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  1. Actually i did watch this after you posted it and my interpretation is this. She said that there will be more luck in his life in 2021. Luck to meet a woman (i am guessing if he does not have a woman now) Also / OR (one of the two) Luck to get married ( to get married in 2021 he must have already met that woman) Where did she say in 2 years time? In korean age he will be 40 in 2021(not in 2022 like international age) She did not specifically say that he will meet a woman in 2021 and will marry that woman! I think it is either one of the two ( either meet or either get married). my interpretation is this. Does anyone thinks differently ?
  2. If i give a rating for IC i would give it 6.5/10 I really like the episodes up to a certain point. After that it focused way too much on the revenge plot. So much that left the characters lifeless. I could not connect with anyone of them. Too bad because i beleive they had potentials. I would love to watch some aspects of their everyday life, their homes, their free time, how they ended up liking each other. PSJ really carried this whole show in his back and the same goes for KDM. I loved the realationship of SRY and his dad. It seemed both actors had good chemistry. I could not really hate (i just disliked) the CEO of Jangga. Every interaction with him and SRY seemed boring. As i have seen from the press conference, that actor mentioned that the scene could be made from the first try (if i understood correct). I think they didnt have chemistry at all and this was shown. I wish they would give us more romantic scenes between YS and SRY before she was upducted. It would be nice to see their relationship evolving. Maybe i could feel SRY fear and desperation for her. My favourite scene was when SY confessed to SRY and her eyes was full of tears. (My fingers felt numed by her confession) Overall it felt too rushed on certain things and with way too much focus on other.
  3. Sooo HB wanted to do a romcom with YSJ because it would make her look more charming? (More charming??? Is that even possible?)Ohhh too much concern for his best friend!!
  4. She seems really comfortable with HB's partner. Could this mean that she knows him for quite some time? Details like that make me believe that they were together before TN promo.
  5. What if the orange lemon plant was not a white day present BUT an aniversary present (assuming is from HB) i beleive that they were together before TN promo (maybe from the reshoot of TN-) also how long on average couples are together before the go grocery shopping? No dvd blu ray??hmmm i really dont want to say fishy.
  6. GS is really still inlove with YS? Or he just like her as a friend and confused his feelings? Because when SRY was confessing his feelings for YS to GS, SRY said mentioned that YS "is the Woman....." And GS was really suprised that SRY used the woman word..it was like he never thought of her that way!
  7. I too really loved this scene!! I really liked this episode and mostly i watch it for these two. I was waiting for this since the begining.
  8. Ok So after all these years, their careers move forward but their personal life/dating life remains the same? Were they dating other people or just waiting? SA and SRY said they havent seen each other for a long time but in the next episode preview she asks SRY if he still like her. I mean What? I understand thought that is not a romantic comedy but more of a revenge drama so they don't focus on the romance.
  9. About not having on screen chemistry and without passionate kisses.
  10. Hello I just started watching IC, i am now at ep. 5. It is surprising good. I find it a lot better than WWWSK. Although i am more interested in the scenes with PSJ and KDM i want to see how their story will evolved.
  11. I can understant how you feel. Ithink thete were times that some us here had felt the same way. Overly worried. We all had our ups and downs. One of the reasons is that we have no news of them and so we analyse every single thing. -About Dan in switzerland i think of it an awkward look and also HB only gave her a highfive in the last filming. Not even a handshake. -about the bts with YJ in hospital i dont see anything wrong with that. He is a perfectionist as an a actor and wanted the scene to be done. Also they were at the last filmings and all of them were very tired. Apart from being a couple(assuming that they are) they are also proffesionals who want the work to be done. -about the hug in the reunion scene, YSJ is known for her adlibs whereas HB goes by the script. (In Switzerland YSJ was the one who proposed the final drone kiss and HB wss more than happy to do that) -one week before the end of the filming they went out for lunch together with their managers, if they had broken up why go for lunch together. There are many other small scenes that show things were good with them, and other scenes that they are really serious when acting. In this thread we beleive they are together, that is why we are going delulu over things. But if they are not, life goes on, and for them and for us as well. I too want them.to be together, stay together and be happy.
  12. I didnt really understand the translation from google so if anyone here can translate it it would be really apreciated. Didn't The reporter talked about two costars? That is why i posted the link. The "be with you"actor is now with that announcer girl. So they were not costars.
  13. Imagine them already being in a relationship back then and at the same time the audience try to fix them up with their costars.. I really hope the article was about them!
  14. Check this from April 2018 (Maybe they were together from then?) http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/04/celebrity-scoop-journalist-baek-hyun.html?m=1 Could it be?? Or not? #grocerycouple#
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