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  1. I don't understand why they did it like this I mean will that do any good ?? No I don't think the sub will make that better But I at least waiting for sub to explain the teams leaders story and what happens two years ago?? I am not forgiving them for letting that out like it was not important So in the end sy was having suicide problem he did choices to die as normal person than going back to the suffering of trying all it over again , yr stopped him by tell him it all wrong if he thought he can die and she can keep living and he will be only a good memory of love for her as he was thinking, she asked him to live even if it hard , to live for her or with her no matter how long it take she will be waiting for him That was beautiful but a really rush ending no accepted of who he is, no yr being there for him to go out of his suffering, noo he has to go away to fight alone again and come back as perfect man again!!! Sorry him back with the device wasn't the goal of the drama it was about him accept and live what he is, I know he need the device to live in this world but why he need it to be around yr!!! He still can't be with her as what he is !! I sorry I love them so much but the ending and the whole sy waking from his fear and treatment was all rushed and not in the right place , for me it should be the focus of 3 episode at least with yr there help him accept that
  2. What happened is he leaving? What yr told him?? I hope he didn't plan to leave her too even when I know she not letting him go like this Ah I hated it , it the last episode so it feel like it not enough I didn't get enough seeing yr helping sy overcome his fear , no I get enought from the other otp space and background , not any enought background of other teams leaders
  3. I MISSED the start i had a very busy two weeks that i couldn't even watch my ongoing drama on time and just yesterday i remember that god quiz should has being start last week i just get to watch ep 1 and i will catch ep 2 i like it so much they back as it nothing change i like how this team can bring the same feeling and character over and over again through the years , it almost impossible to find that in korean drama multi seasons drama where the characters keep what they are and grow up as normal human without changes that not fitting their past season character i missed this drama human touch , the great words they say and how they look at things from human side so i will be here enjoying another season after 4 years , i am never boring going back watching the past seasons too i drama that you can watch over and over and enjoy it each time little gifts since i was late for the start a stills from today ep
  4. I like today Eps so much I understand sy so much even when I am angery from him to be keep hurting himself like this , but I understand the man who only lived one year a miracle dream after 11 years of suffering and losing everything even the right to be normal on his own eyes before others I think yr doing great she just what sy need, she can't hide her feeling but she not forcing him on anything she just here care and worry about him so much to force him to see that Sy need her like this he can't be told to give up what he fear the most to live and enjoy the today normal life even if it cost him all his future we notice the hints of that early that he only think of today not dream of anything more , but in the same time he need someone who care so much about him to worry like this without even speaking to force him see how much his health is more important and his future is not own only by him. I like the preview too , thank @samecut123 for sharing it I know I should be afraid of this preview since things get even worse from every side but I think I am okay for now , the amount of painful dilemma sy show till now was more than any danger can happen , he break my heart so much with this little scene in the few last 3 eps by shown great pain with simple wishes of life @USAFarmgirl I like your post so much it just how I feel right now ,my poor sy that person made my heart full of emotional, I love so much but he need to stop ,but I understand him I can't even say he should act different I know what logic say but I had already see that coming from the moment he promised to leave after one month, from the moment he wanted to enjoy the love without thinking about telling her the ture from that moments i start to fear and understanding his problem and pain , the pain of just wanted to enjoy today since he has zero hope that it can last for tomorrow everytime His 11 years of suffering was more affecting than can we just judge with logic it was so much pain from body to mind for us to just say he shouldn't do that , but still we worry for him and wanted him to stop before he get himself killed or destroyed for good ( I hope not) One thing I don't like, they didn't give yr enought space to feel her suffering too, about being adopted, the bullying things, her father and family issues she also another victim her with so much wounds but they show her reason and suffering so fast without making us feel it so much And about team leader yang, chief cho , siw it was not enought ( I think that maybe come from changing of episodes number but I didn't like that they also part of our big interested from the start)
  5. Sy is angry from jang I think jang want far more than just telling yr about sy health , he maybe was trying to break this two for sy good I hope it not the case
  6. I missed so much last week but I had a very busy week ; I catch all the episode buth not everyone comments I had a lot to say but still don't have time to write long post But I am so waiting for this week ep with girls become close, yr know about sy, her over acting in trying to help him ( I like it even when she can't actually be normal it make it easy to sy since her reaction is not like normal people) I guess some problems will be with sy and yr about his health and her idea of helping him but as I said even if not comfortable but still it better than what normal people will treat him , he need this over caring and crazy reaction in his life.
  7. I HAVE ALOT TO WRITE ABOUT but i don't have time right now i will trying to catch up today in night
  8. I may miss the live stream I will try hard to not But time like this when you hate your boss for making changing in your work do I have to tell him I have amazing episode waiting for me
  9. I think she did it first as joke or to cheer him up But he decided to show her how it should be done Love this two the news say about them go In place where there no cameras and show their love to each other Something about "adult romance " was written in the news too deep hug and closeness
  10. He asking her for a favor after telling her sy in pain They didn't show what he asking her But yeah I am fearing he asking her to break up if that making sy in danger jang more than will be ready to ask that But I hope it not the case , he can ask her to help him stop sy from using his device for a while or helping making sy stop doing something After she accept him as he is , jang don't need her to break up more than helping them to control the reason sy suffering right?
  11. thanks you yr accept sy they happy but sy find about the man from the past that not the most imprtant , sy body no good don't tell me it again cause of YR and his feeling for her !!!!!!!!! what JANG ask from yr in the end??? i hope sy choice to let the device no breaking up, no YR leaving him for his good i don't believe we had only 4 eps left for all that
  12. I loved today episode so much but we all have to be worry with sy keep thrown himself in danger situation he can get hurt or worse he can hurt someone badly were will no turning point after that as we all suspect siw did live under the gang control for 12 years , I think he wanted to leave them before the accident that why they attack him, but after the accident they have full control over him, he really care for sy and wanted to protect him from them, I am not forgiving him totally for sure since he did use the wrong ways and was harsh not only in Sy but on so many other but I guess he really wanted sy away from him cause he fear the gang will find about him I am fearing now that the gang has more than the past accident as reason to hurt sy , he now has open the eyes on him with what he did Bad things and bad times coming for sure I just hope no so much damage will be at the end of it I Like sy even when what he did was totally wrong but his anger come from his feeling of being weak and can't do anything to protect the person he love the most , he did cross the line this time it wasn't just a danger moment when he had no choice but to fight back , it wasn't like yr was the target so he fear the man will come after her again, and he didn't just catch or hit him enough to stop him no he cross the line and hit him out of anger and revenge, I can understand team leader yang, jang and chief cho words that they said before of how he should not be involved and act as normal , normal people will not do what he was doing from the first episode even when it danger, I get now why they was so worry of his power after all he just human and a human who have this power can make mistakes while using it if he keep get used to use it like this . I like everytime sy save someone but I understand now how danger it can be, I think it has to stoped at some point even if we all don't want that and I am afraid of the worse plot of how that going to stop, But I have hope with yr, she can stop him, he need to stop seeing himself as disability and weak person to stop feeling that stress of the need to protect the people he love , he getting more anger not just cause he someone he love get hurt but cause he feel worthless in time they need him. When that stop he can control his anger and acting , or if not it going to be so much worse when the people who made him like these shown again in his life and hunting the people he love Can you imagine his reacting when he find that the people who destroy his life close to him and using there power to control his workplace, his brother and his life again!!! I guess the anger mood we saw today will be nothing to that I am sacred what sy going to do i forget to write I love all the scenes in this Ep : sy alone , otp togther , second opt, family and friends scenes It was warm, sad, happy, joyful and powerfull from every side
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