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  1. I think it was cleared why SY was behaving badly. To dethroned her.To find her unsuitable to be queen It was not uncomon for queens to behave badly. He could not leave by her own, her own clan put her in that position the clan that the grandmother queen belonged to as well. Nor she could ask her dad to take her. She was chosen for a reason, for her clan to become more powerfull, if we remember not even the king could opposed to them. So the only way was either to be dethtroned or die. (The girl was not a woman to plot a love afair, that would have ash
  2. Someone liked my post from last March and i am posting it again after i have read what i wrote.
  3. I liked the ending. I watched the whole show from the perpective of both souls in one body. SB was supposed to go back and SY gain her body back. I dont think it was fair for SY not to be fully present. Also i dont believe that SY is the same as HJ. HJ purposely acted as she was SY whereas SY was inhabited by SB without her consent and also SY was there all along.. And by how SY was going to explain this? Hmm CJ a man from the future was living inside me? -SB was the link for SY and the King to come close. Even though SB was controling her body SY was always
  4. I am guessing they will fake their death. Queen and king. And mayne out a fake King to be a puppet. To match somehow the history.
  5. According to these korean girls, regarding the post of SYJ, The wording used by SYJ about the relationship is to describe something that leads to a wedding, a more serious relationship and not something light. They explain that part at minute 4:00
  6. Perhaps the queen is also in a vegetative stage? When the chef swapped back to his own boddy the Joseon doctor said that the queen is in vegetative stage. Maybe that's why we dont "see" the queen. Her blood circulation and qi energy had gathered to the top of her body so her spirit has left the body. In order for her to start breathing again is for the qi energy to return. And they did that by giving her medical herbs and doing acupuncure. So maybe her energy is gratually returning.... Anw i am enjoying trying to understand when and how!!!
  7. I think Bong Hwan is slowlly leaving from So Yong, or So Yong is finally overtaking her body. The times where her expression changed when watching "her"King or at the last scene when tried to save him. That is why i think that the queen is returning. Her spirit is becoming stronger with the help of Bong Hwan. He is making her stronger. Either this or the reincarnation theory. I know everyone is talking about the kiss, but for me something else made my heart flatter. -When the king said to the queen "dont be my enemy, i dont ask you to be my ally, but please dont b
  8. That kiss seemed a little too awkward to me, with the queen standing there all stiff. Probably because there is a man inside the queen's body. The same when the cousin kissed her, she was standing still. Hopefully the next one will be with the two of them participating. (King and queen)
  9. And many many more! Based on things that our eyes watched and our ears heard. My all time favourite is that instagram post of SYJ on Christmas 2019.
  10. Fellow shippers Who else thinks that the dispach article was scheduled for a long time! They indeed had power over the media about their relationship. It is in the midle of winter n korea and their clothes do not seem very wintery. I wοnder how many paparazzi photos they have! #So happy right now#
  11. YEAH!!!! After the official statements from their company this what i can say! WOW!!! i really happy for them.
  12. Yess! That! I thought about the same when she said the you "should love me". The king interpreted that wrong! Maybe they go way back and he likes/love his concubine becouse he thinks he saved him back then.
  13. Ok the shamnan said that the queen is possesed by someone else. And the preview of ep 7 is showing the chef to wake up at least temporarily. (If this is not a daydream again) So while the chef is in the hospital, his soul/spirit is inside the queen. But what about the queen's spirit? Considering is not a dream The moment the chef woke up the queen's spirit returned to her? For just a split of time? Or what if the chef's spirit/soul was so strong that needed somewhere to go when he was in the hospital and the queen's spirit so weak that s
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