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[Drama 2018] The Beauty Inside Drama Remake, 뷰티 인사이드


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4 hours ago, SweetLullaby said:

Just finished watching the raw episode.the ending killed me :lol: now she'll push them more because she wants her to get married to DJ.

@shjfan23  Han Segye didn't tell her mom about her condition because her mom tends to blame herself when something bad happens to her. She feels like her child is getting punished because of her. Segye didn't want her mom to blame herself so she kept it a secret.

Thanks so much! Ahh, I see! Poor SG, but good she has her friends since day one supporting and keeping her secrets!

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Honestly I cried in episode 9. It made me miss my mom.


In the preview, it seems SG's mom's illness is not cured, and possibly dying.

When SG's mom wants SG and DJ to marry soon, i had a feeling that something's up.

I really hope it's not going to happen. 

If it does, I'm gonna cry some more in tonight's episode


P.S.The young actor Moon WooJin is really good portraying as young boy SeGye. Thumbs up for him. 






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Based on the subbed version of the preview that @Nanana85 shared to me, Ra Mi-ran transformation is not part of the flashback... I think Segye's mom has terminal illness and her life is not for much longer, so she left hospital temporarily to see her loved one, her daughter before she leave her for good. Meanwhile, Segye's transformation is getting more and more unstable, they will have to find a way to fix it, before it comes to the stage where Segye changes everyday like the male lead in the movie version. I know Dojae won't mind because he will always see her as Segye, but what if his prosopagnosia suddenly heals? Okay, it may be almost impossible to happen, but what about Segye? How can she do her daily routines like a normal human being if she doesn't know when she will change.



7 episodes left, gonna be sweet moments mixed with angst. I'm prepared to cry a good tear, that's the beauty of this drama. It makes us want to see everything, from the happy parts to the depressing ones. TBI deserve more recognition. The plot and casting is top-notch, not a single flaw. Every week of waiting is such a burden.


- M -

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I agree with you @velvetine. TBI gives us a lot of emotion, you’ll laugh, then suddenly you’ll feel sadness, fear and frustrations.  Rating for last night’s ep is 3.8%, lower than last week but still a good one. I expected this because of tvn’s drama ending which is very huge. The support of the people more reflects in social media, the hype and excitement are all there.


Saw the the preview with eng sub and it’s very emotional! Why do moms always do that? :tears:

SG’s problem is bigger now, and there’s still DJ’s history involving her that she didn’t know! I hope they will not break up and just hold on to each other!

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[Beauty Inside] Ep 9 spoilers, Lee Min Ki ♥ Seo Hyun Jin


Article: Naver 'Beauty Inside' Lee Min Ki  Seo Hyun Jin kiss, Kim Hee Jung sees that 
  • Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin) calls Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki) for help because her mother is trying to clean up her house [Se Gye doesn't want her mother to see her wardrobe with all different clothes sizes]. 
  • Han Se Gye sees the woman who has lost her child, she pretends to be the child who had received the heart from the woman's child and comforts her. 
  • Se Gye's mother comes into Se Gye's house and sees Se Gye sitting on Do Jae's lap [They were kissing before]. 

1. [+2052,-20]
Thank you for 1 kiss a day. I shall lie down here.. 

2. [+1300,-26]
Se Gye's mother... You should come in a little later...… The ending did everything, it was thrilling... Director, scriptwriter, receive my bow. ㅠㅜㅠ Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki is an insane combination. This is a revolution. ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜ

3. [+1025,-28]
I feel sad for Lee Da Hee... I hope she gets together with Ahn Jae Hyun. 

4. [+603,-12]
The kiss scene came out better than expected, I really like it. ♡♡

5. [+446,-13]
So cool. ㅠㅠ I hope everyone watches this. 

6. [+209,-2]
Anyway, Se Gye should stop changing already. If she changes again tomorrow, when do I see her again? 

7. [+183,-1]
Seo Hyun Jin should appear more. I'm tired of waiting. 

8. [+161,-2]
At the end, he pulled Seo Hyun Jin and lets her sit on his knees to kiss her.... Min Ki's drive is amazing. 

9. [+150,-2]
I cried so much during the part where the kid's mother came out. The plot seems like nothing is going on, but unexpectedly, there are a lot of parts that leaves you thinking and it touches you. ㅠㅠ It's funny too, it's a good drama in many ways. 




Article: Naver 'Beauty Inside' Lee Min Ki kneels down for Seo Hyun Jin's sake

1. [+450,-6]
Wow, it's insane. Why does my heart flutter so much when it's someone else kissing.. 

2. [+241,-2]
Where is the shaving scene? Where did it go?!!!!

3. [+191,-9]
The relationship between Kang Sa Ra and Ryu Eun Ho should progress quickly. ㅠㅠ

4. [+116,-3]
What's this? It's not even 11 yet, why did it end already? 

5. [+81,-1]
Omo, what's this? It's interesting. 

