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  1. i wanna say thank you to @bedifferent @nrllee for great timeline and sharp analysis that helping me to understand the plot, and also for other expert soompiers for giving the conspiration theories which is increase intense and curiosity while watching the drama. I enjoy first 2 eps, but they're already giving us too much lies and mysteries.. it was confusing sometimes. at first I thought it was the same day when the JSH confront with KSC and the day car accident happens -- but I was wrong I think maybe, what if the scene when SH open her laptop, it just her continuing dream and she thinks it was real so she run into the party office in the morning to give her agreement to parcitipate in the election. somehow i think the editing is confusing. I never heard about KPY in eps 1 (maybe i was not pay attention), but suddenly his name appear as protester. I also realize that @bedifferent was pointing HG since the beginning .. he's quite mysterious and his transfer also had some coincidence with the case. But i found he's too cute hahaa.. the way he order blueberry yogurt in the tea house and his OCD, he even confused when Detective JTS ask him to open the dirty car's door. please not him, i like the building bromance between him and JTS. Yun Jong seok IG's update
  2. Seems like major cliffhanger at the end of eps 2. Who is the hanging body that Seo hee found in the container? Preview eps 3 Some blog review about eps 1 https://neoverden.wordpress.com/2019/10/13/the-lies-within-ep1-review/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Promo content for The Swoon/Netflix. All of them are adorable, and the guys seems love to tease Gong Hyojin.
  4. Greetings from the cast Done watching eps 1. I like the fast pace and cinematography. This drama have similar vibes with Strangers/Secret Forest. The way detective Jo imagine the accident scene and the investigation was in details. Poor Kim Seo hee, she must accepted what her mom and elderly party people ask to join the politics without having any power to reject it. Everyone is suspicious, even the father in law seems like didnt care enough about his dissapear son. The woman who committed suicide in the opening drama clearly related with Seohee's husband, it's all about time until the detective team will find out the fact. So far enjoy the pilot eps. I like thriller drama with politic conspiration.
  5. Preview eps 2 Rating eps 1 reaching only 1,4%. I hope it will increase in next eps. Will catch up the drama soon. Seems intense in just one eps. It was also trending on big 10 naver in real time.
  6. It's Day-1 Behind the scene and interview from Cosmopolitan Korea magazine photoshoot to promote The Lies Within drama. Lee Min ki and Lee Yoo young, there are some questions maybe related with the drama theme.
  7. Soompi's Article Lee Min Ki And Lee Yoo Young Meet For The 1st Time In “The Lies Within” Drama Preview Oct 11, 2019 by S. Park Stills of Lee Min Ki and Lee Yoo Young’s first encounter in “The Lies Within” have been revealed! This OCN thriller is about Kim Seo Hee (played by Lee Yoo Young) who becomes a National Assembly member in order to save her husband who disappeared after the mysterious death of her father, and detective Jo Tae Shik (played by Lee Min Ki) who refuses to leave a single murder unresolved. In the stills, the detective and the youngest daughter of a National Assembly member come face-to-face for the first time. What truth will be uncovered by a detective waiting to be transferred to a police station in the countryside and a woman living an ordinary life? The stills show Jo Tae Shik investigating the death of Kim Seung Chul (played by Kim Jong Soo) who died in a mysterious car accident and Kim Seo Hee who’s answering his questions. As shown in the previously released highlight video, Kim Seung Chul’s car was speeding at 122 kilometers per hour (approximately 75 miles per hour) at the time of the accident. On top of this, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and there was no trace of him pressing on the brakes. This was the reason why Kim Seo Hee repeatedly asked, “You’re saying that my dad committed suicide?” In contrast to Kim Seo Hee who is confused after hearing that her father may have committed suicide, Jo Tae Sik appears completely calm. He’s waiting to be transferred to a station in a town in the countryside, and only came here at the request of his team leader Dae Yong (played by Lee Joon Hyuk). When Jo Tae Shik says to himself, “But there’s supposed to be a black box,” she asks, “What do you mean there isn’t a black box?” A source from the drama said, “Tae Shik and Seo Hee, who look like they have no point of contact, will meet through the car accident of a National Assembly member in the first episode of ‘The Lies Within.’ Their individual stories and incidents that join everything together will develop quickly. The gripping story will make time fly by, so please look forward to it.” “The Lies Within” premieres on October 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Source (1)
  8. The Lies Within's trailer on Netflix with English subtitle. I hope there will be more promotion content.
  9. It's D-3 from The Lies Within premiere. And the show is picking up by Netflix as the eksklusif streaming site. Yay, i hope it will be hit and reaches more international viewers since the plot is promising, not only crime thriller but contain some political issue. There are some new stills of the drama.
