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  1. Her IG like many of u have mentioned is actually so raw... unlike other stars who would post sponsorships and instagrammable travel pix syj doesnt do that... she likes those candid moments... my fave is when she went to EU w her glam squad and her bag was between her legs LMAO! she does not even need to glam up she does her hair in pigtails and VOILA! The pix w HB during TN time was like she was killing two birds with one stone... PROMO WISE and for PERSONAL reasons... we cannot hide the fact that she's GIDDY posting those pix...coz w BWU only 2 to 3 pix w him and even w sitr pix seemed not a big deal as well. I bet before hand that Yj really has been interested w HB... in my DELULU mind Yoona was their bridge that linkED them together while HB And yoona filming and promoting confidential assign... she would prolly said onni will be d one in TN w u and she would tell YJ oppa will be w u in TN lol...DELULUNISM has eaten me! this is my delulu opinion so dont get me wrong. As for them dating the promo pix were not the giveaway but their golf rumors after one was on November and the other was on Jan 2019 then BOOOM everythin escalated w d grocery pix... and WE SHIPPERS HAVE BEEN HUNTING FOR THE HIDDEN EASTER EGGS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN HIDING FROM PAST VIDEOS, INTERVIEWS AND BTS. lol happy easter btw!
  2. can this breakthrough councidental couple award be given sa Baeksang? hahaha so we can be blessed by their merer presence on stage like what happened in 2014! but this time in a very very different situation... winkwink! should we list down all the councidences that can lead to destiny or fate? hahaha gosh im nervous about Baeksang's announcement this year. hope itll push thru!
  3. @Moonstarmagick how ur investigation going? hows everybody doing... we have been missing them so bad i want a real update! even just an ig post of her spring blooms or flower arrangement skills... we all know she digs that! keep safe everyone! ^^v
  4. i just saw a tweet that HB will really start filming his new movie w HJM in SK. I think they could not delay productions knowing it will cost them. They will prolly shoot in Seoul which is safer. (lowkey wanting d filming will b delayed so we can hear smthng frm BINJIN)
  5. @Loveumore and @sussieh thanks! when can we see these like their real babies!!!?? Also i just miss them so much nowadays YJ has been teasing us with he IG active status with a lil bit of likes and comments and postings and then gone again... then the Next day HB resurrected... yadayadayada... but it is better than nothing tho ^^v im not complaining at all... but i wanna see YJ really bad huhu patience is a virtue who knows the next post will b her and him right? fingers crossed ( gosh i sound like a 15 yr old!!!) @Moonstarmagick where u @?
  6. @Annie12 for sure... she has been n d industry for quite a while and who knows maybe he was her teacher as well hahaha remember he is HB's partner and close friend he must know the real deal between them. i like HB and YJ's photos and his with his son. (right? anyone? the one w the rabbit filter was his son right? hehehe )
  7. syj ceo was also at the wrap up party... remember the ending part where HB gave YJ a hug/pt whatever... she was there raising her glass as well.
  8. i hope this would not b postponed knowing this covid19 can hinder this. Do u happen to know when they announce the nominations?
  9. hey shoppers! THE FREAKIN DROUGHT IS REAL! so i was like re watching videos and past contents of binjin esp. their promotions. with sojisub oppa... Yejin and Jisub have known each other long time ago. Promoting their movie together I can feel that both of them were really comfortable to the extent that they dont care about their personal spaces. theyve been chummy and were just laughing nonstop to a point that u can feel they r "family" ( its a korean thing). Jisub would lean in closer to her and she to him... without malice nor discomfort. Both were single... and if BinJin would not happen you would secretly ship them as well... BUT nothing u can just feel their familiarity and good camaraderie. THEN TWIST OF EVENTS...SJS fell in love with one of the reporters/Mcs/ hosts (whatever u call them in Sk) interviewing their promo. kkkk HYUNBIN and YEJIN on the other hand well... i can feel the tension... they r both hesitant to touch each other even for photos... esp during their first stage of promotion... there was shyness... there was awkwardness... there was tension (sexual tention tbh) you can feel that. hb was steaining himself not to look at Yj too much and too long... and even YJ likes it... she liked to be affirmed... YJ being a goofball made HB relaxed... on the last part of their promo... esp HBs bday... it was different then...they felt sparks for sure... for weeks of promotion and sitting almost together... for sure there were things being talked about...they r trully physically attracted w each other. But yeah SHoppers could tell... right... winkwink. to think d movie w sjs was the real romance they r lovers... husband and wife to be exact but we see less content... and w HB lol they have 1% screentime and they acted like starcrossed lovers for a romcom. AND NOW... WHERE DID THOSE GO? HAHAHA SORRY JUST DESPERATE FOR CONTENT HERE! xoxo
  10. hahaha same same same! we will have a grand celebration with samgyupsal and wine cold cuts and cheese! lol
  11. @Moonstarmagick Let's trust what we have. Let's trust who we love. I am sure, they both love us all back and wants to share with us as much as they could as soon as they can. THIS! i bet they feel this right now. i misss them everything MUST be settled... in perfect timing... let's hope evrything negative esp in SK will die down IF YOU ARE STILL HERE READING ON TILL THE LAST THREAD PAGE ... now p.276 going 277... i started here w p 72... and by now i know... we all know HYUNBIN is very methodical... remember the letters not just korean and english people but he wrote them in 4 languages... he secretly donated for covid19... so for sure what is happening now has been well thought of not only him but HER as well. QUESTION IS... What will you do when they would tell the word they are together? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. awwww @Moonstarmagick that means a lot... i am just being rational despite ME being delulu as well... but really there r stuffs to talk about and at the same time need not mention... DM me so we can talk deeper about BINJIN. xoxo and for everyone... let us be optimistic w everything dont let a single article affect u and make ur mood down... we havent heard from Yejin and HyunBin personally... when that time comes that they themselves would say it... then... well we dont know lol my heart
  13. TBH D!zpa+ch must be going crazy looking for proofs w HB and YJ now...why arent they? In Hollywood tabloids like US, People, OK, and Hello get Exclusives everytime something big happen... so prolly somehow v4st may have gotten D!spa+ch to Exclusively report about their engagement or marriage news... ceo binnienim might have given some envelopes lol (kidding w d envelope part) or like many speculated it is already an open secret in the entertainment world and knowing they r A. listers... people just turn a blind eye... look at what happened in the after party... we get ZERO fotos of them 2gether. *uhmmm...u might have seen pix of seris father w d twins and them playing at seris house... and them wearing tomato costumes right?* so yeah... just read between the lines...
