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  1. In latest episode So Bong asked self what was s/he forgetting... It seems s/he's starting to forget her original plan to find way to return to modern times and go back to original body.
  2. Episode 11 gave me a roller coaster of emotions. And that tragic twist in the last scene, I almost thought it was going to be a happy moment and then that happened. It's so sad.
  3. In Joseon dynasty, they use "gaejim" (cloth sanitary pads) and "darisokgot" (traditional underwear) This is gaejim This one is darisokgot
  4. ByeongIn and SoYong saved the trapped CheolJong. They went back to open the well but they immediately leave. When CheolJong got out of the well the one he saw is HwaJin. CheolJong thought the girl who was with him in the well before was her. It was actually SoYong (she and HwaJin wore almost same hanbok style and it was dark he can't recognize her.)
  5. Seems SoBong is still not totally awake and not yet fully sober. SoBong might feel like he/she was still in a dream. It could also be that when CheolJong kissed SoBong, it awakens the true emotions SoYong and overtakes BongHwan at that time.
  6. Preview Seems SoBong and CheolJong had their first night. Past about young SoYong and CheolJong is revealed. SoBong and CheolJong goes outside palace in disguise. SoBong having argument with one of the locals.
  7. He will probably go back to present after the problem has been solved in Joseon period, maybe in last two or three episodes.
  8. There's a possibility they merge into one or maybe SoYong is overtaking him. The longer BongHwan stays he'll become SoYong himself. He has to find the solution to return to his original body as soon as possible before SoYong overtakes him in Joseon period and becomes a vegetative person forever in modern times.
  9. Seems BongHwan is using it as a holy water like an exorcist driving away a spirit possessing a body
  10. Speaking abour this .... I think the longer BongHwan stays in SoYong's body, he'll have SoYong's memories, skills and feelings. Since SoYong is in love with CheolJong, BongHwan will be attracted to him and then fall for for him. @Lady_Lara it's a been long time since I post a comment and my first time having a blob reaction. Is it a negative or positive reaction ?
  11. It's a possibility CheoRin is BongHwan's past life. He is CheoRin's present reincarnation (female to male reincarnation). BongHwan wakes up in his past life's body. BongHwan might fall in love with CheolJong in CheoRin's body, Then he'll go back to present, he'll meet CheolJong's female reincarnation. They'll fall in love again at present time.
  12. I guess there might be a time jump in the early second half of the drama. Joon will be in his twenties, he'll meet RaRa again. (I could be very wrong.)
  13. Sorry if this is posted before. That's the handsome Lee TaeRi who played JinMinChe in "Extraordinary You" ------ The gods put the trick on Lee Rang's fate. He finds out that his puppy friend reincarnated into human, which he despises the most. ----- About the dog with three legs that Lee Rang and YuRi saved in episode 5 and now vet ShinGoo is taking care of her. There's a possibility that this dog might be important in the future episodes. There's a Korean folktale/ legend "Samjokgu”. The tale is about a three-legged dog which pos
  14. I haven't watch fully the 2 episodes, only some scenes/glimpses but ever since I saw Seo DoGyun, I couldn't help being suspicious of him. He might be the mastermind of it all. His possible intention is to ruin Kim SeoJin's life. Reasons: 1) It could be revenge - something happened in the past that made DoGyun blamed SeoJin for it. 2) It could be envy - he wants to have SeoJin's life, his position/power, wealth and happy married life. 3) It could be also for love - he's in love with SeoJin's wife HyunChae and he wants her for himself. There's also possibility that DoG
  15. I feel that Yeon was hiding something from him. Maybe there's really a hidden truth why he did that. What if Lee Yeon wants Lee Rang to believe that he really abandoned him. All Lee Rang know is that Lee Yeon abandoned him for AeEum, what if there's more than that ?
  16. Sorry if someone already post this. Did Lee Yeon really intentionally abandoned his younger brother Lee Rang? I feel that there was a reason why Yeon did that, and Rang didn't know the real truth. A possibility that Yeon was hiding the truth in order to protect Rang.
  17. Possible reasons why Joon ran away from his rich family 1) He's tired of living a rich life. 2) Something happened a) He feels guilty of what happened b) His parents are the cause and he blames them. From reason #2 it's something to do with a person's death. From the trailer, RaRa saw a pic of Joon and another guy wearing same high school uniform, both are smiling together. This person is very close to Joon.and very important to him We also see in episode 2 that Joon's mom was at columbarium visited an urn with a name of Kim JiHoon
  18. In the official website there wasn't a love triangle in the relationship chart.. There wasn't any arrow between HaeHyo and JungHa. ------------- Also ... Is there a page in this soompi thread about their character description? If there isn't, can someone translate HaeHyo's character description? 원해효 26세, 모델 겸 배우 "난 항상 공정한 경쟁을 해. 특혜 받은 적 없다구!" 순하고 상냥하고, 외향적이다. 장난기가 많다. 좋아하고 싫어하는 일이 분명하고 싫어하는 일은 하지 않는다. 좋아하는 일을 하기 위해 싫어하는 일을 해야 된다는 혜준의 생각이 답답할 때가 있다. 사나이는 '도전'이다. 승부욕이 강하고 지고는 못산다. 좋아하는 일은 죽도록 열심히 한다. 해효
  19. Credit : from sherenpaust twitter HaeHyo's mom needs to take back what she said. These 4 actors can't relate.
  20. Title : Great Men Academy Thai Title : สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ Airing Day : Wednesday Airing Time : 8:00 pm (Thai Time) Video Streaming : LINE TV Cast : Teeradon Supapunpinyo (James/JamyJamess) - Love Chanyapuk Numprasop (New) - Love Paris/Pharit Intarakomalyasut (Ice) - Vier (Wier) Kritsanapoom Pibunsonggram (JJ/Jaylerr) - Tangmo (Taengmo) Kongyingyong Chonlathorn (Captain) - Sean Jackrin Kungwankiatichai (Jackie) - Menn (Maen) Lapas/Lapat Ngamchaweng (Third) - Nuclear Sivakorn Adulsuttikul (Porsche) - Good Nariku
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