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  1. No more heart broken I had enough this year from dramaland I really can't wait for season 2 but you remind me how fearfully is sometimes to have another season I would like more cute scene between our stranger but so fit otp but I will only wish for another good written and directing season and that would be enough ( I will try hard to not wish for more but no promises here ) After all No one can argue that this two is so great together to not wish for more Thanks for sharing Yeh I love this two teaming up again not caring about the war between their two works places or power fight and only care about finding the true when it come to a case The police and the prosecutor offices can fight as much as they can and they will try to hide theirs dirty in this power war but we have the most strangers partners to not care about all that and just works together to even face the both teams together
  2. I can't wait more for it to start I missed them so much Really hope this season we can have some backstory about HYJ and some development with our clam and favorite prosecutor really missed this two and this drama and so waiting for August. but it look from what they saying it going to be a war of power between the police and prosecutors officers where both sides trying to have the upper hand on the investigation right so let see how our favorite partners can still work together through this war ( it not like they both care about things like that )
  3. the one in the stripes make her remember OHJ , he in the same body high and moreover he walk just like him (that strange way but pretty way of walking ) she though for second it him in short world he make her think of OHJ we don't know if they mean to make us think if he really OHJ ( the man CSY saw wit the same walk style ) but he with new hair and cloth or just it really was someone also just make her remember him they made that in this way for us to guess what sure he back whatever with the same long hair and black cloth or new style it up to our imaging and up to them to be open if they ever though of season 2 they will have the chance to choice what fit them more then .
  4. i will write a final review of the drama as i write before the main point in this drama was the choices of life and what you choice to be but there other important point that explain the title of the drama "tell me what you saw" which they keep tell the end from this three characters OHJ: from the start of the drama he can see very well with his eyes and with his mind , he can see the human really reasons and motive he can get into their mind and read behind what is shown to others , he can read people and figure out their thinking more then most of the people to the point it scary. but he blind more then any human being too, he cant understand the human feeling , he can't understand the weakness he see in them , the pain, the empathy and what worst he can't even understand his own feeling or deal with them, he can make fun about human seeing what they want or talk big about others but he clueless when it come to his own feeling and acting . he was totally blind all his life on that side of life that why he never care why ? and for what reason crime happen , it just happen ,that why he never understand how much it hard to deal with the aftermath of crime for victims and family and even the criminals. the accident and his own lose teach him to look and care for this things he feel them now and know how much they can break someone no matter how strong he is , but he still blind can't understand them ( he know they exist but cant understanding how to deal with them ) that when "tell me what you saw" come with him need to see things from CSY eyes CSY: from the start see could see more then most of the people she can see their feeling, pain and can totally empathy with them, even when they bad or evil . she don't see people in black and white she doesn't have the wall to different between human being or what they can or can't have, she just see that everyone has that part of him that suffering and she just feel it . she grow up dealing with different pains and different weakness or disability since a little age and she grow up to see that the different in human being don't stop their right to have pain and their own struggling ( she can see everyone disability and empathy with it ) but she was blind of the true, of the darkness that can be in each person , how much people can use, lies and hide their real face since the same ability that make her see the humanity in each one made her so weak on seeing the hard and evil's fact , she grow with so much love , pain and empathy that stop her mind from having the tools to see that level evilness and darkness so she was blind on that side too, that when "tell me what you saw" come with her need to see things from OHJ eyes for him to teach her see behind people faces and facts KYH: from the start he could see people weakness, sins and darkness more then even they can see on themselves he hate it and enjoy it and could control people easy using that ability of him.. he want to be god since no human is immune to him, he want to see the darkness that hidden under each person good and innocent act but from the start he was blind to anything human being had beside that , from the start he was blind to his own weakness and sins he wan't to punish people for their sins and in the same time blaming others for his own sins like the victims choose and like meeting OHJ in the past , the reason that he din't care about his father was cause he choose OHJ as twisted father figure to him and blame him for everything, KYH "tell me what you saw" has two meaning here , how people can be when they only saw the darkness that it right in each human but they chose to see only that part of human being , and the second meaning how he was trying to see human connecting through his victims to see how much they really or have a real family or love till the end KYH didn't change or choice different he had CSY with him too but he was the final road to see how people can ended if they don't see their own disability no matter how super they are on everything also CSY and OHJ grow by the end they both learn too see what other see on their own as much as they can and they both admit their weakness and need to learn from other, blindness can be faced all our life but we choice to deal with it or leave it
