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  1. Hi everyone I am going to start watching this drama this week I have to finish watching watcher before I was waiting for it to end to watched it all Ocn never let me down in this kind of dramas
  2. I really loved this drama and the ending It true I I didn't want him to leave or wanted him to hide from her when he sick she was hurt a lot cause of that But I am still happy with the ending it doesn't have to be as I wanted it perfect as long as it was good for everyone , I like how he understands that he hurt her by doing that he take his risk of never being forgiven but still come back with the mind to win her over to make her accept him again Sy was going to do it anymore even CYH know that, he said he maybe was neve sure about anything but one thing he was sure about it was about their love , he believes in their love as strong and not easy to ended I am happy he final has that confidence on SY love and her being in his life as unquestionably thing , he fine she fine , he found a new goal beside her , they together he promised to stay and never leave and I am happy for that Just have to say 3 years was a long and lonely journey for both of them to take it like this but as I said I will not complain about it Side note: the flashback when he was watching her for over a year was so cute he really give the kid face that was super cute why we didn't have more scenes like this with this two together???
  3. Besides the kiss she did everything first and take the first step always so let the man have something he the one who do it first always
  4. The scene in the OP when CYH break down mentally was so sad and memorable I had to say JS give the best high level emotional scene he keep suprised me even after all his previous works and sure our leading actress get on my list after this drama for her acting ability I wanted to talk about that scene and how important his words were when CYH said how much it was hard for him cause of SY that she make him have dream of future and happiness and how much it make him more scared But I had already talked about this point in a really long post week ago Let me quote part of my previous post So I have no more to comment about that than i had already did ( I wrote so much it was long post ) It just that I wanted him to say his fear in more properly way but I think he was never going to say that to her if he wasn't broken like this, at least he faced it and said it a loud, why? And how much he fear the hope and happiness that SY bringing to his life !!!!! @fruitkatsu thank for the text translation so I really did understand well I hoped someone prove that I understand wrong , still we have hope right ?? I think they just play with us but did they mean he fine but SY has to face the fact that she didn't know about ?? That exactly what made me worry
  5. Okay the text previews of ep 16 is out I am not going to translate it I am not liking what i understand from it Someone also please translate it and give me hope 이별은, 언젠가 다시 만나길 바라는 더 이상 오지 않는 요한의 생존신고. 그러던 어느 날 요한이 무탈하다는 것을 알게 된 시영은 몰랐던 사실과 마주하는데. 이별과 만남, 오늘과 내일, 삶과 죽음의 경계 위에 놓인 요한과 시영, 그리고 통증팀원들의 마지막 이야기. At least the bts photos show he still fine ( I hope for them or I am going to kill someone )
  6. I am angry at him for leaving And for the words he said and hurt her feeling But I am glad at least he confess his feeling finally Give her a first and properly kiss finallllllyy Abd what make me more happy that they didn't break up they still together and he keeping all this update for her to make sure she not worry And I agree he didn't update in that day cause he coming back as suprise Are we going to have a hug and a kiss and more ????? We should !!! We waited for so long and it tye last EP so we should get more right
  7. Preview text ep 15 떠나는 사람의 마음 기석의 죽음에 큰 충격을 받은 요한. 의사로서의 삶도 시영과의 사랑도 엄두 내지 못하고 손석기의 시술을 끝으로 한세병원을 떠날 결심을 한다. 통증팀원들의 안타까운 마음들은 더해가고, 시영은 자신에 대한 마음을 솔직히 말하라며 요한을 설득하려 하는데... CYH was in shock from the kid death He want to leave the hospital after treatment and live only as a doctor and want to stop being with sy The pain team want to help sy to make CYH realize and face his feeling and ve honest with her Me : okay you was planning to run away before the kid death , so your pain and shock from his death not the really reason it just give you a justify reason to run now , I understand why sy would be so sad and angry from him in video preview, I like how the team will help her, the girl need help There limit to how much she can handle and be the biggest heart and the understand side in this relationship I understand that the kid death make CYH fear bigger and his thinking that leaving sy is best but he has to be honest and face his feeling, sy need or to slapped him back to his mind or just make him taste the pain of being the one that left behind CYH need some help facing his fear and his lost confidence when it come to his personal life I think the last two episodes will be about it , I hope they do it properly too they just left his fear out all the past episodes and make all that sweet moments than blow it like this so I hope that dealing with it properly.
