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  1. i decided not to a liveblog today—it's the last episode and everyone is leaving, so better to just soak it in. but the few final thoughts i had: i loved that scene where they were all sitting together eating, everyone in their friend group!! it was so cute and warm and i loved it a lot. so fluffy. se gye crying over the phone to dojae and the toll of a church bell when sara winked at eunho while they were playing that game was so funny!! i predict that sara+eunho will be next to get married after woomi, haha. omg. i can't believe i was so right about them getting married next!! that scene where se gye helps an old woman across the street means so much to me. i don't know why, but it does. bc it calls back to her compassionate nature? her kindness? her dutifulness? the fact that being good to others, the heart of this show, is shown so explicitly here. i don't know. but i love it very, very much. ocean scenes are always my favorite. they did the scene on the ocean, and it was so lovely. i'm going to miss this drama so much. it was just as beautiful and just as meaningful as i expected and having it happen on the seaside made it that much more perfect for me—the waves white and glittering beneath the sun, the sky pale peach, the gulls cawing above, the tide crashing in on the craggy rocks near the shore while se gye walked towards dojae. i'm really crying. i love this drama so much. what a perfect ending. so, finally, thank you to everyone for these weeks of talking and enjoying this drama. i really enjoyed studying everything, looking at behind the scenes, thinking of theories, and loving se gye and dojae. i'm sad to see this drama go, but hopefully we will see each other again on other threads. there will be more dramas and more couples that we will enjoy. love, love, and more love <3 now i need to go watch the movie!!
  2. goodbye!!! i will make sure to like all of HJ's future dramas so that we can talk again about dramas <3 it feels so bad to see everyone saying goodbye . . .
  3. @kdrmalover4444 i read ahead into the next few pages and saw that the episode is all nice, warm fluffiness!!! so see? no worries at all <3 and i too can't help but be comforted by that—now i know for sure that when i watch this episode later today it's going to be super sweet. @Nanana85 thank you, you are so kind <3 i worry that i'm just spamming the board but i have a need to express all my thoughts when watching the episodes and so i reason to myself at one in the morning that since no one else is up on the thread it's okay, haha!! only one more episode to go, oh my gosh . . . <3
  4. @kdrmalover4444 i really did, haha!! and i don’t think they will do any switch at the end. goblin had a melancholy, rueful atmosphere from the very beginning, the central character himself was a tragic figure with no true ending. the fields of rye, the red scarf, the reincarnations that kept ending sadly—that all led us to feel sort of despondent subconsciously even while watching it. there was no other way to end it but in a bittersweet way. thankfully, the beauty inside is completely different atmospherically (at least for me). it’s fun, witty, centers around the romances and intrinsic humor that comes with a lead who switches bodies. it focuses on compassion, but in a sweeter way, choosing to send the message that one should be as kind as possible whenever possible. i don’t feel that there are any deep rivers of sorrow running beneath the drama as there was in goblin, if that makes any sense. so i think (or hope, rather) that our last episode will be all fluff and happiness. just se gye and dojae settling into their lives together, sara meeting eunho’s parents, maybe a reveal of who woomi’s boyfriend is, and probably more family stuff. and, i’m wishing very very much that it will end exactly as you said it—se gye walking towards dojae, changing forms till finally when they meet, he embraces her, as she is. (and the movie had a happy ending too, so i don’t think we need to expect any sadness)!
