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  1. This!! the chemistry is not flowing well and imo their lovey dovey behaviour is cringe and childish really annoying to watch. this is total dissapoinment in LMK's drama choice since he was successful in portraying mature and realistic character since BTIMFL. and also remembering when we were crazy with his dazzling and dynamic chemistry on off camera with seo hyun jin in The Beauty Inside drama. idk how we can complain again. maybe it's because bad script and bad directing. the rating is so low, this is so sad. next eps maybe i will still watching with 2x speed
  2. Preview eps 10 I hope they will get better kisses the first kiss was meh, imo ahaha.. maybe because of the angle, idk kinda weird. Such a waste of lmk's kissing talent. New still
  3. Hi everyone, i am here to support Undercover Drama. I really love Ji Jinhee since Dae Jang Geum era, he was to be likes my first korean actor crush really appreciate his steadily hard work. Misty, Designated Survivor, and now Undercover. so excited for today's pilot episode. this is will be my first time watching his pairing with Kim Hyun joo. Where i can watch I Have A Lover? Is is available on legal stream site?
  4. K.will is singing remake song My Love Beside Me from Kim Hyun sik for Oh My Ladylord OST. Hmm.. at least, this drama have beautiful ost.
  5. Eps 8 preview The plot seems draggy to me, eps 7 was bland, idk maybe i will continue watching to support the actor. And the rating is so low.. huhh.. Hope the story development will get better. Anyway i also watching fated to love you which is has same writer. Somehow i found the story was too cringe i cant stand in some scenes hahahaaa..
  6. Update from Nana's agency. Some of BTS clip Press conference's clip
  7. Things got escalated quickly. Love confession and mother illness reveal on eps 5. I agree i think this is very fast development. Never saw this coming on this early episodes, when i thought we still need some cute and fun bickering between two leads. But how come a man doesn't fall in love in quick and easily way with this beautiful, bubbly, loving daughter, and down to earth actress with kind personalities like Oh Jooin?? Fallin in love with someone can be in a quick, short time, indeed. Yes. Even with antics and difficult person like Han Bisoo. I still found this show enjoyable a
  8. Greetings from Master Couple, dont forget to watch Oh My Ladylord tonight for 2 hours in a row Still cut Han Bisoo
  9. There's no Oh My Ladylord tomorrow but we will get back to back episodes on Thursday. Eps 5 preview
  10. Fairy of Shampoo, Lee Minki version. Been so long that finally he's singing again in a drama. I think his last singing-playing guitar was on 2012's Shut Up Flower Boyband? Fairy of Shampoo, original version
  11. @Latte_Anyday but i don't think bisoo's mom death fiancee was bisoo's real father. Jooin's mom said that they were not seeing each other for 40 years. According to character's chart, Han Bisoo is 36 yo. Maybe after her loss, Bisoo's mom getting married with her doctor's husband through wedding arrangement or something. Love the stories development on eps 4. Never expected we got Lee Minki singing, playing guitar, and dancing!! Also taking another memorable selfie shot. Han Bisoo was so soft when it all about Mom. The dancing scene tone was so warm and beautiful i almost crying..
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