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2 hours ago, Dako H said:

Ralphs actually is not an upscale supermarket. A lists Hollywood stars tent to go Bristol Farms here. Whole Foods market and Gelson's are also very popular, I was shocked by their down to earth food shopping choice. :)

I think they look most relaxed when they’re off-duty. They get to wear nice and expensive things at work, and when they’re off, they keep it simple and relaxed. I reckon if at all they ever spend time together, dating or not, it will be at their homes or some quaint places that they can just eat and chill. And no photos. Maybe they can get away with it before under the pretext of shooting but with major hype between them now, it’s impossible.


I don’t think they expect to be recognized when they went grocery shopping that day. Maybe they thought just popping in a local supermarket and be normal in a foreign land will reduce the risks - but eventually they were caught lol. And yeah if they wear a mask, they stood out even more.  Btw who took those grocery photos? A fan?


I remember one time HB said that when he looks at a woman, he will look at her hands. YJ has pretty hands and loves housework. I finally browsed through her ig and realized there are so many photos of flowers- and I heard that she’s good at flower arrangements. She can even cook! Wow.

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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

11 hours ago, trueasian03 said:

Hello, fellow shoppers/shippers! I have been silent for quite a while now in this forum. But HB and SYJ chemistry and shippers' insights have inspired me to come out. Haha. Hoping nothing but the best for our couple. I am praying that if they are really meant to be together, the universe works its forces to bind them together eternally. :heart:


By the way, I am a non-Korean married to a Korean. I can help translate Korean articles to English. :) Thanks to my supportive husband hehe

Thank you too for coming out here:). And since you can understand and read korean news, so highly appreciated much if you could share us here some important infos you get from naver or some local korean articles regarding our lovely couple BinJin:wub:


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26 minutes ago, Helena said:

Grocery pics were taken by Taiwanese fan.


in interviews, they both prefer casual wear (only dress up when the occasion calls for it)

Thank you! Thank goodness the photos were taken by Taiwanese fan and not some gossip outlets. That shows how relaxed they are off-duty.


The fact that HB flew all the way to LA and made time for YJ, work-wise or not, shows that she means a lot to him. Even more as it was close to her birthday then. I’ve read somewhere before that he said he will make time for his special ones, and here he did. That’s good enough for me to root for them.


Yeah I’ve heard how hard for the celebs to go on dates - it is hard. But if they work it out, they will have a good chance to survive.


Personally I think they are still in that stage of learning about each other even more. CLOY took almost 6 months or so to shoot, so surely they spend a lot of time together. The earlier interviews showed their efforts in learning about each other’s background throughout the months. I don’t put much thought on some answers as they might have some rehearsed answers with them as part of promotion and fan service, but those that came randomly (eg that Wae, Moyaaa or that compliments answers) mean a lot.


Am not too worried about their interactions post CLOY, if post Negotiation can be an indication. They have known each other and spent even more time with each other at this juncture, and when there’s a will, there’s a way. YJ likes to travel, riiiiightttt...



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1 hour ago, Chi-nae Chingu said:

That just been a week??? With everything that happened?

The wrap up.

The “awkward professional hug”

The leakage of “under the table holding hands”

The another DENIAL

The “friendly comfort hug”

The manner hand

The NcoV love letter

The GRoCery List!!!! (Fave)



Did I miss something? We’ve been indeed so busy shoppers!! Keep it coming tho! Loving every bits of it. I really enjoy being here and shipping with all of you!


the Ncov love letter tho! it feels warm... WHILE READING IT... I CAN HEAR RI JEONG HYUK'S VOICE kkkk


He is concerned w the citizen... esp( his future in laws) kkk


[[ but he is not concerned with the grocery shoppers... he'd rather see us suffer ]] KIDDING!


so far those are the things that happened and KJH interview... which had as shoppers in a 50_50 opinion

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40 minutes ago, Helena said:

Grocery pics were taken by Taiwanese fan; the pics were released in 2 batches (the 2nd set were taken from a different angle). The time (of the sighting) was January 20, 2019 at 5pm US time.


Their 1st sighting in LA (by 2 different accounts) was on January 9, 2019 (Ye-Jin’s Birthday: Jan 11)

(1) Someone saw them traveling together in LA

(2) another person saw them at golf place, and ate with her parents.


Most celebs don’t get to date comfortably - many said they mostly stay in the car (I guess many live with their parents).


(in interviews) they both prefer casual wear (only dress up when the occasion calls for it)


It makes me wonder... which one of them do the driving? Was it Yejin??? Like in the Drama Seri is the driver Captain Ri is the passenger...

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On 2/20/2020 at 8:50 PM, jacdayans said:



Maybe he is already used to it.. he had no “urge” when it comes to professional setting because it is reserved for private moments hahaha

Actually, I was thinking how SYJ could have done that easily & effortlessly multiple times as if it is something so normal :naughty: I mean, if you’re doing it to your co-star, a friend, or even your bff-in-the-whole-wide-world, there should be some hesitation or safety concern because slamming your body to another person requires some force. There will be no harm but can be a little painful I guess? 

But seeing both of them doing it so casually made me raise an eyebrow :naughty: They must be “rough” :joy:

Sorry for late quote, I do that koala style with my husband a lot on needed occasions hahahah. I think you can do that effortlessly only if you are used to it with the person you used to do that, because it's quite hot and intimate pose to do.  Anyway, they're very experienced actors so maybe it was strictly professional, but at the same time I couldn't help but thinking "aahh they've done that before...." :D

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On 2/20/2020 at 9:53 AM, B.MMM said:

in my opinion the A channel reporters know so much about them. every time they talk with confidence about a couple who denied the dating rumors, after some times that couple will be real. so I think this time is real too.

