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  1. Behind the scenes video eps 3-4 Some bts pics of the actor Coffee truck support for On Juwan
  2. Still cut eps 4 YJS ig's update Out of the story but, I think the ost with edm music is not too ear catching and sound weird on me..
  3. [HanCinema's News] "The Lies Within" Gains Momentum in Rebroadcasts Save 2019/10/17 | 177 views | Permalink "The Lies Within" was largely an unknown quantity when it first aired. The OCN drama centers around a detective who can't leave any death unnoticed. Lee Min-ki was cast in the lead role, and though the actor is well-known, viewers weren't sure how to place him in the style of a hard-boiled OCN detective serial. Viewers have been surprised to find that Lee Min-ki's naturalistic acting style that has made him popular in romances translates quite well to the serial mystery format. His character's extremely sharp demeanor when it comes to seeing through lies is reminiscent of his often blunt outlook as a lead in romances. Lee Yoo-young has also found appreciative fans in her role as the apparently normal woman trying to cope with her father's death and her husband's disappearance while in the midst of politically motivated media appearances. Lee Yoo-young is best known for her subtle roles in minor films, and "The Lies Within" has been her first real mainstream exposure. The production company behind "The Lies Within" explained the apparently unusual casting of the drama by stating that the actors had perfect understanding and enthusiasm for their characters. As interest in the drama grows, it would seem that faith in their abilities was not misplaced. Written by William Schwartz
  4. i just can hold my tears watching this episode. When the Ahjummas gang gave Dong baek the boxes, their "i don't care but i care about you" expression really touching me. And when the flashback scene, when Dong baek gave the false testpack, and when she's thinking about how tiny the fetus while staring at the USG's print.. and when the blooming feeling is all around, suddenly they give us the goosebumps again because of the appeareance of the Joker. sigh.. Hyang mi is really annoying. she cannot stop blackmailing everyone -- she's definitely the current victim. Dong baek's mum is suspicious. Where she go? the cat food's bowl is everywhere.. The Joker is a guy and regular customer of Camellia. Can someone notice him from her sneakers? Management Soop Ig's update
  5. i wanna say thank you to @bedifferent @nrllee for great timeline and sharp analysis that helping me to understand the plot, and also for other expert soompiers for giving the conspiration theories which is increase intense and curiosity while watching the drama. I enjoy first 2 eps, but they're already giving us too much lies and mysteries.. it was confusing sometimes. at first I thought it was the same day when the JSH confront with KSC and the day car accident happens -- but I was wrong I think maybe, what if the scene when SH open her laptop, it just her continuing dream and she thinks it was real so she run into the party office in the morning to give her agreement to parcitipate in the election. somehow i think the editing is confusing. I never heard about KPY in eps 1 (maybe i was not pay attention), but suddenly his name appear as protester. I also realize that @bedifferent was pointing HG since the beginning .. he's quite mysterious and his transfer also had some coincidence with the case. But i found he's too cute hahaa.. the way he order blueberry yogurt in the tea house and his OCD, he even confused when Detective JTS ask him to open the dirty car's door. please not him, i like the building bromance between him and JTS. Yun Jong seok IG's update
  6. Seems like major cliffhanger at the end of eps 2. Who is the hanging body that Seo hee found in the container? Preview eps 3 Some blog review about eps 1 https://neoverden.wordpress.com/2019/10/13/the-lies-within-ep1-review/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Promo content for The Swoon/Netflix. All of them are adorable, and the guys seems love to tease Gong Hyojin.
  8. Greetings from the cast Done watching eps 1. I like the fast pace and cinematography. This drama have similar vibes with Strangers/Secret Forest. The way detective Jo imagine the accident scene and the investigation was in details. Poor Kim Seo hee, she must accepted what her mom and elderly party people ask to join the politics without having any power to reject it. Everyone is suspicious, even the father in law seems like didnt care enough about his dissapear son. The woman who committed suicide in the opening drama clearly related with Seohee's husband, it's all about time until the detective team will find out the fact. So far enjoy the pilot eps. I like thriller drama with politic conspiration.
  9. Preview eps 2 Rating eps 1 reaching only 1,4%. I hope it will increase in next eps. Will catch up the drama soon. Seems intense in just one eps. It was also trending on big 10 naver in real time.
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