  14. Y'all reading your comments about KJH makes me sad... the guy deserves his spotlight and to be honest he shouldve not been asked questions about BINJIN but then againthe focus of everyone's attention is with our BINJIN. it is just appropriate that he stated that to protect his seniors. remember that BINJIN is under the microscope now a simple word slip will be taken out of context, a single photo will be zoomed and be given irrelavant comments and meanings.
  15. most of us must have heard about the sudden increase rate of NCOV19 in korea... i hope everything will be alright. if im not mistaken a lot of countries in the middle east have banned people from SK to go to theor country... i hope this would not affect HB's movie filming in Jordan. Hope everything will be alright.
  16. Koreans are known to be blunt... they are mostly realist... I have a bunch of Korean friends and not all of them watch CLOY. Not all of them are into kdramas nor kpop. Some of my friends prefer watching Saturday or Sunday Varieties like those trot music something or Radio star or Knowing bros. Anyway i mentioned about BINJIn to my friend asked if u think they were dating... friend answered... no doubt... BUT added something i dont wanna mention here coz some might be sensitive kkk and the next thing i know people would give negatron vibes . let's just say korean friend doesnt like HB. but it did not affect me... Kfriend has an opinion. I have mine.
  17. Im keeping tabs... is it okay if im doing this... its a lil boring since there is no episode today... im keeping tabs whether we like bennienim ( by the wat this is how the vast video today calls him on the caption) : buffed beefy daddy or slim trimmed and toned? its a safe survey right?
  18. SURVEY... Do you prefer SLIM and TONED HyunBin OR BUFFED DADDY Binnie? i like him buffed daddy!
  19. i bet they did... ang if im not mistaken YJ worked w Jung Min b4... and one of her bff's hubby happends to date someone as well u know who i mean...so practically most of them are really close... who knows on that date of the play Yj was there since Yoona also was there she just opted not to b n d foto... junghyun before stated that she and her friends went on a trip w her bf and everybody said just marry him... so how much more w SJ and HB i asked my korean friend and she said in SK people think that they r really dating...
  20. it is really annoying that some people just think they are way better... like they can just chill for a while. this is nit cnn and bbc to begin with the world is full of negativities already a lil notch to make it better wont hurt besides everybody knows that NCOV19 is not a thing to laught at dont worry... i am here for you... i understand u.
  21. some shippers are really downers! TBH we are here to create a happy atmosphere!!!!
  22. ARe you all familiar with MBTI? ENFP and INTJ are the best personaly match if you are Familiar with this... then you definitely get what i mean Can someone pmease tell me what SYJ and HB MBTI. CoZ I feel like they are the very definition of an ENFP and an INTJ perfect match. and this is based on science... not just some astrology shizzz. If ever they are not ENFP or INTJ then they are jyst perfect for each other ENFPS_ are known to be intoverted EXTROVERTS. They are bubbly, weird, and fun to be with. They are deep They are hard to read when they treat people the same way so it is hard for people to distinguish their real mind. They love jokes and games They are very touchy They love to tease and annoy people especially teasing the people they like They are highly intelligent but they dont want people to know coz they just want them to know they are fun and easy going Like deep conversation There are many other attributes that leads this MBTI to YJ can can give proofs to these. INTJs They are intoverts they like to have their personal space They dont wanna be touched They only like to be touched by people they like or interested with They are touchy with people they like They are very concerned but they do not show it They are consistent with their action but change if something interest them. They are highly intelligent and they want people to know they are very serious... laughs hardly ever but when something is funny and likeable they laugh a lot they love deep conversation these atteibutes are the same w HB as well and can give definite proofs. in psychology ENFPs and INTJs are soulmate. like yin and yang. they bring out the best with each otherm can someone please tell me their MBTI if ever hardcore shippers know. this is really interesting insight if ever they share this MBTI analysis. Oh in ep 1 bts u can see YJ their teasing HB and HB just said stop annoying me... this is just perfect. remember HB doesnt like to be touched but w YJ he is ok w HB's friends said he's intelligent. Yj likes deep conversations and sincerity DISCLAIMER... im not saying that they are really ENFP and INTJ since there are no evidences of their MBTI tests. Im just pointing out my instinct... on how i see through things. if you wanna know yours... you can check it just google MBTI test... and ull be freaked out that it is really on point!
  23. the Ncov love letter tho! it feels warm... WHILE READING IT... I CAN HEAR RI JEONG HYUK'S VOICE kkkk He is concerned w the citizen... esp( his future in laws) kkk [[ but he is not concerned with the grocery shoppers... he'd rather see us suffer ]] KIDDING! so far those are the things that happened and KJH interview... which had as shoppers in a 50_50 opinion
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