I just want to point out sth: from the very first news that said they ate in LA with her parents the KBS entertainment talked about them. as you may know the main mc of that show is binnie’s close friend. they congratulated bin and jin when the first rumor came out BUT after the grocery pics they did nothing. they didn’t report a thing about them. but WHY?? it’s a very important news but they did nothing. it could be a request from a best friend of mc to cover up sth???

Translation of Channel A's 'I Heard A Rumor Show can be found on page 8

HB’s esquire september 2019 interview (good read if not familiar with them)

PS. Please don’t forget to remove images when quoting a post. 

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2 hours ago, jane snow said:





u can definitely observe how HB looks at YJ...


and u can tell at YJ's reaction everytime HB gives unexpected answers... 


i dont know about the nudge in the end... but this feed is just  chemistry maker


i like how they use banmal w each other and dont use the honorifics... only when SYJ found out that they must speak formally coz its an "interview scenario" but in the later part of the video u can just hear her say "MOYA" and "Weh"  in a very cute teasing manner... kkkk


i cant move on... 

I can’t tell the nudge though, seems more like an unintentionally/accidental action..


HB’s stare is also unintentionally, but he just CAN’T help it/control :heart::joy:



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And i find it extremely strange that people can linked HB’s statement release about the coronavirus to YJ:dizzy: ...I believe HB is sincere showing his concern out there, he can definitely express his concern to his good friend or perhaps to his good friend’s parents/relatives DIRECTLY without showing the whole world...



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1 hour ago, Helena said:


Their 1st sighting in LA (by 2 different accounts) was on January 9, 2019 (Ye-Jin’s Birthday: Jan 11)

(1) Someone saw them traveling together in LA

(2) another person saw them at golf place, and ate with her parents.



Ye-jin’s house (as attached in the earlier post)


Thank you! :kiss_wink: I watched that episode of Master in the House before knowing anything about these two’s supposed rumours (Am a fan of them separately. When I learnt about their rumours, I doubt it because I heard other things about them before. When there are materials to look at then I started assessing) thought “Wow, whoever that gets her is very lucky”. Celebrity or non-celebrity. She’s beautiful without even trying too hard, good at housework, has a beautiful home and when they all went for that exercise (please watch this ep shoppers, you’ll get what I mean), she’s graceful and sexy at the same time, considering her age she’s very much youthful. And she’s humble and very easygoing with no such “air” nonsense people would assume a Korean A Lister like her would have. 


Maybe that’s what sets her apart from her contemporaries and what a breath of fresh air this one is I think to HB. I mean, surely he dated many people in his life and maybe, YJ is different than the rest he has seen.


HB fell on this one hook, line and sinker.

Am not so sure about YJ though. She’s harder to dissect to me because she’s just cheery and bright to all.


If it ever works for these two I gotta say HB, you lucky dog. Hehehe.

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6 hours ago, pnaysurfer84 said:

I’m just rewatching this today. 

The fact that she didn’t want to give him a nickname and he says “good answer” was interesting. And she didn’t say anything what characteritics does HB have that’s the same as RJH...chom chom chom indeed

Thanks to the BinJin fans from the PH for the subs. 



Omg Thank you so much for sharing this video!


I have never seen this video with sub before! Thank you to the subbers too! :heart:


They are too adorbs!!! HB just totally teasing SYJ !!


So i just realize SYJ's nick name to HB could be Ajusshi !! lol She called him Ajusshi twice! very cute!! :wub:

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1 hour ago, Hyun_Bin_Boo said:

Wow their production team going through a lot of difficulties while preparing and shooting CLOY. I'm happy CLOY receive so many praise and support now. Their (production team and cast) hard work and efforts are being appreciated by many viewers. (not just in Korea). 

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ARe you all familiar with MBTI?


ENFP and INTJ are the best personaly match if you are Familiar with this... then you definitely get what i mean



Can someone pmease tell me what SYJ and HB MBTI.



CoZ I feel like they are the very definition of an ENFP and an INTJ perfect match.



and this is based on science... not just some astrology shizzz. 


If ever they are not ENFP or INTJ then they are jyst perfect for each other




are known to be intoverted EXTROVERTS. They are bubbly, weird, and fun to be with.

They are deep 

They are hard to read when they treat people the same way so it is hard for people to distinguish their real mind.

They love jokes and games

They are very touchy 

They love to tease and annoy people especially teasing the people they like

They are highly intelligent but they dont want people to know coz they just want them to know they are fun and easy going

Like deep conversation


There are many other attributes that leads this MBTI to YJ 


can can give proofs to these.




They are intoverts they like to have their personal space

They dont wanna be touched

They only like to be touched by people they like or interested with

They are touchy with people they like

They are very concerned but they do not show it

They are consistent with their action but change if something interest them.

They are highly intelligent and they want people to know

they are very serious... laughs hardly ever but when something is funny and likeable they laugh a lot

they love deep conversation


these atteibutes are the same w HB as well and can give definite proofs.


in psychology ENFPs and INTJs are soulmate.


like yin and yang. they bring out the best with each otherm


can someone please tell me their MBTI if ever hardcore shippers know.


this is really interesting insight if ever they share this MBTI analysis.


Oh in ep 1 bts u can see YJ their teasing HB


and HB just said stop annoying me... this is just perfect.


remember HB doesnt like to be touched but w YJ he is ok w


HB's friends said he's intelligent.


Yj likes deep conversations and sincerity


DISCLAIMER... im not saying that they are really ENFP and INTJ since there are no evidences of their MBTI tests.




Im just pointing out my instinct... on how i see through things.


if you wanna know yours... you can check it just google MBTI test... and ull be freaked out that it is really on point! 



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