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  1. I thought it will be on March! Will it be a pre-production drama? I 100% agree. Just like what happen to JHB. I think, she got anxiety when Dispatch released her relationship with the other actor (forgot his name.lol) and she got a lot of negative comments on it. And I think based on HJ’s character, she surely prefer a non showbiz guy.
  2. Couldn’t agree more! She has this power and charisma that she’s able to fit so well with all the guys. I think that’s part of her preperation for each drama coz she knows that that’s vital.
  3. Oh really? Just like with Eric...which I think was the worst! A lot of shippers got broken hearted. Are we really excited with the drama? Or the couple? LOL!!!
  4. Just perfect!!! Should I start sailing the ship? LOL!!! Honestly, I only shipped her with YYS and LMK..but in silence.LOL! I think I need to check some of his videos in YT.
  5. Getting more exciting!!! LOL!!! Is he older than her? Oh wait, he’s available right? LOL!!! The murder thing kinda confused me, but excites me as well... That put some mystery on the plot
  6. Despite all that happen in 2020... we’re getting these great news!!! Now I’m looking forward for happier year
  7. I’m only waiting for dispatch to release HJ’s love life! LOL!!! It will be the happiest day of my HJ’s fan life! LOL!!!
  8. Omg I’ve seen him before.I feel like I’ve seen him in a drama with Kim Jaewook before and he was in Along with the Gods Oh yeah, according to his profile, he was part of Coffee Prince.
  9. I read that it was offer to Kim Dong Wook for the role offered to YKS before. I’m not familiar with him nor saw him in a kdrama before. So sad to hear that YKS declined the offer due to conflict in schedule. Based on the schedule, looks like it’s a lock in for SHJ. We will see her on two dramas but until 2022 which I think is great whoever her partners will be. Happy New Year to all who are still here. I hope that the new year will be good to all of us. Away from any sickness and more of HJ...And I hope we will still be here to make this thread still active an
  10. Our HJ was able to preserve her image for all these years. I haven’t heard any issues about her that will cost her good image. We know how KNets work with all the scandals. Lol!!! She remains the same girl so talented yet so down to earth and humble. She’s that kind of actress that even though she’s not always on screen, people still love her and always anticipate whenever she comes out. So proud of what she becomes and how much she grows. And I’m so proud with all her fans who always make sure HJ knows she’s loved! Cheers to more years to come!!!
  11. Han Jung Hwan described the drama, saying, “It’s a detailed melodrama that will portray the romance between a professor and a student in law school. It’s the next project of Seo Hyun Jin, the queen of romance, and she will play the female lead named Oh Soo Jae. The actor who will play the younger male lead is still a secret.” Hmmmm, another noona love story? Now I’m hyped!!! Atleast we know, we will see her next year!
  12. OMG!!!!! What a treat!!!! 2 dramas in a year!! Is this true??? Lol!!!
  13. Oh how I miss her voice! and I immediately check out her fave songs! Lol!!!
  14. Looks like the next voice content of Soop is SHJ. Let’s watch that out later @7pm on their youtube channel!!!
  15. Omg that will be awesome!!! But I doubt it, as you know how private HJ is. I just realized, she no longer participated in any reality shows. I love to see her again in RM.
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