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  1. Hi lovely BinJin Nations can i request, if u all have an ample time...can we all help keep in viewing to this site for the love of our beautiful humble couple BinJin
  2. Time to celebrate BinJin nation Prayers answered. The best gift for all of us those who patiently wait for the couple to confirm and as Yejin said she will be the one to gift us instead....this is it BinJin nation. However, still we continuosly pray for their being One as husband n wife...heading nxt mth Btw, A WONDERFUL 2021 TO ALL OF US
  3. Just ignore if someone replied in a comment that it looks like want to be bossy of their own. Its her way and we cannot change that, only don't engage back. We join here freely as its given freely to those who wants to connect with the same Ship they want to sail on. We all be happy here coz in the coming couple of weeks, we will hear an awesome resounding cheers for our COUPLE. Fighting!!!
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