6. [+62,-0]
Is it because the mother is sick, that's why she wants her daughter to get married quickly? Because she's afraid she won't be able to see her daughter get married? ㅠㅠ

7. [+30,-0]
Why did it end so early today? The kiss scene was crazy, seriously.. Do Jae's jawline is amazing. Thank you for a kiss a day. 



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After watching today's episode, I thought about the opening where SG was desperately trying different things to try to cure herself and it made me wonder if EH is determined to become a priest in the hope that she will somehow become cured if he does--like giving up his life as a sacrifice for hers. 


EH is such a kind person who is interested in others.  It would make sense if he was willing to give his own future to help a friend.

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I was so into it. I was watching and marvelling what good kissers they both were. Then boggling that we actually had a real kissing scene. Subconsciously counting the seconds and astounded as they went on kissing some more.


And more. And my mind went " no way that this is happening? I am so happy for the OTP. "


Then it happened.


I laughed so loud. I laughed so much that I can't recall the last time I appreciated such an interruption.


My heart was still thumping in shock. And second hand embarrassment at being caught by her mother.


But mostly. I am mostly almost entirely dying from laughter at the scene.


That mean PD. Hahahaha. 

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3 hours ago, supergal99 said:

Poke @justright omo.. sound hungry ya ? Hahaaa.... erhm... ok if u r repeating it, u might want to spot the differences :grimace:

*flies off quickly*:glasses:


hahah I'm so eager to watch the bts of this! In the drama, their kiss took more than a minute how much more in the "behind-the-scene"?


By the way, that happened to shaving scene? Should we expect to see that in tonight's episode?

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45 minutes ago, seoleecouple1008 said:

By the way, that happened to shaving scene? Should we expect to see that in tonight's episode?


Should be tonite.:grimace:

42 minutes ago, seoleecouple1008 said:



Everything about this scene is beyond perfect! :bawling::love: 


how to delete a post? haha I'm just new here, I dont know to delete my post, I got to paste a wrong link. Sorry for that :)


U can request the moderator to delete it. Just sharing - u have to remove the images when quoting a post.:)


U can refer to the rules here:

Hope this helps

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Okay finished watching this episode with subs ... OMG This show just gives me all the feels! This is why I got addicted to Kdramas, can't think of an English speaking show that can make me cry one minute and then crack up the next.


@velvetine yes unfortunately HSG will transform again next episode. It is getting too constant for my liking but then perhaps her  transforming more frequently will be the catalyst to healing this phenomenon. I don't think I will like it if she transforms into a different person everyday like the movie. I haven't seen the movie but from what I understand the guy stays the same sex and age so would not make sense for HSG to change into all sorts of different people everyday.


Haha ... That spot the difference post from @seoleecouple1008 ... I wonder how many takes it took for that scene, how terrible

would it be to make NGs with LMK ... :joy:


50 minutes ago, seoleecouple1008 said:

By the way, that happened to shaving scene? Should we expect to see that in tonight's episode?


I think it will be tonight's episode, they will show us this lovely scene and then she will transform to end the episode.

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6 minutes ago, thistle said:


Nevermind spot the differences!  I was too busy watching more important stuff.  ;) :lol:


Hahaha.... oh this is recommended for my chingu @justright *whisper* she is at advanced stage of analysing kisseu scenes heee... 


(:P ok ok justright - juz teasing u ya.)

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hey!! i'm doing a short liveblog in this comment box just because i always think of so many things but then forget to write them down later. so spoilers ahead for those who have not watched the episode yet. anyways, here goes: 

