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  1. Okay I have to write it took me a whole 3 days trying to understand what crazy things going on in the last 3 episodes even more in the last episode But my friends you know what, I watched the last 3 episodes together after I was busy the last two weeks and it felt like I am watching another drama with another main leads What going on ????? Are this really?? Even in the most sad ending in any dramas I watched I wasnt angry as much as I was here I just feel that someone also was written the scenes !!! No writer crazy enough to destroy his own build
  2. My favorite too they confession theirs love to each others in that way talking about debt I think we going to hear them using that excuse a lot till the end like Jun coming back for his debt excuse too Rara know nothing about love she more innocent and pure then Jun on that matter. she clearly cant imagine life without Jun now but she still can't figure up that she in love ( okay she a girl who lived whole her life protected and focusing on learning piano that didn't even was able to enjoy simple normal life till she quit piano)
  3. Okay let summarize all the information His friend die in December 2019 and was born in 2002 as it was written on his grave ( Korean grave sorry I dont know what they call that ) If Jun and his friend are in the same age Jun is now 18 years old in our normal dates ) but we have the Korean age difference way of measure the old ( in Korean years he is 19 years old now, as they conform it too already) In Korean till you 20 years old you are minor ( at the Korean age) aka in other world normal age he has to be 19 years old - that when he legally old adult in K
  4. That problem I think In Korea he has to be 20 years old to not be a minor But wait a moment when he left home he was In 12th grade we still dont know how much time he was running from home? Maybe he will turn adult soon that why he running till he come to the age But age difference is problem in Korea specially in the girl side and she will look like using him too now OMG really why that twist like having a rich and cruel mother and family wasn't enough He for sure knows rara before the wedding he from the start lie about his age c
  5. Finishing watching ep 3 -4 I agree that Dr cha is a little forced his affection for rara here , he act as he care and protect about her and suspect Jun hidden reasons when he himself hidden from rara so much about being in her wedding , knowing her from her piano party and worst of all that he a friend of her run away husband I know he not a bad person but that what we call hypocrite, he also hide from his friends where rara now, no matter if the his friend is worthless or not and no matter if Jun hidden things it up to them and rara to figure up( he
  6. After Watching ep 2 ah I understand why the drama name is "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol " it all start when she played that note for her father in that party she did it for her father only, but it look the simple, cute and warm moment she has with her father had affect so many others somehow in that room So the doctor was there and probably JW was there and one more person was there How many lives was touched and change from a simple warm scene between her and her father? and at least we have 3 men fall for her cause of it Side note: this episode
  7. I just finished the first episode it was good I like the many thing's that happened in one episode, between funny, warm heart scenes and even crying that totally a good start They already making me curious about all the characters stories and how they all connected Nice and warm start I am going to keep watching it for now hopping they keep up the good pace The Male lead for sure running from a good and rich household and maybe a good career too, something happen and ge want to run from his own road But did he kno
  8. I would like to write about the words SM described YJ with in front of Choi " she open up / warm up to people easy, but she will never blindly trust or respect everyone or anybody" those words exactly describe how she was with SM in season 1, we who watching them grow little by little in season 1 understand that YJ warm up even to person like him ( he was worse of worse dealing with everyone even with victims family almost inhuman with them to get to the true, only care about facts) SM know that as much as we know she fast be
  9. I am having a hard Time saying goodbye to them , all of them, Secret forest is a really masterpiece written and have great cast's they choice all the time even for supporting characters You can feel the writer affecting toward her characters all of them since she also bring mr oh in the end , that why even any support role in this drama is honor to play Why we love them so much? why they never just another drama characters cause the writer treat them like a real, all of them not just the leads like the others drama I always feel like this whil
  10. But did they really made so many scenes cut ?? Are they doing that cause they have a plan a head?? There was bts photo of YJ and sdj where YJ still in long hair and wearing blue There was bts photo where YJ filming with LYJ ( but they never meet this season in the final cut) There was bts photo where YJ and her police team and SM at LYJ house There were more bts filming that we didnt see , and the fact the part of LYJ involved was ended as open not as filming scenes and we never get to see her so called bro
  11. Yes we need explaining we hard working detective and profiler here I think it was cause some accident off shooting or it was a PD cut scene that made that confuse I hope seeing how people in social media asking the same question the writer, pd or someone from the cast will give answer Yes the dream itself was a heart warming and bring pain and all the memories in few moments ( they made me live all the regret and pain of all the characters from season 1 in that scene) But the dream meaning too was super writen about SM feeling and thought
  12. I think now that YJ herself choose to not going back, be logical thinking if she asked for it they where going to send her back why they need this trouble maker in the HQ she more danger there then in sending her back to local station and making sure she never get promoting again She can stay cause Choi make sure not harm and ask for the people who she trust to be protected her, but she if she asked she will be sending out without questioning ( legally she was still being to the station it easy to send her back then letting her stay) Bu
  13. Okay I will progress it little by little Let me first talking about YJ future I felt bad she can't go back to where she fell belong any more , she cant go back to work on cases and investigate with her team She was send to another place where everyone already hate her, she was sad and lonely And even felt sad that SM has to leave But again they remind us that she will he okay, she has her old team still looking after her as family members, she has chief Choi still help her properly talking nice and ask the new chief to take care of her ( did y
  14. Is there someone like me still trying to progress the feeling of the last episode I dont know what to say and how to comment on the ending I will watch it again with sub and I hope I am getting better after that The confuse feeling of the ending is bigger than what I was ready for
  15. That Why forest of secrets fans are the best High smart writing drama just get the best detectives fans for the good eyes catch fans I wish I can translation what was written on board but I cant see the written words clearly I guess we will have the Time jump in the final episode I was thinking from the start we going to get in half way P.s. send YJ there too she already in the bad sides of the bosses here Edit: I am curious about another thing : in ep 2 : SM talk about maybe finding answer this time ( whe
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