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[Drama 2018] The Beauty Inside Drama Remake, 뷰티 인사이드


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Hello guys.. I might have to say that Shaving kisses are so intimate, so much tenderness yet so hot... Are we expecting kisses every Ep?? Gosh these 2 would give me Diabetes :D. They show the reality of Dating even though we know its only acting to the point Ive watched the shaving scene countless times already..


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25 minutes ago, RobinM said:

At this rate they should just skip Subway and Product place Shaving cream :)    


Makes me think of an old shaving advert that is still so notorious (even 50 years later) that it is often mentioned in TV specials about advertising practices.





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2 minutes ago, jaspenorfan said:

For some reason i'm really behind on this drama. Only on episode 2 but i'm now really interested in seeing where everything goes and the two OTP are so sweet. :wub:

You still have time to keep up, and join us later for the live streaming! It’ll be fun! :D

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On 10/26/2018 at 10:49 AM, Nanana85 said:

this is maybe what are you waiting for @orangeprincess18 the ost with english lyrics from 2morro :D


Still waiting for female cover version of Vincent's ost. I still bet that was Seo Hyunjin's voice :)

omg probably!!!!!!! finger crossed! thankyou so much!! :)))



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