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  1. Eda Yildiz (Hande Erçel), who connects all her hopes to her education in the romantic comedy, which is scheduled to begin filming in Istanbul in June, faces Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin), who has cut his scholarship abroad and has a high school degree. If Serkan Bolat pretends to be engaged to Eda for two months, he offers to return his scholarship. Image Via www.fox.com.tr Eda rejects this man's offer, but when circumstances change, she'll have to accept it. While pretending to be engaged, Serkan and Eda begin a passionate, difficult relationship that will make yo
  2. Finished... I have to say that i expected something more for the final episode. A real reunion of ODO and AJ maybe, starting to live together, HN finally calling him dad. And definitely not the two years gap. One year would be enough. Also KPD starting to go on dates with Sook Kee. Overall it started really promising but in the process i think they did not exactly figured it out.
  3. Yeah! I had that in mind when i made the post (her Swiss trip). Anyway it was just a humorous post.
  4. There were some posts here and there around January-February no names were mentioned.
  5. The awkward feeling when some of us here suspected kang Sora for trying to get back with HB when the girl was dating someone else! Congrats on her wedding.!!
  6. Ohhh! What a mess... Of course ODO is the father.. i suspected it from the begining. First ODO did not receive the message AJ had sent. Second: apparently there was no real trust between the couple. It seems now there was a reason why ODO was being distant. He had family issues to deal with. He should have mentioned this to AJ so she would not feel ingored. I am so mad with RJ not only for deleting the message but also how dare he to accuse AJ to ODO about not being the only man AJ had slept with. He was discusting.. But i felt content when
  7. Finished it today! My first thought on the episode was " finally a k drama that the lead couple dared to do things other than just kissing".... BOLD ... Excellent kiss scenes..actual kisses not just pecks.. Overall i enjoyed it. Althought i wanted some questions to be answered as well. In addition to the previous questions -was the book MY a big hit like the previous??
  8. hi!!! do you also understand korean? so two different opinions... i wish i could understand also, to give my insight. but i think she wanted to get into fashion design!! according to a flashback in episode 8 ohhh ODO why? why would you gift a film studies book to her? do you think that's why AR became an actress? i really don't want a plot twist with ODO ending up with AR.
  9. Thanks!!! So it was for RJ.. because in sone other discussion it was said that it was for AR... So you are positive it was for his male friend. Hmm.. why with a wrap though?? It was an important day for RJ and forgot another important date?? Ahhh!! What a mess!!
  10. @Nodame this is it, i hope i did it right and you can see it.. also what is written on the brown wrap? https://postimg.cc/K18yx8PW
  11. @Nodame If i understood correctly you know some korean? If yes can you please add some light to what was the title of the book in AJ flashback from ep. 10? The one she found in ODO's backback on their aniversary day. Many thanks
  12. Agree! Im trying really hard to sympathise with AJ but her behaviour makes it difficult. Again she blames ODO but she does not give any explanations or gives half explanations like in ep. 10 in his house when trying to explain to ODO what happened in the past. As a viewer i hardly understand, and i am seeing the flashback. Imagine him, he struggles to understand what she is trying to tell him. Uggg!!! That made me so mad. And also in the last scene with RJ. "No it was not you" just like that? What about nothing ever happened between us, so dont assume that.
  13. Ok we saw a flashback of AJ being ignored by ODO, but this is her flashback, her side of the story. Maybe there is something more to his behaviour. After all after AJ dissapeared ODO was devastated. He said that this almost killed him. He liked her so hard, why did he have to act like that then. Perhaps someone told him that if he acts cool/cold around her she would like it? I refuse to accept that he was ignoring her just like that.
  14. Finally some plot development. I knew RJ was not HN's dad. Finally she said it to him. Thanks to her mom, it was about time, i was getting really annoyed. (.with him) But what miss Song was going to tell the reporters? Was she bluffing? HN was eating icecubes just like ODO. Now i hope ODO is really the father. He is finally connecting the pieces. Hopefully the last 6 episodes will be worth watching like today. Damn RJ for his part in splitting the couple. YW is out of the picture, i dont know why mentioning to his mom th
  15. Yeah!! It was a filler episode. But then again i feel that the last 3-4 episodes are like that. And all have the same question by ODO to AJ, "why did you leave me"? agai with no answer. WHY did you leave him AJ.? As viewers we demand to know. Honestly i am tired but i need to know who the father is, if any. Also to see AJ to turn down each possible suitors. (Except ODO)
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