  8. Everyone right let wait till the next week to judge as much as I was angry from CYH behavior till now as much as i still secretly hope he going to surprise us and show another facts from what we think 1.he still sick so maybe he lying about going to new job and he going to get treatment 2. He still has to choice now after he has the chance and still can be brave So I am going to wait I dont want to hate CYH I love him , but as much as I I understand his situation, lonely life, pain and fear as much as I cant ignore SY pain too , she too has suffering so much lately and she holding on bravely she didnt even have a break of breath from the moment she had that accident with her father, dealing with her fear , facing her PTSD, backing on her feet again, facing hating sister, unemotional mother, dying father, facing CYH past, dealing with his CIPA, his rejection to her feeling , him being sick...... I want to understand CYH is much but I cant let go of sy pain too, so I hope CYH will suprised me , really I want to see him do that Talking about suprising I know that CYH will never accept or like the ex minster plan but he again suprised me with q great answer why this drug us different from what he did, why it murder, why it never should be allowed Let me summarize all his answers and add my understand " it the easy way , if that drug is there if it allowed, it will be the easy way for doctors and patients, no one will fight the uncured pain, no one will want the hard way way of thinking endlessly about another solution, about taking the responsibility and pain if facing the pain of people who dying, it will be the easy way for patients and doctors and it will not be using only when it needed but anyone can use it to kill under the name of saving from pain" What a great answer and what logical belief that stand against the ex minster and the lawyer believes, Medical was updated all this years cause that pain of facing people in pain and without hope and be unable to do anything as doctors, family or researcher that pain and not having other answer or away to run from it what make people give money, time , their all life to the goal of finding cure for the uncured and impossible things That why so many killing diseases in past have cure now, that pain and that endlessly worry and feeling helpless what make all that With drug like that, with the belief that easy and peaceful death Is the solution no one will ever take the hard way if fighting for life
  9. Yeh that what I mean All his acting is wrong , i thought he going to be honest and tell her his fear and worry but not like this she was so honest with him even about how she feel about his condition but he just enjoy all this live and sweet care till the end and than just leaving cause he think it better to her it just breaking her heart more Sorry I like CYH character so much but the way he acting with Sy now it just cowardly and selfish and lt not about her but about him and his pain and fear till the end No matter how much I like him I cant stop feeling the same it cold and unacceptable even if tell her before it just he decided everything and just noticing her cause he have no courage to face her from the start, she not going to give up easy and will br hurt so much so he just choice the less painful choices to him not facing her in pain but that dont change the fact that she will be hurt so much I hope I am wrong I still have hope he will not do that not even putting her again in place where she had to do everything , just be a man and do some step here I hate that ending it my personal views and I respect your too But allowed me to say if it wasn't CIPA and was cancer and dangerous stage it will be okay for him to leave her People find happiness even in short and painful times there was so much story about it I am not saying he shouldn't do his best to find a cure for CIPA he a genius and can do so much not just in that side but to other sickness he already did many research papers to be professor in that young age But the problem not about him finding a new life and new goal it about him doing that to run from SY that the problem, He running and that never a good choices he could still go there without running sy isn't someone to stop him doing great things but the problem we and even SY understand that he trying to run from his feeling and from her and that what wrong and hurt I watched so many drama with dying people get happiness and love it not about health or how much time you still have it about how you allow people to be part of that life As I said I respect your view it just my personal thought that cant accept that kind of behavior from CYH And he always say it to SY "thanks you, it must be hard" and always thinking about how burden and pain he will cause her but he never get or understand Sy answer "That cause she his guardian، That he dont understand anything" I agree with sy he really dont get it at all He dont understand that he just like every and each patient he meet in the past and she just like any family member of any of them ; it not burden, it not suffering it what mean to be with someone you love it the same for everyone they will face someday someone they love being sick and it hurt the most if they dont allow us to part of their pain. Cyh really dont get it and dont get SY feeling that what make me so sad about it , it the way and the behavior he using to handle it not just the ending itself
