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  1. Happy to see our couple radiant glimpse and to read their lovely and casual interview thank you for devoted fans who share and give the translation. Do we have a chance to see entire interview? Ugh, hopefully.. Must be fun!! Aah.. and happy belated birthday to Lee Minki on January 16th and Seo Hyunjin on February 27th, they both 35 yo this year (Korean age) hope they had blast and blessed birthday, All the best!! As they both said in interview, the same age pairing was effective and create such a great and overflowing chemistry between them. I hope the drama will be a hit in Japan too. This is the interview greetings teaser in HD
  2. The Beauty Inside now on Netflix too.. Lee Minki on Elle Korea February 2019 interview talking about his role as Seo Dojae in TBI drama
  3. Beauty Inside Promo content from KNTV twitter acc LMK is quite popular in Japan and he's done greetings video for his Japanese fans and to promote Beauty Inside broadcast. Hope to see the couple's video promo soon..
  4. wah, this is good news, if Beauty Inside available on Viki, more people can watch it legally and of course it will get more attention and recognition from global fans. Hi everyone, keep visiting this thread to read some updates from my fellows beauty Inside drama lovers. Whenever i miss Century Couple i will rerun random eps just to watch their lovey dovey scenes, I think DVD team still promoting for next batch of order, and I still waiting for their Japan broadcast promo footage. It will be broadcast on March 15th, so maybe Han Segye and Seo Dojae will be shooting together in anytime now. Another drama that airing in February are having their promo footage, I hope Beauty Inside will be popular in Japan also. LMK has done magazine photoshoot and interview, and i think he mention TBI and his recent role as Seo Dojae. but, still no fan acc done translating, will up to this thread if there are some content upload on IG. Have a great day Update: KNTV did some promotion banner for Beauty Inside broadcast.
  5. Still not catching up eps 15-16. Sky Castle's mom looks so happy with the highest rating achievement. Lee Taeran, Oh Nara, and Yoon Seah ig's update:
  6. SKY Castle really so hype in South Korea. Went to JTBC Drama youtube channel and the last spoiler clip of eps 16 hit 900+ comments and it rarely english comments, most of them are in hangul found this through twitter. So hilarious, she's channeling almost every characters. Great effort
  7. Let's celebrate the highest rating of all time!! Congrats SKY Castle, i am proud stan this drama from the beginning
  8. Eps 15 preview. So Hyena really dies... poor girl... why writer nim so cruel to her.. and now detectives come to SKY Castle for investigation. So, Yesuh, Seri, and Woojoo being murder suspects.. aah.. the story going darker.. i even still not catching up ep 13-14 because my heart is aching by read some spoilers and theories.. lol
  9. “SKY Castle” Surpasses Its Own Record For Highest Viewership Ratings In JTBC Drama History Jan 5, 2019 by K. Lew “SKY Castle” has made yet another impressive achievement! On January 5, according to Nielsen Korea, episode 13 of JTBC’s “SKY Castle” achieved 13.3 percent viewership ratings nationwide and 14.4 percent viewership ratings in metropolitan areas. This a personal best for the drama, as well as the highest viewership ratings for a drama in JTBC history. The viewership ratings for the previous episode, which was 12.3 percent, beat “Woman of Dignity” as the JTBC drama with the highest viewership ratings. “SKY Castle” stars Yum Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra, and Kim Seo Hyung. The drama follows the lives of ambitious mothers as they strive to send their children to elite universities through any means necessary. It has achieved popularity notably for its plot centered around the country’s competitive education system. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1288169wpp/sky-castle-surpasses-record-highest-viewership-ratings-jtbc-drama-history This is really true, I found myself in confusing judging the characters in sky castle. Cannot really choose which side I stan. Their up and down personality is so interesting. I keep changing my mind,, Nooo... even I dislike hyena bit, but she's so pitiful, oh writernim dont make her die please,, if it's true, her life is total tragedy, she could have a clear future with her intelligence.. she just need help and love. Why make a such an another tragedy. First suicide.. and now a murder?! Aahh.. we need some more icebreaker like a cute woo family scene.. but im so happy i am following this great drama from the beginning, and congrats for the highest rating so far again. 15,8% for eps 14. And i read that it reach peak at 20%. Wow... And also happy, this thread is moving fast!! Waw..
  10. Woww.. 13 for 13 from the spoiler still, i dont know why they make a teenage character so manipulative. Still, what is hyena motives for kang family, and why she's trying to make a mess on sky castle families. She's so strong and scary so we cant give our sympathy towards her. I slightly hope Han Suhjin can win over her
  11. Last week eps was Jinjin eps, her story and acting was so hilarious, and scene with soohan was so touching, i'm in tears. And I love facts that Hwang family, both wife and husband always being a kind and supportive, and being saviour for those sky castle kids. At least, that kind, normal family did exist in society/real life. And I was laughing out loud at hospital scenes. Always be my fave. That lobbying mess within dr CEO and dr Kang departement, intense walk between prof Kang and prof Hwang. Hahahaa.. poor those intern doctor always watching the amusing banter. JTBC drama ig update, stills eps 13 Maybe this week eps, stories will more center on cha seri and her crazy rebel action, and youngjae's reunion with his father.
  12. Not watching eps 12 yet, just wanna share some ig updates from SKY castle's moms love these ladies are so close and they often support and love each others sns post.
  13. Woow.. congrats SKY Castle for highest rating so far, 12,3% and it already topped JTBC drama rating all the time over Woman in Dignity. And keep rising.. Yes, so many secrets reveal, Kim Hyena, Cha Seri, and now Kim Jooyoung --- she's total psycho!! preview eps13.
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