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  1. The cgi and editing team deserve to be fired! The dig at US gun culture and “go back to where you come from” ”immigrant stole our job” are great! good chemistry intriguing plot CSW comical acting is gold, had me giggling. you have all good ingredients, show! Focus on what’s important to the story, NOT trying to look cool as you might end up looking ridiculous!
  2. I don’t know what timo think if it’s intentional or a mistake. Apart from good acting, this team hasn’t given me confidence that they could get little details right. It is annoying me cos i love the story, full of mysteries and interesting characters, the kind of drama I would greatly enjoy especially with some of my favourite actors.
  3. Check Sisyphus Soompi forum for the first time and glad to see many familiar names @bedifferent @pompyavi @Sleepy Owl @nrllee. Feel like a Secret Forest reunion. Many brainy members coming up with theories and explanation here. Sci-fi and mystery is my favourite genre, plus CSW and now soompi discussion. I am excited. Reading your previous discussion and realised I missed many important details. Looking forward to E3 and 4, hopefully the execution will be better than the first two.
  4. Welcome to the fan club of CSW! I am glad more people are getting to know about him. It’s also my first time I consider myself being a huge fan of any actor/ actress of any nationalities. There are so much more about him than just being exceptional and versatile actor, his kindness, the depth of his thinking and emotion, his senses of humor, his love for animals etc.... for someone who is not tall, a gentle personality and has a soft voice, he carries tremendous charisma and screen presence. Your eyes are just drawn to him whenever he is on screen. There is depth in the way he portrayed his
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