  5. [part two, second half, finishes at one hour.] hmm. i don't know what happened, except that my textbox started glitching. anyways!! lol. assistant is so annoyed that dojae made him drag a whole cardboard cutout of segye to him. i was right!! i was right!!!!! earlier i was like, "man. dojae is watching segye's dramas because he misses her so much. now that's romance." but then it was a literal podcasT and i was like uGH BORING!!!! and i deleted that bit, but i was rightttttt!!!!!!!! i'm so happy right now, they love each other so much, let them reunite already omg. "love, depends on us, who fight on its behalf." learning moment <3 aw, she treats her dog exactly the way i treat my dogs. i have small dogs too and i speak to them and fluff them up exactly the same way. he recognized kingkang!! kingkang our reuiniting king!! lolololol. also, se gye is also me in that she splurges alllll her money on books. just all the books. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they met!!! they're in front of the store!!!! he's giving her the book!!!! she looked at his face!!!!! the bookshop is such a bright sunny yellow backdrop and the score is coming in high omg omg omg omg they're back <3 i'm so excited. i'm so happy!!!!!! she hugged him immediately omg. and he just gave up. he was ready to deliver his little lecture/speech/whatever bc that's such a dojae thing to do, but she hugged him and he just sank into it, he just turned his head into her little beret and sighed . . . i'm dying. they're so sweet. they're so good. this is why i love the separation trope. this scene, right here. i'm so happy. i love this so much. okay, i'm just going to transcribe quotes i love between them from now on because i'm way too emosh to actually write anything lucid or comprehensible right now: "how were you going to live without me?" (DJ) // "you? i've risked my life twice for you. [rubs her hand gently] repay me for the rest of your life. i did it all for you, so you take care of me now, for the rest of our lives." (DJ) // "i will take care of you for the rest of our lives." (SG) + i know i said i wouldn't talk, but our. // "i'll give you everything you want." (SG, said sincerely, with a gentle smile given in return by DJ) // "you'll regret it." (DJ) ah!! this isn't working!!! i love everything about them!!!!!!!! i'm just going to write out their whole conversation here if i go on like this. i'll simply give up now and be quiet <3
  6. [part 1, up to around 30 minute mark.] episode fifteen . . . i'm already emotional. okay. oh my gosh. we start with sara. my favorite. and she looks so radiant and fulfilled!! ah, please let her be happy, please let her be happy. it's been a year!! let it be a year full of finding herself and love!! aw, their relationship has grown. that's one of the things i love best about this--relationships are mutable, ever-changing, but mostly, full of love, no matter how full of sorrow or hurt the people within them are. sara's relationship with her family is no more one of an exile or outsider, but rather of someone who's found her place. she has a father, a stepmother, a brother, a grandfather. she isn't alone anymore, no matter what. that's the happiest ending i can think of. boing! and eunho's off, leaving behind his half-completed meal in order to avoid questions about sara. ah. these two are seriously my happy place within this drama. when i need angst, they provide it, when i need cuteness, they are ever reliable. <3 omg, his sister is loyal to the bone. "welllllll . . . she's pretty. bye now!" the sound of a knife sharpening when eunho's mom looked at eunho's dad omg . . . i love them. the real underrated couple of the show, lololol. "what i mean is . . . that's why they're so goodlooking. they're so goodlooking because of you!" they definitely take after their father, haha. omg he dipped too and grabbed his jacket, i'm dyinggg. "your appearance is too dazzling to appear in the countryside." so true. too true. the little handwave woomi did too, with her baby pink coat sleeve. aw. i missed her. i don't know why. i'm still hoping her boyfriend is the secretary. still!! just let them be so. SE GYE!!! my lovely, lovely se gye, knitting like she's 80 years old and ready to hike up a mountain with nothing but bread and cheese and a few strawberries in order to find a vain wizard. also, her face looks so fresh and sweet, like a camellia, omg. i don't appreciate how beautiful she is. and cute kingkang. also, a sidetrack: i love her new home, it's so casual and bohemian in a minimalistic way . . . like the books, the lilac curtains, the soft beanbag, light-wash wood. dream home tbh. and . . . is that steve jobs? silicon valley representation!! she said she's going to knit a stitch every time she misses him? she's knitting so fast and so skillfully, she must have missed him so much. brb. crying. and i have a sweater very similar to the one she knit. aw. dojae better wear them. "whether i can see faces or not, doesn't matter much to me. but someone i know continues to cry, and that matters very much to me." okay. okay. i'm totally fine. omg, my cute assistant!! w/o glasses!! (is it a wardrobe downgrade or upgrade? yet to be decided . . .) the little sound effects omg, the o: face he made at not being recognized, "has this been photoshopped?" you know what, they're totally in their own little bromance. wow. this shot with se gye on the road, looking around for dojae while the sun shines pale and white over her head, the sky a stark blue behind her and the tree branches fractal and bare is absolutely gorgeous paired with the rising music and dojae's voiceover. what a phenomenal choice by the director. completely breath-taking. rip. dojae highkey ignored his mom. omg. sara's surprised tender 'oppa.' she loves her older brother so much, she couldn't keep up her usually stony facade seeing him sitting there. i loveeee her. <3 omg, lololol, "so this is what my younger sister looks like. i thought you'd look quite scary, but really all you are is adorable." and her scoff in return!! omg, i love how nonchalant sara is about taking care of eunho, just like no worries. you can be as much of a lazy bum as you'd like. i'm gloriously rich, and also, i love you, so you're basically covered. and lol, eunho was totally building up to that bomb, just like, alright, alright, let her laugh, let her laugh, pull back, we can't let her know yet, say you haven't studied in a while, let it go for a while, say how it's gonna be really hard or whatever, she's laughing again, so . . . okay, now! "i studied law at seoul national university law school." cue smug smile. becoming a judge? that stuff's easy. and poor sara, omg, she is so shook that her boyfriend's so highly-qualified. aw, they're having a deep convo in the car again. they're so cuteeee. "i guess it's just your fortune and fate." sara is making a good argument with this alliteration. they kissed!!! twice!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is another thing i love about them, that while sara is rightfully arrogant, sure of herself, completely business-savvy, and sharp as a knife, eunho can completely undo her with one little kiss. in basically everything, sara's the top dog. in terms of romance, eunho is the master. totally evidenced by his smirk and her look of shock after the kiss. so cute. ah. they make me so happy. "how did i let myself be totally bewitched by him?" well . . . love?
