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  1. I’m already used to her being so quiet after a drama. She’s just so different from other celebrities. Me too! I’m planning to watch OHY again since it’s available in netflix. Lol! Don’t worry, we will see her a bit for her cameo in Bo Gum’s drama.
  2. I haven’t watch any Kdrama after Black Dog. It’s like I got tired watching dramas. And for other shows, I’m just watching clips in YT. What are you guys up to right now? Would you recommend a new drama that will get me back to it?
  3. It was never confirmed. But I’m hopeful that it’s true. Let’s hope for the best!
  4. We don’t have any news yet about her leading an upcoming drama. All the news we heard or read are no yet confirmed. The only confirmed right now is her cameo in the upcoming drama that ToL’s writer also writes. The leads are PBG and PSD and will premiere on Sept. We hope to have good news for her upcoming drama or movie in the future.
  5. Me too! I hope the scene is between them! Lol!!! But we will have to wait for some time coz the drama is set to begin on Sept! Ugh!!
  6. Omg atlast! I’ve been waiting for this. But, YYS is a surprise. Lol!!! I also thought it would be JHB! So happy to see them together and keeping their friendship! And she still have the short hair! Lol!!!
  7. I’m supposed to be in Jeju starting Mar23. But due to this pandemic, my flight got cancelled. And it got me more sad seeing she’s there! It might be a chance to see her even if it’s too impossible.
  8. She’s always trying to exercise regularly! I can relate! Lol!!! And she wants to walk with Shideo constantly! Lol!!! So happy to see that she’s close with the Soop staff. They know that she’s really a homebody.
  9. The last thing I saw is it will be on Dec2020.. And they have been filming it already since last year. They also mentioned that KBS gave a big budget for this drama. But still, all these facts are not 100% sure coz knetz are not talking about it..