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  1. This is kinda creepy.I stopped reading the info when I read about the cat..so harsh!
  2. OoooMmmmmGgggg!!! I thought it’s the father. Wow! Maybe that’s why they want it even with low budget. Yeah! I think she’s one of the directors or an assistant director of Dr Romantic and she’s very close to her. She was the one teasing her and YYS during takes.
  3. Our queen is on the roll!!! 2021 is indeed her year! I hope she will be able to do this because it looks good. And we haven’t seen her in a movie for a long time.
  4. Tvn is giving us a lot of teasers...hopefully they will now realease the script reading. You know how passionate HJ is even just on script reading.
  5. Seo Hyun Jin commented, “I’m having a great time filming the script that feels like my heart. I hope it reaches the hearts of viewers, and I will do my best until the end. Please wait!” The production team shared, “Seo Hyun Jin is an actress who gives faith with her name and meticulously prepares her acting after thoroughly analyzing her character’s eyes, atmosphere, and voice. Please watch Seo Hyun Jin’s deep emotional performance that will make ‘You Are My Spring’ a unique healing romance.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1473549wpp/seo-hyun-jin-transforms-into-a-passiona
  6. Yay! The 4 main leads!!! That’s why the IG post have 4 titles in one screen. Ok! I want morrreeeeee!!!!
  7. That should be real or else they will be fined for using the vide without consent. A new teaser will be available today! Looking forward to it!!!
  8. @hola2jin Thanks for the info! I can say that it’s an all around genre kind of drama!!! No doubt, chemistry will be great! The ship is now sailing!
  9. I’ll be behind you! LOL!!! Oh yeah, Sooji comes back to life!
  10. Is it a romcom? I thought it’s more of a serious drama! BTW, should we start shipping now?
  11. OMG!!!!! And it’s final, it will be on July 5! And the best thing is it will be available in Netflix!!! Can’t wait!!!!!
  12. It got postponed but said it will still be today..will just be delayed for a couple of hours. Hopefully, they will not let us down
  13. But the guy looks like Eric on those pics! Please release them already! LOL!!!
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