  1. this very first opening scene is already so tragic—watching se gye kneel up and down and up and down, raising her hands as she prostrates in front of a golden buddha all 108 times, face so still yet so uncertain, omg . . . my heart already hurts. it's in the small montages of DJ/SG that really bring home the melancholy so central to their existences. while the drama as a whole is mostly light-hearted, it's these moments that remind me that it's essentially a very wretched existence. i do think i sometimes forget that. 
  2. oh no. mom scenes make me cry. what do i do 
  3. alright friends i am officially crying. how can i not? this scene is really showing how much mothers love their children, even if they rarely express it (as asian moms are wont to do). 
  4. "hehehe . . . my mom can be quite . . . aggressive." me at my mom omg. 
  5. i've just realized that loads of SG's dialogues are hyperboles / exaggerated and that makes me love her even more. so me. i talk so dramatically so that people will get exactly how much i feel something and the fact that SG does this too is supremely relatable. love her <3
  6. this little boy actor is absolutely adorable, the way he poked the veggie-meat cake so cutely. uff, i want to squish his cheeks together and give him a big hug. he reminds me of my baby cousin. 
  7. THE FACT THAT HE THINKS HE LITERALLY GOT DUMPED. oh man DJ, you really have not been in a lot of relationships. and then his snarky best friend-secretary. dying. he's literally like, "go check on the fish you loser." while literally playing a game on his computer. 
  8. aw, that guy's heart is fluttering. that's so sweet omg. only bc DJ noticed the piercings. (but also honestly me when i have a crush.) also i really love the song that plays here! that cha-cha-cha song. anyone know what it's called?
  9. the fact that SG's being babied, aww. her mom is so endearing, just cleaning or w/e and keeping an eye on the kid in her care. she's who i want to be when i become a mom. 
  10. sorry but how are they going to go to sleep when the lights are on? lol. 
  11. his sister cut her hair!! it looks stylish. and his mom forgave him so easily . . . wow. 
  12. the way he without even a hint of hesitation leaps into action when she calls, like running to grab his coat and making up some bs excuse. now that's romance. and right after he got insulted for being so yielding and clingy in his relationship!! 
  13. such a mom thing to sniff a blanket a kid (supposedly) just peed on. 
  14. the way he tried to hide his snicker at baby SG peeing in bed. LMK is so good-looking. omg the way he held his nose. i'm dying. poor SG. it backfired on her. 
  15. her mom is so aware of exactly what SG needs. it's rare that there's a k-drama mother so in-touch with her own emotions and empathetic to her child's. she's not just acting on some ill-considered notion of 'i-know-what's-best-and-SG-doesn't.' her fears and worries and requirements come from an achingly-good place. she knows SG like the back of her hand, and is able to divine what SG needs before even SG does. it's almost startling. "she needs someone she can always go back to, like her home." and that's what everyone needs, of course, but especially SG. the absence of her father must have had a profound effect on her childhood, and as a result her life and personality. she's most likely so in-your-face independent because she wants to be that way, she wants to be invulnerable, she doesn't want to need anyone. she is exactly like her mother in many, many ways. i hope DJ will be the man and life partner she needs. 
  16. what. oh my gosh. i can't even speak. "the deities are merciless." isn't this too tragic?
  17. i'm crying this isn't what i signed up for like i love it but oh my gosh 
  18. making this episode center around mothers was seriously such a good choice. everything feels like it ties together and has meaning, and everything makes us (the viewers) appreciate the sacrifices made and love given by our mothers. i'm going to have to go give my mom a hug after this episode. 
  19. SG's emotional intelligence is sky-high. love her. 
  20. the life has really come back to her eyes. 
  21. "why must you be so kind-hearted? it's tiring being your boyfriend." i've been found unconscious in my bed with this drama open in front of me it was an overdose on the beautiful romance please give me some strawberry pills to recover thanks
  22. SARA MY LOVE in knock-out cherry red <3
  23. her and her dad too oh my god . . . okay so today was make-anah-cry-day huh . . . this drama really played me. i just wanted a cutesy romance, not parental relationships portrayed so sweetly and truthfully it made me cry . . . i love it though . . . i do. thank you, 'the beauty inside.' thank you for remembering that our lives are made up of red strings that connect us all to one another, lover, friend, family, alike. each is cherished in their own way and each has their own important part to play in our lives. thank you, thank you, thank you. 
  24. he's praying for everyone he loves, i'm crying. praying for someone else is the highest form of affection, and i cannot believe . . . i'm so emotional. ameen. i can only hope his heart softens too, and he realizes that those around him who love him need him as well, more than anybody else. it can be seen in his prayer itself.
  25. SG's pajama outfit is the cutest. ivory robe with burgundy, persian pink, and dark purple flowers, and then the actual set in black with white trim. such outfit goals. i want, i need. 
  26. "i'm scared i'll [pyung] vanish one day." frightening how i too have this thought a lot. 
  27. people say such nonsense as SG does in real life, and just like in the drama, it sounds so beautiful in the moment. i love that a lot. i love how the people within this show seem real, and reflect the struggles of everyone, even though they aren't actresses or chaebols or shift forms or can't tell the differences in faces. even despite all that, still, we can see ourselves in them. that's good writing. that's what shows that make an ever-lasting impression do. it's lovely. exactly why shows marketed as light-hearted or romantic shouldn't be immediately written off--they too are expressive and gentle and good for the soul. 
  28. how is her mom literally exactly my mom? "i am worried about the plaNTS!" okay ma. we get it, you love the plants more than me. lololol. 
  29. ugh. why must sara and SG be at odds. like i get it . . . but why . . . it's so hard to watch . . . i love them both so much . . . and poor DJ in all this. his dejected little sigh at the end of their verbal spar. he's me. 
  30. the sad music as she calls him is making me . . . sad . . . why are they doing this to me . . . what even 
  31. sara is so extra lololol. rich person antics to the max 
  32. sara is falling so hard, omg . . . "why shouldn't i play around with him?" bc he's playing around with you sara!!! dumb.
  33. and marigold symbolism . . . uff. uff. uffffffffff. there's literal church bells chiming i'm . . . goodbye.
  34.  so smooth. so smooth. 
  35. such a great episode!!! stronger and stronger every week. 

tomorrow is going to be the best. 


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1 hour ago, supergal99 said:


Should be tonite.:grimace:


U can request the moderator to delete it. Just sharing - u have to remove the images when quoting a post.:)



Hope this helps

Thank you so much, just a newbie here and don't know yet how to post properly here :)


Thank you for the help :)


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