, as we don't know exactly how and when he fell for her, so damn hardly. No doubt we woul
  6. Is it a still from HP or any pic from her previous works? If it is from HP, then who's the lady besides her? Jun wan's mom But her hairs are long here (looking beautiful anyway....) Well if we notice, in HP except JGW no female lead or side-lead has got long hairs..... whyeo??
  7. Haven't heard of any such rumors? What I know is that there were speculations of season 2 coming by mid 2021. But I really want what you said to be true. In the mean time what are we gonna do? I hope something so nice and refreshing comes soon to help us with HP withdrawal....
  8. Moreover, Now that she know that IJ knew that SeokH proposed her on that day, she might have got the hint that why he didn't come to meet her. In lieu of that, I would like to ponder on one more point... The most heart felt gesture from IJ till last episode, was his coming to the hospital (after his long night with surgeries at hospital) ,when SongHwa suspected that she had cancer. He even didn't go to his ex-GF, who invited her to her TV show set (though it first seemed like he is going there, but ended up at the hospital) . And when asked by SongHwa why he came, he clearly said, be
  9. Probably ya, since the posture she made before chasing the abusive Dad. And running with naked feet too. I hope all such moments we all (Winter Garden shippers) are imagining turn real. And can be shown as flashbacks (but I think that is too much to ask for the last episode....)
  10. Ya, after reading your post I went to see the preview again. And I too think that may the case. As in one scene her hairs are messed up and in other she got it tied up nicely (both scenes in PICU). Even I am facing a problem in uploading a picture (asking for URL!) Can anyone help?
  11. Annyeong The ep 12 preview tells that a leap of few months have been taken (X'mas has come). Min Ha will get her first kiss of the year (most likely from SeokH) As one of you have mentioned it before, Jeong Won seem to have a past, from which he is running (probably a girl, his first love). My theory is, that she might have been similar (in behavior and characteristics) to JGW. That's why he firstly felt uncomfortable around her and was rude to her (as she reminds her of his first love). But with the passage of 10-11 episodes he night have realized that he was been q
  12. Hello there Just finished watching Ep 11. A lot to notice.... Firstly What to look for in Season 2 - 1. What exactly happened in Hawaii ? Why Jwan was exempted from military (as it was mentioned twice. It may have a significance) 2. The family background of only two are known, what about the others. It might be one of the prospects for season 2 3. I think the "Child Abuser" case, should have been resolved in this season only, new beginners of next season may feel disconnected. I had even thought of its climax, GW saving Jwon (or may be any of his near dear) being
  13. Annyeong Chingudeul I have been seeing this thread for quite some time. And I really appreciate all your good works, analysis, theories... But I think there is one point no one picked up. Out of the Fab 5, IJ is the one who was jolly and fun-loving, but no one knew that he has been going through such agonizing pain since last 20 years. Though we know that even SeokH has also been through hard times, but his pains are open to everyone in the group. whether it be his sister's death, dad's adultery, divorce, mom's health and now even his crush on SongH. But when it comes to IJ, o
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