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  1. Looks like that will be the story. Then I’m no longer hyped about it! Lol!! And seems like Soop is still not confirming her new drama ‘Black Dog’. I will patiently wait for it! Lol!! Yeah, she looks like LDH with the side view. I tried to look for it, but failed! Maybe it’s not true?
  2. Thanks for clarifying this. Ohh, there is? I’ll try to look for it. Soompi also gave an update about RDTK S2.. and the main leads already spoke up. They haven’t got any offer yet. And looks like the 3 main lead will not star on it. This is too sad! I don’t think it will be get that more attention if they will not have the original cast. Here’s the part of SHJ’s comment: Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP shared, “She has not received an offer for ‘Romantic Doctor Kim 2’. However, she is currently discussing her appearance in ‘Black Dog’ [working title] as her next production.” The two dramas may be airing at a similar time, making it difficult for the actress to star in the second season if offered. source: Soompi
  3. Yeah! I read that news article. I didn't know she's the one who requested to postponed that event last April. And saying that she's not able to attend at the last minute will really cause a lot of negative comments. I hope Soop will clear things up. As soon as I read the news, I can't help but think of different things. But mostly I'm also worried about her. Hope she's doing fine.
  4. Don’t worry, she’s still one of the ambassadors. They will not get her out just because she missed the ceremony. It’s just so sad seeing negative comments about her absence. Others are saying it’s because she got plastic surgery. Just so absurd! Others are really putting someone down! Can they just wish her well?! According to news outlets, yes she’s sick. But we don’t need to worry too much. We know Hyun Jin is very careful with her health. It might just be a simple sick.
  5. SHJ was unable to attend on today’s ceremony as an Ambassador for the National Tax Service because she is sick. I hope she gets well soon!!!!
  6. I totally agree. OHY and PDK were really special. Very natural and relatable. I came back to KDrama world because of them!
  7. If the production really want to have all the original casts, they will do their best to align all the stars! LOL!!! I think RDTK 2 will no longer revolve on HSK's character and he might just have a small role on it. I love to see HJ with RMR and have a different character. But I also want to see her on RDTK 2. I hope Soop will have the best decision for HJ.
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