  10. Soompi's article about the new character on new drama Lee Min Ki Is A Skillful Detective With A Keen Sense For Clues In “The Lies Within” Drama Preview Oct 7, 2019 by L. Kim New drama “The Lies Within” released stills of Lee Min Ki as sharp and bold detective Jo Tae Sik. “The Lies Within” is about a woman whose husband disappears after the sudden death of her father. She joins the National Assembly and teams up with a detective in her search for the truth. The two characters work together to break through the silence and lies that people say to protect their own interests. Lee Min Ki’s character Jo Tae Sik is a detective on an investigation team. He used to be burning with passion to capture all the bad guys, but now, he is just waiting for the day he can be transferred to a rural police station. However, his final case causes the look in his eyes to change by 180 degrees because he discovered something suspicious. The new stills released on October 7 show a sharp turn in Jo Tae Sik’s expression. His apparent indifference changes, and he become serious as he studies the clues at the scene. The final case he will be in charge of is the car accident of Kim Seung Chul (Kim Jong Soo) who is the father of Kim So Hee (Lee Yoo Young). The production crew commented, “Jo Tae Sik, who wants to leave the investigation team, is annoyed by this final case and wants to get it over with so he can leave. However, when he actually deals with the case, his eyes become sharp. That’s because he is a detective who can’t just carelessly ignore someone’s death. Please watch to see what case ignited his desire to investigate again and what he will do in order to find the truth.” “The Lies Within” premiere on October 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch the highlight video here! Source (1)
  11. The actors take a selca together after press conference. The Lies Within Q n A Yes, he's Lee Joon hyuk, if you check the latest relationship chart, production team was put his pic in previous empty pic as Kim Seo hee (LYY) 's missing husband. Yea, i am excited too, tho his role as a cameo, but he is an important cameo. Trivia: Lee Yoo young and Lee Joon hyuk is under same agency/artist management.
  12. His ig acc run by his agency team finally active again to promote new drama! i dont mind if they're spamming new pics of LMK with his signature flat face style. behind the scene pics of Cosmopolitan Korea magazine photoshoot
  13. Hi, as LMK's fans, i want to contribute post to this thread. After back to back romcom drama at 2017 and 2018, I am glad he's finally choose thriller genre and we will see him in badass action scene again this year. The Lies Within highlight teaser Press conference video Press conference pics from OCN ig
  14. The Lies Within still cuts, Lee Min ki and Lee Yoo young Video from press conference
  15. Guys, this is Lee Joon hyuk? Cameoing as Lee Yoo young's missing husband? I was also assuming when saw the teaser part of laptop wallpaper, but not so sure, just thinking he looks like Lee Joon hyuk. But his fans acc on twitter notice and make some gif from the drama teaser.
  16. The highlight teaser is out on OCN yt channel. It's 5 minutes long and more supporting cast appear like the detective team and also the people around conggress woman. Seems like the murder mystery is more complicated and maybe there are some politic conspiration behind? @larus @jongski yea maybe the press con is too early, but another drama from OCN like The Running Mates also held the press con about one week earlier ahead its premiere. I think the production will more focus on the shooting since they are already filming the mid part.
  17. Soompi's article covered drama press con Lee Min Ki, Lee Yoo Young, And More Talk About Appearing In New Thriller Drama “The Lies Within” TV/Film Oct 2, 2019 by S. Park The cast of “The Lies Within” amped up excitement for their drama. The OCN thriller series is about a woman who becomes a National Assembly member in order to save her missing husband, who disappeared following the mysterious death of her father, and a detective who refuses to leave a single death unresolved. On October 1, a press conference was held for “The Lies Within” with Lee Yoo Young, Lee Min Ki, On Joo Wan, Seo Hyun Woo, and director Lee Yoon Jung in attendance. Director Lee Yoon Jung is making her first attempt at the thriller genre through “The Lies Within” after previously directing “Coffee Prince” and “Cheese in the Trap.” “I heard that we did a good job creating the title ‘The Lies Within,'” began the director. “All of the characters appearing here have lies and different sides to them. The actors also don’t know who the criminal is. It’s a drama that will make you chase after the criminal, and it will make you curious about what truth is and what the lie is.” Lee Min Ki and Lee Yoo Young are also trying something new in this drama. The actor appears as a detective named Jo Tae Sik in his first-ever thriller. Lee Min Ki and the director previously worked together in the 2005 MBC drama “Korean National Training Center” (literal title). About starring in his first-ever thriller, the actor said, “Director Lee Yoon Jung and I go way back, so I was happy when I got a call from her. I trust her, so it wasn’t hard to make a decision.” He added, “A lot of time has passed by, but it feels like we went back in time and are filming.” Returning to OCN two years after her debut drama “Tunnel,” Lee Yoo Young portrays Kim Seo Hee, the youngest daughter of a prestigious National Assembly member. “The project was really good, and it was an honor that the director asked me to work with her,” said the actress. “I was confident that there would be good synergy if the director and this project were to meet.” The actress continued, “Kim Seo Hee is a character who becomes a National Assembly member but doesn’t know anything about the work of the National Assembly. I wanted to try it because they said the character was the daughter of a chaebol family, and I had only done hard things until now. But she’s an ugly duckling and endures difficulty.” On Joo Wan and Seo Hyun Woo will add tension in the drama by playing Jin Young Min and In Dong Koo, respectively. Seo Hyun Woo explained, “I first met director Lee Yoon Jung through a one-act play. At the time, I portrayed an uncle who lived in the countryside. She offered me a character with a very different feeling this time, so I wanted to try it. I’m happy I can comfortably speak and interact with the director.” “I suspect everyone on set except Lee Min Ki, who is investigating the case,” stated On Joo Wan. “We still suspect each other on set and repeatedly ask, ‘Are you the criminal?’ Because of that, the set has a nervous atmosphere.” He added, “Be suspicious of everyone. I hope you’ll find who’s lying for the truth.” “The Lies Within” premieres on October 12. Check out the latest teaser here! Source (1)
  18. Pics from press conference The longer teaser is out. Looks so intense, is there any childhood connection between the lead?
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