  5. OR AT least have another style in his hair even without cutting it like how they made the different between him now and 5 years ago ( we can accept then that he one long hair and face style man ) okay let forgive them they was filming in the hard times with what going on the world now we lucky they mange to finish all the filming so much other drama had to take breaks and do plot changing to keep filming and it not other drama that airing now didnt have the same hair style for the lead from 15 years ago not even age different shown jan hyuk one of my top FAV world actors list i have other few that on this list that can be on his level like Ji Sung and few others- cant forgot anyone from them ( some actors just so amazing that make others look like children playing in school play ) this few top on my list i know that no matter what roles they took or kind of drama they will rock it but i have mt own style in dramas so i don't watch all their works ( and i have no time sadly ) but sure i watch most of JAN hyuk WORKS ( THE OLD ONE MORE TOO) and he great at any role and no matter what level the drama is his roles leave special affect in high level ( i didn''t watch his works that was aired between voice 1 and beautiful mind and tell me what you saw )
  6. I am thinking like that too that what i choice to see and read since this drama all based at different understanding of scenes they making that by choice to let the view read into the scenes from ep 1 so yes i believe that KYH saying that CSY is the next to get killed what wake OHJ up as i said before i choice to believe that he wasn't acting blind at first his eyes get cloudy and that normal after the head hit and the emotional stress he was on but he didn't go blind more cloudy eyes for few moment when CSY call his name first behind the door his eyes which was focusing on one side start moving right and left and when KYH said she the next and was talking about her again OHJ one face and eyes start to change i think in that moment he start to see again but stay sitting on ground to have a chance to get KYh on one move when he try to kill him as he did that what i believe since yes he didn't see at first that wasn't a lie and the next scene prove that how affecting CSY has on him
  7. HIt was a good drama my friends I enjoyed even with all the little details that not perfect still it was great and they ended it well One thing I have to point that here my soompi friends we should go and write our own trill and dark dramas sometimes since our theories is more complex and darker then what any writer dare to do oh how much we wrote here a perfect theories I am not fan of muilty season dramas in Korean drama since it most of the time dont end well but that doesn't mean I dont have my favorite muilty seasons drama too from it You know I am Waiting for season 2 of secret forest with both joyfully over sky feeling and fear in my heart at the same time But there characters that you cant stop want to see more of them that you feel they really human who has layers and that you didnt get to see all of it yet and you want to see them grow more Ohj is the same I feel I need to see more of his childhood, more about his grown up, more about him getting back to life again ( not clored character he was black one from 20 years ago from the flashback my friends ) I feel that I need more and I want to see him grow connection with CSY as partner and as life light that she presents, and yes I still dream of romance here I am okay with what we get but you cant stop these feelings for some characters I need more I need to watch over theirs life as really human being cause their story never end
  8. Okay maybe my decision answer help you ( what I decided to see and understand)
  9. let see if any of the major questions was answered or not and i will answer each one as much as we get or understand that was the only direct answer we get from the drama okay that don't need spoiler she just understand what KYH want and give him to survive that the answer they give to us and side note the story that OHJ said to the young KYH it was read to me as kid too ( it known story to people around me too ) it not bad one but it have different meaning i think and connect to who hear it and how he understand it, when i asked my parent about what it mean and if t the frog shouldn't help him from the start, they told me that some people are bad and all i need to learn from this story to be careful not to full trust people since some can hide their bad when they need you and show it when they don't , i should never lose faith in people but i should be smart and careful , the frog wasn't wrong he did good thing but even good doing sometime don't bring good result and that what i should learn OHJ and kyh both misunderstand that story from my view and as i said it different since different people view it but i grow up still believing in good in people and that there always a chance to choice to be good but i learn to understand that life isn't just good and bad results from that story and from so many others stories i was told or read by myself ( i even read dark ones most of the time ) the story not at fault it how you understand and view what make the different
