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  1. I want to stay hopeful binjin grabs the top honors this year but I was very disappointed that HB didn't win last year for MOTA..it was one of his career best performances and his acting was top notch and at par with CLOY, if not slightly better. Fingers crossed either way!
  2. OMG! Completely off topic but this resonates far too deeply with me for personal reasons. A friend worked out the dates for me and my SO..we have the same thing, I was conceived the day my partner was born! I do believe in destiny for things like that, these connections are real you guys!
  3. He has always been attentive to his female costars but never to this extent. If I were the girl at the receiving end of all this I'd be floored, nothing shows love more than these small touches
  4. And New York Times! https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/02/21/world/asia/ap-as-skorea-cross-border-drama-1st-ld-writethru.html
  5. CLOY is getting BBC & New York Times coverage! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-51526625 https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/02/21/world/asia/ap-as-skorea-cross-border-drama-1st-ld-writethru.html
  6. Rewatched cloy press conference and interviews of binjin and realized SYJ thinks HB & RJH characters are a perfect match. Now we all know that RJH is the best wholesome kdrama male lead so far, he is perfection really. Is this how HB seems from the eyes of SYJ? I don't care that she doesn't compliment him directly or jokes in other places, this is the highest praise HB can get!
  7. I think this is the exact type of fan digging that lead to news channels picking up and their third denial. This again falls under the question of their professionalism. I understand your sentiment as a shipper but it might be better not to theorize in public forums like this. We don't want another shipper theory going viral, people will take it out of context, you can't control the narrative once something is out on the internet...maybe remove the post? I don't know but excercise caution pls, we don't want to hurt them.
  8. Who is this couple? I was wondering if it's a fanfic about how binjin couple met..too many similarities. Is it? I'm confused
  9. Why do I feel like the first lady is a fan of riri couple too! I mean, she likes HB & CLOY enough to talk about it with the President. These things don't happen to all actors and dramas, does it?
  10. Off-topic but is there a bts with eng sub for ep 15-16? I can't find it anywhere and I'm really curious about what they are saying around the parachute-koala-hugs-spinning scenes.
  11. I know what we all need to cheer up, another Swoon video of HBxSYJ!!
  12. I did not expect a third denial, that seems too strong. This is hard to take, maybe they really aren't dating? I would have been okay with a no comment but this makes it too definitive.
  13. Did anyone else connect strongly with Sigriswil song at the end? I can't stop listening to it, the moment the beats hit after the english portion, my heart skips a beat and the zooming out visuals come to my mind and I break out into a huge smile. The cinematography, concept, actors..everything is perfect right that moment!
  14. I have a question for long time kdrama watchers, the kind of positive response binjin is receiving, has that happened to any other couple before? I'm seeing almost unanimous shipping between forums, twitter & IG. I saw a fair bit of this with SSC but there were some who didn't want it too. I haven't seen one comment so far saying they are a mismatch or what not.
  15. And this is the scene she fell a bit out of character and cried when it was not needed. Impossible to not read between the lines!
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