  10. Yeh a long and painful week @fruitkatsu thanks for translation that scene let me add one and finally wishes to list Just dont leave My friends who dream about kiss and more here look at me wishing for him to not to leave only @SC2019 thanks dear for the live recap it really helped
  11. What that ??? He really apply to that job I hoped he didnt till the last minutes ( how dare he) He get accepted and he was sad about Sy saw that they searching for researchers and remember CYH words and though that he really want to leave she call him so sad asking for his health and telling him how she want to have the person she love to live beside her longer she said he dont understand it ( it break my heart this girl had done so much she know it and it hurt her so much and still she still trying to make him understand what it mean for her him in her life) he still hide it I dont like him right now at all I cant forgive him if he leaves even if he come back It broke my heart seeing SY this episode he acting as he want to protect her from suffering but he hurting her so much, actually even when I understand him and his reasons but I can accept it i cant take it , it selfish she ready for it but he the one that not ready for it to have someone in his life seeing his suffering in her eyes and not leaving like before , it selfish and he need to wake up I liked him so much and understand him so much but to be fair SY is the one who suffered the most and given so much , from the scene she like him and she never stop giving him feeling, honestly, accepting and Handel well all his healsting so I am angry at CYH right now since I feel heart for SY And what with that ending to break my heart more so they have to do it , next week better be the fixing all this I have enough pain this week My heart is broken already , I dont want to see that ending not that it not fair for SY even if she accepted it , it CYH time to take care of her , show her love, confess his feeling and fight for her being in his life The girl did everything and didnt even ask for anything than him being healthy by her side it not fair ending
  12. Are they going to let me suffer till next week now I want some sweetness before that Edit: oh really and I am here asking for some sweetness and how dare they ended it like this
  13. SY angry and strict mom face is the best CYH has zero chance against it he just become so shaken facing it That how much she care for him and how much he love her
  14. Sbs is stingy with the still's from last week they busy promoting for the new drama I worry about the ending too, i hate open and decided whatever you like ending , when you write something just ended it even if not everyone like it , but opening one for some to be happy it logic that it not fairy tale ending and for other to have hope for future romance reunion is the worst for me It only 3 episodes left , I cant understand CYH reaction when sy talk about the research clinic as many here it could he explain by so many views but I really cant be sure , his warm smile at that scene confused me, I dont like going with the that road in the last 3 episode so I hope CYH will surprise us and we found later that he didnt really apply to that position or he cancel it, it was just a moment if weakness and he back off from it, or he would have decided to offer her to come with him. I was worry that trying to run away will be showing early to deal with it since I understand CYH fear and view but not in the last two week and no words about it I want to believe that the writer and CYH character will never think about making CYH playing with SY feeling till the end than throw the bomb of him leaving and she will be like " I understand it's okay" he didn't back off from her till now still acting sweet and allowing her to have feeling so I don't believe he that bad to just wait to the last moment to till her he leaving Dont play with me it hard for him in Korea now !! Dont play with me about the promise he give to the kid!! And dont joke about he doning that to Live longer for SY it not an ordinary sickness to leave for few years and come back it maybe take the live of 3 people like CYH to get to actually cure or something so it not hope it just giving up his own happiness for life So I still believe the writer and CYH understand that and will never go that road, him decision a life without sy for any reason specially if he really care for her feeling
  15. Ep 14 text previews 어떤 선택 요한에 대한 징계 논의가 시작되고 시영과 통증팀원들은 요한이 병원에 남을 수 있는 방법을 찾는다. 드디어 요한을 위한 든든한 지원군이 병원에 등장한 시각, 이원길 전 장관을 만난 요한은 케루빔의 존재를 알게 되는데... Source Here what I understand The title : which choices They will start the talk and vote for CYH in the hospital, but the pain center team find away to make CYH stay ( i cant wait to see our cure team supporting their their teacher) Cyh will find a big support group on his side but in the same time he going to meet the ex minster and learn about the drug So the sadly the text doesn't give so much more than what the video preview give but I think I get from it that CYH going to stay in the hospital
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