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  1. Aigoo Binnie and Jinnie. Just as I thought I can move on with my life being my bored as* self in real life super serious job after being a shipper, you release your CFs on the same day. And both wearing white? What the *&&^%%$^&^%$&U^ seriously hahahahha. Sweet coincidences I must say. Now release more photos ok. Or a joint statement - am ok with that too. Positive ones.
  2. Binnie's new CF! Looking forward to purchase this one really soon
  3. Those info is relevant to my personal interest hahaha I have read somewhere long ago that his father manages his finances and apparently he has like 10 bank accounts under his name or something like that. He is so inspiring, isn't he?
  4. So Bargaining is to be shot in Korea? There goes my dream of seeing photos of Binnie acting in the Middle East (for now). But it’s ok, the world needs healing right now and this Covid has yet to go away somehow. It’s probably for the best. Though I gotta say, being in Middle East in say, May to October is no fun at all. Temperature is really hot hot hot. But Binnie is hot hot hot too so he will be ok. Hahahahaha. Anyway, looking forward to both their projects soon. Everywhere is looking bleak right now around the world so it’s nice to see something pretty to brighten our world. Both are amazing and yeah, am so waiting for more challenging roles for them both. Consider it a change of movie landscape or something.
  5. Re. Marines, ya I heard something about Jinnie’s dad was in the Marines but don’t know the whole WH-question about it. Though I gotta say, maybe Jinnie can act as an aggressive prosecution officer / lead in the Marines in a legal drama or movie. She has never played a legal counsel so this would be a refreshing change! And met cool, one-liner killer defence counsel Binnie. Argue argue argue at Marshall courts and then sparks fly among many other things that will fly, too. Dangggg I’ve been watching so many legal dramas lately hahaha. And Binnie’s journey serving the Marines was super inspiring. I saw those videos and photos and he was so exemplary. We followed his journey all the way and whoa, he did great. That time in the Marines too, partly shaped him to who he is today. Amazing guy.
  6. Whoa, page 409 already? You guys really are on a roll - this Ahjumma chingu cannot catch up! Lol. One: Jinnie ahhhh... nae pretty chingu-ssi, your stylist needs to work harder ya. Sometimes soooo mwahhhh sometimes Aigoo why on earth she’s wearing that??? But then again she’s an actress not a lawyer so yeah who am I kidding. Two: Binnie’s airport video - Aigoo that one is old. See the hair? For sureeee. April Fool’s day joke strike 1! (Though I gotta say he looked best with that floppy hair. But if a guy can rock any hairstyle - it’s him. He made even bowl cut looked so handsome!). Three: Ring a ding ding - I think I’ve read somewhere that it was measured to their measurements for the drama. They used it, and of course had to return it because it’s sponsored. The company got what they wanted out of their deal ie people are talking about the shop, we got our part of the deal by swooooooning at them and they got their part of the deal playing ring a ding ding for the drama (and with each other - well they can play other things but you’ll get my drift). So yay all!
  7. Finally delurking here just to say hello to other Hyun Bin fans! I’ve been his fan since forever - I’m of the same age as him anyway hahaha. I am so proud of all his achievements and am really looking forward to his new movie really soon. Hopefully if he does any fanmeet in future, I will finally get to go and see him in person. What an amazing guy. All the best for his new movie!
  8. TBH I feel tired whenever I read comparisons about their acting and whether they should win Daesang or not win Daesang or which character is much better than the other. I am close to even giving up participating in any one of the discussions here already because it makes me really uncomfortable. Stop the unnecessary competition between the two - I had enough of this already. Not because I don't want them to win or whatever, but because those discussions are supposed to be in the actor's page instead of here. And I know I might be receiving separate messages saying "Hey, we can discuss only one person in the forum! We can discuss their acting accolades!" and it's all relatives later but seriously, I would rather discuss how lovely these two are, how they are both into each other and how we all hope that the ship sails into the destination someday - or if it doesn't, for them to be happy with whatever choices they will make. Channel more positive energy towards them, say a little prayer or something like that. Provide them with some sort of support instead of continuous comparison on who is better. They would be more appreciative of that, I believe. Better positive energy surrounding them rather than the negative ones, no? The situation worldwide is bad as it is right now - and let's channel a much better environment and energy for them and also for all of us. Focus on the good for better future ahead. Take care, everyone.
  9. Oh yassssssssss.... the whole crying crying crying scenes I really cannot already. Bring on the sassy wife/girl wife angle! She wanted a challenging role next? Play a lawyer. Sassy gangster badass lawyer.
  10. Well she did say his skin was amazing, no? Hahahaha. But yes, playful slap, playful tagging him along.... she is just as playful as us hahaha. As she is so good in acting sassy and slapping people she can consider her next movie role as my sassy wife. Sassssssss.
  11. I was more interested at this one still during this scene where her hair was at his face and he kinda smelled his hair kinda thing. I don't have it for the life of me but he surely knows the shampoo she used lol. And sure she's acting and all but heck, there must be some efforts in shampoo department by Miss Yejin.
  12. She pulled his belt, his collar, his arms, his hair..... ahem so many things can be pulled but yeah!
  13. Daebakkkkkkkk... Smitten kitten befriended the fox where eventually the fox became a puppy! I agree. It needs two to tango and on this one, there’s definitely two!
  14. All I can say here would be... from tiger rawrrrr to kitten meowwwww. Kinda reminds me of that Compliment Me interview where she plays with her hair, gave obvious hint on her answer (if ppl watch her closely you’ll know which one is her answer). She went all the way finding facts about him, and appeared really proud that the compliment was all hers. And she couldn’t stop touching HB, too. Hehehe. A big change coming from her, to be honest and I’m watching her old ep of Master in The House right now - definitely different behaviour. Hehehe. Like, ok it’s a variety show but still... different
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