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  1. Thank you for creating the page!! PBY with PSJ...yasssssss i never knew i need them together! Too bad it's not full romance, but can't wait to see them together!!! Esp the height difference btwn them ...going to be so cute....hopefully there are some romance at least !! I already need them to have another project already!!!!!!!
  2. Guys ... I just started watching the King and I am in looooooove. Naturally, I am becoming a shipper and I didn't think this was going to happen lol So I wanted to know how does KGE address LMH later in the drama? Does she still call him Sunbae or now call him Oppa? Also how does WDH address KGE? I just wanna see the clips if there is any. If you can share me that would be absolutely wonderful.
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