  10. sorry for cutting your post dear and thanks for your post but let me answer first i am so understanding the different between sociopath and psychopath you see psychology is my favorite hobby from childhood i read so much book on it even when i choice to major on others subject on collage it was still my fav and still reading so much book on it and you can guess that also crime and psychology novels and series was my favorite too since forever ( but still i know that i may be still be so wrong and you right it just a my own view ) but as answer why i think that KYH was born as sociopath it was from ep 16 too you will understand watching it with sub even before killing his first one as child he know he was different and that he has side of him thinking about killing he was like this not cause the environment he was normal child with normal mother and father his question to OHJ at that age show how he was already wishing to kill a sociopath is worse then psychopath the different between them that psychopath still can form a human feeling in his own and can still feel emotion on his own like love and guilt and others but in his own different way not like other normal human being and many psychopath can form family and have children and love them too and live a right way of life and don't but it harder in sociopath who was born like this ( he can be saved if he was like this cause the environment like JH character in beautiful mind ) the fact that OHJ still could get really to love someone and feel guilty and pain over them prove that he a psychopath not a sociopath since that another different between this two that sociopath more love himself in loving others and he can easly live without them or find a replacement to them . psychopath isn't unable to have normal feeling it more like he don't understand others feeling so he cant empathy with them and he don't feel remorse about his acting since he don't understand right and wrong in our normal way but he can feel remorse about losing and the pain of losing and he has his own feeling ( he did try to not fell remorse about isu DEATH till the end he trying to not see his fault and said he did the right choice and did his best so he don't feel guilt about his acting but he guilt about losing someone he love- till the end ohj said he believe of what he think and do ) that why fit OHJ character but you right we know nothing about OHJ backstory so we can still say he can be or a born psychopath or sociopath cause the environment not born since this two case hard to different from each other since the later too had feeling
  11. i will write now about what making this drama good this drama all based on life choices from the start till the end just like we the human had to do from the start of our lives till the end we make good choices sometimes and others bad one we make evil ones too in once in a while ( there so many levels of evil no one is immune) it not about good , bad , innocent , evil or one definition of human being choice is everything in this drama and to try to choice over and over and not giving your life to some of it is what definition you as human being it about how life give you to choices over and over no matter how bad or good one you did in the past that still don't definite you no bad or evil choices in the past make it the only life you may have in the future you still has others one coming and you can choice again no good and heroic choices in the past make you immune to anything get to the right path , you still has others limit and hardships you may face that may make you get into the wrong, evil or darkness choices what CSY roles here was to remind all the characters of that fact the way she could still trust , give a chance and believe again in each one of them even after understanding , seeing and known all their darkness and hidden secrets show what she said to OHJ and saved him by the end it not about being good or bad it about struggling and not given up that what make him different from KYH who decide that what he was born into is his only choice in life they never named it directly in the drama but watching all ep's from 1-16 you can see it clear and and surly now that KYH was a sociopath and OHJ was a psychopath and OHJ struggle all his life to live in good way and that why he become the one who hunt criminal to not be like them they show it in all the flashback how OHJ was all his life even before the accident from the start he was like this, ISU give him only the safety place to be what he is and be loved and losing her just turn on the side he was trying to control all his life , and CSY is the one who give another reason to fight it back again he was screaming all the drama along for help about fighting back that monster inside him while talking to CSY and others victims he did decide in his mind to kill and die but part of him was still fighting back that what made him different from KYH and that what CSY saw when he and others didn't , that what save team leader too in the end to have courage to face her wrong choices
  12. WOW i am so waiting for sub even with my understanding of most of the talk i am not written talking spoilers about scenes since i don't want to make mistake in this important scenes i am so a waiting for sub i need to understand all the talk between OHJ and KYH and csy in that long scene from the moment ohj and kyh get into the OHJ till OHJ left i need to understand it right ( the others scene i am okay with my understanding alone ) i will add my understanding of Korean too since i can't full relay on sub or myself alone but together i full understand it right and i need this scene so much full understanding since it answer numbers of my questions don't worry i guess CSY did tell him his right just as long as he wake up after all that and even if he didn't get that he should be lucky staying a live surviving all the people who dream about killing him in this drama like chief , team leader, other killers, all the higher police officers , OHJ dark killing ways the man is lucky if they mange to make him stand in court a live that the best right they could do for him to protect him till he get there
  13. There something I didn't understand I am waiting to watch raw again or with sub to understand But can someone help me If they understand it
  14. Dear I dont mind 3 others season Just bring OHJ and CSY back just dont forget all their characters building and continue from that ending point and make them grow more Just give me more of this two and make their connection grow i And I dont see Romance just in kissing and hugging and love confess I see Romance in that choices they do for each others in that deep connection they having So as partner only in work I dont mind more seasons and as partner in romance I already written 5 season in my minds Just If they bring them back make dont destroy what they build in this season
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