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  1. i decided not to a liveblog today—it's the last episode and everyone is leaving, so better to just soak it in. but the few final thoughts i had: i loved that scene where they were all sitting together eating, everyone in their friend group!! it was so cute and warm and i loved it a lot. so fluffy. se gye crying over the phone to dojae and the toll of a church bell when sara winked at eunho while they were playing that game was so funny!! i predict that sara+eunho will be next to get married after woomi, haha. omg. i can't believe i was so right about them getting married next!! that scene where se gye helps an old woman across the street means so much to me. i don't know why, but it does. bc it calls back to her compassionate nature? her kindness? her dutifulness? the fact that being good to others, the heart of this show, is shown so explicitly here. i don't know. but i love it very, very much. ocean scenes are always my favorite. they did the scene on the ocean, and it was so lovely. i'm going to miss this drama so much. it was just as beautiful and just as meaningful as i expected and having it happen on the seaside made it that much more perfect for me—the waves white and glittering beneath the sun, the sky pale peach, the gulls cawing above, the tide crashing in on the craggy rocks near the shore while se gye walked towards dojae. i'm really crying. i love this drama so much. what a perfect ending. so, finally, thank you to everyone for these weeks of talking and enjoying this drama. i really enjoyed studying everything, looking at behind the scenes, thinking of theories, and loving se gye and dojae. i'm sad to see this drama go, but hopefully we will see each other again on other threads. there will be more dramas and more couples that we will enjoy. love, love, and more love <3 now i need to go watch the movie!!
  2. goodbye!!! i will make sure to like all of HJ's future dramas so that we can talk again about dramas <3 it feels so bad to see everyone saying goodbye . . .
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