  7. i'm not going to lie, i would burst into loud, loud, slightly-hysterical tears if that were the ending because i'd be so overwhelmed at how perfectly symbolic and lovely that would be. man. i know exactly how i'm going to heal myself with the ending of this drama--by watching the movie!! it sounds very introspective and contemplative so i'm excited to see how it flows and moves with the same concept in mind, and the final conclusion it ends on.
  8. welllllllll . . . i'm still going to keep wishing and hope we're not getting trolled . . . red, after all, is a lucky color in the east, symbolizing prosperity, happiness, and a long life full of love. that's why a lot of asian brides do get married in red / have a reception in a red dress. and korea is a country that has a very interesting blend of christianity and buddhism (i.e. segye's praying in the church v. segye kneeling 108 times), so i'll keep my fingers crossed? lololol.
  9. i just skimmed through episode fourteen and i think they way they presented it has been done with grace, dignity, and heart. it is what it is. i enjoy separations and final confessions of love in any show just because for me it allows the characters room to grow and mature. k-dramas have a habit of undoing a heroine's entire life in order for the lead to make his own presence there, and the eventual separation at the end of their love story allows the girl room and time to figure out who she is, what she wants, how she will choose to live before returning to the one she loves. in beauty inside's case, our heroine has remained the way she is--compassionate, fortifying, intelligent, and lovely in whatever form she takes. she is not like the prior heroines i have listed above. so in this case, their separation is due to guilt+grief, both of which have taken their toll on them. se gye simply has to come to terms with her grief. the story cannot progress otherwise. furthermore, the fact is that me and the other people who sympathize with SG are not the masses. we have simply been able to find some sense in the decision she has made and feel badly towards her. we understand and so don't hold her to such high standards, we choose to accept the drama as it is. on every other drama site that i have read, people are angered by the decision she has made. this forum is the only place i have found that says, it's okay. it's alright. these are the consequences of pain. whatever choice she has made is right for her as a character and being. i want to do a shoutout to both @kdrmalover4444 and @justright for articulating what i am trying to say much better than i ever could. i agree with almost every single point they have made. love <3 and, finally, because i'm feeling sort of morose right now typing all of this out, i want to say that i'll really miss this forum. talking to all of you and hearing all of your views, whether we disagree or not, has been so heart-warming and fun. everyone on here has their own opinion and own feelings, but i think i can say with confidence that we all have a soft spot in our hearts for this drama. with the end of this drama comes the dying down of this thread, and so i just want to say that i'll miss you all <3 all of us, together, probably won't ever like the same drama again, so this thread, with these people, won't exist after this. but i hope dearly that i'll run into some of you on other threads and that we will again discuss the dramas we enjoy, talking happily about our lead, about our couple's scenes, writing down opinions and looking at instagram posts, crafting theories and wishing for the health of our main actors <3 i am so glad that i decided to make a soompi account to comment on this thread. next two episodes are still there so let's be happy! lots and lots of love <3
  10. @kdrmalover4444 déjà vu was the intent, haha <3 and yes, as long as there is a happy ending, i'll be alright. if they change everything and give it a tragic ending, i'm going to be upset . . . because those were not my expectations going in. as for the issue of whether or not SG+DJ get cured, i feel sort of ambivalent. as @shjfan23 stated before in regards to DJ+SG remaining as they are—i feel like that is good too, and still 'true' to the message of the drama. somehow, i feel if they did miraculously get cured, it would feel slightly . . . well, not empty, but too 'sugary' of an ending. i like my endings to be bittersweet (with more sweetness) and full of possibility. but you're right! thanks to the live-shooting, the ending will be influenced. i just hope the writer stays true to her vision while also keeping the viewers happy. can that be possible?
