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  1. Look at the first picture in the tweet, with Binnie on it. See on top left, it says May 19. Aah sorry you mean for Jinnie one, yes sorry, no spesific date. So the same day is only assumption.
  2. I'll take whatever receipts and candies available chingu , then I'll decide what to believe, because yes it's only for those who enjoy and believe
  3. She kept her hand resting on HB's back even when not taking pictures, see 0:21. Like it's so normal for them to touch each other casually.....
  4. Got this from Facebook. Kindly let me know if I should delete this tho.
  5. Hahhaha yes, the moment I saw that scene, with YSR took off her coat and asking whether he'd like to have a shower first, my initial reaction was uh oh somebody is getting hot. It was none other than sex of course, no wonder RJH was flustered, he was an adult man after all. To my world, you don't ask any man whether they want to have shower, ever, unless you want to have sex or anything alluding around that . That scene was very funny in a subtle way, oh well yeah thanks to the PG +13
  6. It was also on Facebook, now it's gone. Thank God I did not lose the candy this time
  7. he was with HJM in the Fatal Encounter and then after that together again in Hyde Jekyll Me. So it's not his first time to do film and then drama with the same female lead. I wonder, was there every any news why were they casted together again? I mean with SYJ it was clear as day that they want to act together again. I probably should look for this info on HB thread. Kindly let me know if I need to delete this. Thank you.
  8. I lost count on how many times I have watched TN, there's even raunchy fanfic of it where Tae Gu is alive and I love it so much. I would say personally my favorite so far is still MoTA as that was my first knowledge of him, and gotta say that it was his best look so far. I love CLoY for sure, but there is overflowing sexiness radiates with the way he portrayed Yoo Jin Woo, and he solely bears the weight of the show himself. Ok ok enough of it, looking forward to read for more 'coincidence candies' from TN month as you elaborated.
  9. Yes, the third picture it is @ElectricHearts, thank you so much. After the first two pics released, I have seen so many fanfic with Bin drunk scenes hahahah. I am personally actually okay with a bit drunken Binnie as he also mentioned in one of oldies interview on his drunk days at school/college. Well, but maybe The Lady of the house wouldn't like it so much hahaha. Btw I have just finished Snow Queen last night, and I couldn't help to see that HB had the thumb movement there as well even tho it was not too apparent like in cloy. I felt a bit pang in my heart . Also I noticed the backhug, it's the same with SeGa, so I was very relieved hahahaah. Will do Come Rain Come Shine and Friend Our Legend today.
  10. Thank youuuu @ncly yes I meant this one, he's so fresh and light here. I first thought hmmm was he drunk because he looked a bit beet red all over, but the eyes were so fresh, so I think not. The hair looks like Bargaining, but I think the facial hair that we saw was artificial, as it comes and goes very quickly. But anyway, thank you so much for posting this photo. I must say I like how he looks in this one. Kamsahamnidaaa.
  11. I just saw HB picture in Facebook with what I think is Bargaining hair. It looks like he was with fans, but not sure. It says it's recent, but the poster did not disclose where and when the photo was taken. I cannot insert picture here somehow. His hair is light brown, has anyone seen it? Just wonder.....
  12. This is cloy bts, it is for the opening scene based on their clothing. Oh I love this view
  13. She's like the body goal! I should be like her at that age! oh wait, I am already at her age, it's too late now
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