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  1. Hello all, It’s been a while since I last came here to read anything. Great to see a lot of new members here (and for those old ones, hello to you, and you and you). Just dropping a note to wish Hyun Bin a happy happy happy birthday. And now that he’s off quarantine (it’s 26th in SK now), I hope he gets to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones. Am sure he is happy to see so many wonderful presents across the globe for him. So much love on this special day. Wishing him and his happiness, always. Take care, all of you. I’ll see you when I see you
  2. Wow. I thought I can drop by here flailing happily after seeing Jinnie’s new ad and how their billboards are being put together at the same location and just go happy happy after reading Jinnie’s reason for doing the ad. Little do I know that it has sparked quite a heated arguments between shippers over whether it is true or not, to take the hint as a hint or not, whether this is just another media play, money money money (ok I know I paraphrased them but you all get the drift). Here I was thinking “oh maybe I can talk with these peeps on what do you want to see next, s
  3. Hello everyone, Hope that everyone is doing well. I haven’t been here for so long, so am really surprised at how Soompi works now. Even the new layout confuses me. Anyway, I am elated to hear the official statement issued by VAST yesterday. It was precise and concise, loud and clear. Though if I’m being honest, this whole incident taught both ships not to over analyze things and make a mountain out of molehills because sometimes it is completely groundless. In a way I felt bad towards the person whose photo was being scrutinized and being circulated by other
  4. Hello all, My brain is completely fried and can’t look at the screen for long - yet when I saw people posting the screenshots of that Dispatch article on Instagram, I ended up browsing the site randomly while need to complete my preparation for tomorrow. And I think a bunch of them missed this part. Re. The article on HB’s letter, there are not one. There were two published on Dispatch’s site. First article - was an article prepared by their affiliate with a different heading than the one being posted online. Posted in the afternoon yesterday.
  5. I am sooooo late to the party, but just dropping a note to say congratulations to Hyun Bin on his win as Most Popular Actor at the recent Baeksang awards! Am so proud of you - you’re so loved by all your fans in Korea and also internationally. From the looks of things, you’re doing really well with all those CFs lined up - am looking forward to all your new projects soon Also, that letter penned by him - it’s very heartfelt and shows how much he appreciates all his fans - who sent endless food trucks on set, delicious lunches and dinners on set, those gifts to cast and crew, flowe
  6. Hello all, It’s been a while - and a rollercoaster ride for the past week. I missed out the fun and only saw it much later (I can’t look at bright screen for too long so girl had to make her choice here) but heck, just sharing my two cents on things. The Like for Like and More Like, Oprah Style It’s all Yejin. All her. Maybe she was just being a tease to the fans, but I do think that part of it is as a thank you to all support that she received during Baeksang. What more she received it together with her ~close friend. It’s a surprise for them to see so much suppor
  7. We will never know for sure, unless it is being revealed by them. Having said that, try look at it from this perspective - wearing something that is affordable might boost the sales of the brand because fans tend to purchase what the artists wear. And if it somewhat generates better sales for Ralph Lauren for the matter, why not, right? Given the current pandemic, people are more conscious about what they spend on, and if this somehow boosts their sales, then all is well and good. They already have one of their longtime customers in me anyway hahaha. Anyway, looking at it from busi
  8. Hello all, I have read all posts which were posted yesterday and as much as I thought that I should not reply back as it is rather petty to launch into fights over such issues, I also believe that I should protect and defend myself if my integrity and character are being questioned and/or tarnished by someone, and being a lawyer myself with background in politics, I know what the legal consequences would be for saying such statements and the legal action that I can take towards the other, as well as what actions one can take against me. I entered this fandom perfectly aware of such ri
  9. @gloriousCh33se I removed your post in mine but am keeping the rest of the contents of what I wrote here, unless there’s request for this to be edited. Hope this helps you ya. Man, I really, really want to commit to my new life as a plant mommy but I’ve read a couple of posts re. JHI-SYJ’s interaction at Baeksang, and I know that I’ve addressed it before months ago regarding these two, and at the risk of having my post removed due to non-compliance to the rules (if you know what I do in real life, you’ll know why I’m so particular about rules), but I’m too lazy to pull that post (I don
  10. I’m about to go to the nursery and look for my new plant babies but this portion of the post interests me so much (hehehe) so imma respond to it: - HB’s suit: had it not for the colour and the fact that it was him wearing it, it would not be as wow. If I’m being nitpicky, I wonder why his jacket was unbuttoned - was it ill-fitted? And the pants seem larger for his size. If it were me, I’ll have it altered (I altered most of my attire hahaha). Maybe not enough time idk. But yeah, the fit could’ve been better. Though I gotta say, if it’s on others it’ll look like a polar bear trying
  11. Ok I know this post might get me kicked out or for this post to be removed because it’s only Binnie but wowww check out this sweet, sweet car!!! This is the car that he drove in that Smart ad. Wow this ad must be really costly! Don’t mind me, am just browsing around reading news after receiving a devastating non-fandom news earlier this evening. Cheering myself up with some pretty!
  12. Omo. Omo. Omo. Mr Kim was here? And I missed it? I went out empty handed with no plant! Hahahahaha... Maybe I should opt for flowers instead, at least I know what to do with it. Mr Kim, you are hawtttttttttt. I finally found out about the brand of the suit that you’re wearing courtesy of my other friends who are your fans as well (you have no idea how loved you are at the place I work in! I deal with multinationals on daily basis and my clock is always not set right despite having an upright, enforcement-compliance job description lol. So unlike off-duty me lol) And I gotta say I lov
  13. Oh my why the hell am I still here - I need to buy my new plant but thought of just sharing it here. I wrote earlier how surprised I was reading and looking at the posts and messages from my real-life friends about Binjin. Some are even my lifelong friends. Mind you, all of them are not in the same categories of friends I have in this life but they said really nice things about them and even they can see what you guys observe here. One of them even said to me that looking at their photos is like looking at two real-life people and find it actually intrusive to look at it even lon
  14. Woahhhhh... You all know that I have been away for so long and finally visiting the thread since it’s Baeksang weekend, right? I would rather focus on my recovery rather than be crazy negative. I’d rather look at things in the present and be happy than engage in negativity. And not to spend too much time online as if I don’t have a life to live. And just support quietly in my own way. That being said, just as a guide to you guys, here’s something that you can do in dealing with certain posts. I’ve noticed that some new shippers are smart enough to do what I
  15. Arghhhh the earlier post was too cathartic, so here’s a feel-good one: Mr Kim, I love your Loubs shoes!!! I knew it the moment I saw the red sole great choice there!!!
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