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  1. Knock knock hi dear @KimSooHanMoosis there's a new 3rd teaser just came out at tvnyoutubechannel. We are so so thankful to you again for ur kind translation.
  2. 2Ri for me coz its not common but sorry friends i don't fb acct. Thanks for this info sis. And whoever name will be selected its all for us fans.
  3. Once again thank you sis for the lovely translation. With a little glimpse of their infos above it give us an assurance that we wont regret loving them as 2Ri couple for the heart fluttering moments BUT at the same time we must also prepared ourselves for the heartbreaking moments... as unexpected romance coming in from seo dan & rijeonghyuk. Just my opinion. Take note: RJH said Stellar acting from the supporting cast. This drama CLoY is really worth waiting for...is a must watch drama to look forward...thrilled and suspense about their secret romance. MAY THE LORD BLESS THIS DRAMA a good result of ratings and a good revenue for advertisement. There success perhaps season 2 is in the making.
  4. Sister just a little infos. 1:Hyunbin is known that he has a good heart towards his leading lady, he cares, he smiles, talk and sometimes stares too as this is the way buiding up a good rapport when doing a drama or movie. I think its very common for every actors /actresses to quickly build a good relationship to their partner. You can't be a snubbish if you want to make well ur drama. 2: However, Hyunbin towards Sonyejin is more more than of the above why, its bcoz he and yejin are already close in real life plus with same age they can easily click even without talking much. Don't fret, don't think too much just be happy bcoz we are given this assurance that both of them are CLOSE in real life. 3: Therefore, if you want to see them in a Real relationship, keep on praying dont give up coz prayers can move God and God can make it happen if its His will. Amen
  5. @KimSooHanMoo i agree on this part on your post...We really have no idea what the real situation is. But that doesn’t change the fact that Hyun Bin has, through his agency clearly said they are close.] Yes this the only thing i am claiming with tru prayers that there CLOSENESS will bring them to the higher level if one of wont give up. Proof 1: hyunbin clearly said that, he and yejin are close in real life, during his movie promotion interview at kbs. 2: Vast agency, his agency also clearly said when asked about their relationship during the LA photos incident that, hyunbin and yejin are close in real life. So as a fans to both we just be happy, respect and continue our love to them as long as both give us that Real Closeness of friendship Moreover, they give us a drama CRASH LANDING ONYOU, its a blessing after one blessing. From movie negotiation 2018 to this year end drama of 2019. So, our main FOCUS is to enjoy and support them watching together this christmas gift to all of us.
  6. Watching many times esp to our couple part. Just my opinion, and i welcome too ur side guys that as i keep on and on with this video i did realise that seojehye's part is very competitive since she will speak i guess most of her dialogue in north korean accent. If her part doing a heavy drama fighting for her fiancee against sonyejin's role in a light romcom then guys nxt year for best drama awards would be intense coz i think these two are vying for best actress and popular awards. Hope the story bet this two is doing fairly.
  7. Its so sad really if this is happening. So lets support each other by continuing to uplift prayers for them who knows miracles happen and it would eventually turn into joy to become a real couple .
  8. Just a little thoughts, the supposed meet for a drama discussion should be done inside korea. However syj's schedule already set in US coz of her friends invitation. Whereas for hyunbin i guess his free at that time too since he and mota team just wrapped up the party in december so going over to US isn't a problem for him. In short they all go along in syj's schedule so US is their meeting up. And the rest after is their personal vacation; for example meeting up with negotation director as they became closer too during their movie promo and he knows more about them.
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