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  1. I have no comment right now to say but I remember how I felt and wrote back then after ep 5 that I start to see that everything BR doing in creepy way after he became a suspect Like how I cant enjoy his moment with BY thinking how creepy he think about her if the killer Like how I though he was trying to make the detective back to work cause he nned a challenge or cause it part of his game Like how I though creepy that he laughed in front of the priest body and not crying I wrote about all that and I said I hope I am wrong but I will not hope s
  2. Okay I go away for 2 week cause I was busy i tried hard to catch everything But i need help to understand the ending what happened between cy and vincenzo ???
  3. Thanks Yeh I know that why I need break I cant the same circle over and over knowing that they obviously playing with us to much to be fun now there limit of the same craziness And I said before I done written theoirs cause I wrote so much different craziness till now and i found a writer who pick all of them dont want to let go any out of her hands even if it all dont get together it all the same argument using plot twist , timeline line mess and the characters imagination yo explains all the not fitting all what matter she want to use every thoughts she cant
  4. I am finally back I was so busy this two weeks and to be honest I needed a break from the drama specially that I know they going to the same road from the start playing with us to let us find in the end everything we guess from the start I still didnt catch the special eps so I will need time to catch up But it really going to place where my heart tell me to wait till the end to watch it but let see if I can wait or will back to watching live Messing everyone here I hope I didn't leave you all in the very hard and dark eps Dear you so sweet thanks everyt
  5. Omg I will come back later to write more but at last this the first time I am really happy my theory come true on this drama At least it not crazy thoughts that come true this time I believed from the start that jae hoon didnt kill his family and I was sure that the boxer killing was personal and he most did something to jae hoon to be killed This the only theroy I was really happy it come true , I said that jae hoon family maybe was killed from the boxer or even I was so wild to say maybe they were killed by more then one of HHS victims family
  6. Omg dear this drama really mess with us now theory of killing parents to take children Omg I wish I can say that impossible but yeh everything can just happen here Tomorrow catching episode and maybe writing more thoughts but I just really scared of how long and far this going to go
  7. I don't know if I want to write more theories now I am going darker and crazer with each theories to point I keep tell my myself are you crazy that all will not happen but over and over it happens I am starting to fear how crazy I can think and actually see in this drama But I still didn't watch ep 12 fully so wait for tomorrow till I catch ep 12 and 13 then I maybe found myself automatically here written since yeh I start to not even think I just saw what she give and I am starting to scream in my head " nooooo she want to go there "
  8. Wasnt she was the last one shown in the previews with black cloth in the rain Maybe I am imagining since I am worry about her
  9. Short preview Long preview I am.not getting good vibes from the preview maybe I really need a break at least one week but I will see I can take it or continue for now
  10. Wait a moment did I miss something why people saying there no episodes next week what happened??? I was busy to read news this week
  11. I cant take it is JW crazy stupid or what Okay under spoiler since it had major spoiler of ep 16 Edit
  12. Are you serious?? I didn't watch it yet @raziela joke about it dont tell me it really was like this ?? OMG @raziela it really happen even as we joked about I am sorry inghazi You right we shouldn't forget her, vincenzo asked her to reply him someday maybe she and her friends will attack vincenzo enemy that going to be really super funny from the writer
  13. I am sorry inghazi You right we shouldn't forget her, vincenzo asked her to reply him someday maybe she and her friends will attack vincenzo enemy that going to be really super funny from the writer
  14. So for today the question is who save vincenzo 1. His brother never want to kill him only beat him and tell him about people trying to hire him to kill him 2. Luca his friend from Italy 3. CY or the plaza people maybe both 4 .Jw brother , he seem that he respect vincenzo when hen refuse to help family betray, maybe he didnt want him to get the family betray too , he maybe not be a good person but he lived in madness family to point he maybe need someone who has some value
  15. Yeh she going the same mistake of GG14DAYS just when I was giving her chance saying people change and it had been many years but no she doing that again and again throwing so much twisted for the twisted propose, throwing so many characters and so much timeline mess and so much mystery just to keep you involved and by the end we will be thankful if she give answer for part of the main questions and half of explaining of the timeline mess And about the most of other questions forget about it , it was our fault not her, she didn't give so many hints scenes and fake clues
  16. We cant rule anything out he maybe start as someone who wanted a world free of crimes but we saw that after his sister death and even before he know that HHS did that, Daniel already had revenge and hated that blind him, he totally was with killing unborn children that have that gene to stop them from killing in the future And after founding about HHS he more become more twisted ( that why I think the results of the test was fabric , the way he call HHS wife to offer her the test when he was so in shock of what HHS told him about his sister murder, after finding that HHS
  17. Yeh I said the favorite victim of the writer I had enough of how much they making her character going through traumas there a limit to many characters as killers and creepy people but so much focusing on BY as pscho victim I am suspect that too As I said before his situation get worst after the doctor change his medical back then in ep 8 or 7 I dont really remember He start seeing more things and cannot control himself more then before Yeh that totally can be one of the reason as I said I dont trust Daniel or the government they all maybe toyi
  18. I am mostly agree with you I still believe that the real twisted that BR was the killer from the start I believe he was jae hoon , I believe he wasnt the one who killed his family And I agree the boxer killing was personal and if jae hoon is the killer then yeh the boxer maybe was involved on jae hoon family murder( maybe not only him , I still believe there another reason for 7 sin murder) I dont trust Daniel at all, he more twisted then HHS he forcing his moral on the social, he has hate to crime and psychopath till it blind him , he want to force
  19. Dont agree with him He maybe making another experience and test , he maybe trying to see the road of killing for good reason I dont trust him at all, I think he was and still playing with theirs life making on propose situations and choice for them the road they took He not trustful at all till the end
  20. I didnt have the chance to watch it yet and I think am going to wait for tomorrow to fi that since what I read about what happen need a clear head and clam to watch
  21. Yes it happen after 5 year in the same time with the kid in yellow scenes so it not the husband of the pregnant wife ( if there wasnt a twist and he work to the government in secret lap and he and them fake his death) But that more suspicious why HHS took 5 years to send that to Daniel Daniel looked so surprised and scary from the rats in that scene , but later we found that he was the one catching rats for HHS on US so what scare him was the message behind that gift I think HHS send that after 5 years cause he found out what Daniel was doing
  22. It Daniel I think from the actor voice I know it him but everything can happen we should be ready for everything and the most we should be ready for is the truth of jae hoon I think even with all what we know and think happen and will happen we still can get shocked by the truth of jae hoon story I think it all was planned from the start and if BR is jae hoon then all his family were involved somehow in Daniel test or did do something with him Again I still dont think that jae hoon killed his family he maybe trun to be a killer later , but his family murderer i
  23. OMG Daniel is a live I think The video, explaining that the lawyer body was missing , BR turn himself to the police and said he killed him but the body was messing and they treat him as crazy or it was his imagination , in the video BR want to give himself on again when the phone come , it Daniel offering him to tell him the true but ask him to come alone and to not tell the true to anyone I know that he was involved on all this mess but I though he was involved on the past, on the DNA results fabric and maybe also treating all the chi
  24. We have new still's did MC really wsd the knee whi make a suggestion to BR or ye come later after the scene was cleaned since he hot there alone but with others officer's And MC look rather suspicious so I still think he not the one who make the suggestion to BR
  25. I said I am not trusting any hope they going to give that he was a good guy but after the surgery become like this I know they going to play with us few episodes to have hope for him and crash us later So no hope, I wish I am wrong and they really make him have hope but hoping dont make me even trust or believe it right now . This writer I think I understand her enough till now, not expecting anything but twisted and madness and dark ending
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