  11. @thistle first off, i just want to say something i've been thinking for a long time—i love-love-love your username and your profile picture!! it's so cute <3 and with that out of the way—thank you as well. i hope my essay does turn out alright! and it's very kind of you to share that piece of wisdom from your professor too, i will keep it in mind as i go through college!! it's important to keep the mind healthy and do critical thinking for oneself!! life has meaning so long as you choose to find it (very existential point of view, i know, haha). thank you for your thoughtful words, they made me feel much better <3 college as a concept can be disheartening.
  12. @kdrmalover4444 this entire comment is absolute perfection!! you've gotten to the point entirely: that we should see it from both their sides, because both, in their own way, are right to be feeling the way they are. you wrote it so summarily and so well, thank you for writing everything that needed to be said very thoroughly (if i could give your comments more likes i would!! haha) <3 <3 <3
  13. i'm still on episode 13 too—just reacting off the preview and what i've pieced together from discussions on here, so no worries at all!! no need to apologize or anything <3 and thank you for sharing your viewpoint here, i think it is really very valuable. (the liver spots sort of got to me too, but overall i didn't mind). but yes, i agree—i had this realization too, only in the episode where SG changed and couldn't visit her mom. the switches are gradually becoming more and more serious, which is good for the drama i think. and i agree again with your comment that it was something of a waste to not take that opportunity—perhaps it would have allowed for more of us to become introspective with the situation at hand. if there's one thing i wish the drama worked with a little more, it's that more philosophical questions would have been raised about beauty and our preconceptions related to it. i would've even sacrificed some comedy for that!
  14. this is such a lovely sentiment, i'm so glad you wrote it out. it's something i think too and something i'm actually writing one of my college essays on—that when reading or watching TV that focuses on relationships and the changing hearts of characters, we should make a point to empathize, to see them kindly, and to treat them well (even in our heads) because that will translate to a more sensitive and sweeter temperament when speaking with others. literature and film are both art forms that are a study in empathy. and furthermore, they are reflections of life and love.
  15. wow, i didn't know that my comment would spark so much debate—but i'm really glad, because now we have such a lively and complex discussion going. props to the drama for allowing us to think and reason with the scenes within it without merely accepting them blindly!! <3 so @Irly i have some points that i'd love to hear your perspective on <3 i see how it might be selfish, but i think it is a little harsh to say that SG only thinks of herself. time and time again in the drama, though the media pushes that exact point forward (that she is self-absorbed, a diva, etc.), we are shown time over that she isn't (the scenes with the little boy, the scenes with the high school girl, there's more most likely that i can't recall) so in this case, i don't think that she's being selfish. yes, it's her pain and her guilt—but it stems from DJ's pain, which he's already told her about on that night on the roof. it's her pain at being the one who put him through that. so while i think that our views on how she should react are different, i do think that she is not being selfish here. she might be subconsciously thinking of herself, but truthfully, she's convincing herself that he hates her (even though we're shown that she doesn't). but i definitely agree with that middle point about doing something to repair the damage inflicted—that's what everybody should do when they make a mistake. but unfortunately, here, i don't think SG can. and i think something that people need to remember is that characters don't always react to situations the same way we do (not to say that you don't know this already). for example—though i, personally, do relate to SG's decisions and choices, that's not to say my friend will, or as @Irly has written, does not. and finally, it is SG's decision to decide whether she deserves him or not. that's not a matter of the situation at hand, but rather of her own autonomy, lol. if she doesn't think she is deserving, she isn't. if she does think she's deserving, she is. whether she should stay with him or go away from him is her own choice. so what do you think? i'd love to hear your thoughts along with anyone else's <3 sorry, i have a lot of feelings about SG's leaving but it might just be because i've enjoyed this trope ever since oh my venus, haha. oh, and i almost forgot, but there's another thing i wanted to add that might not be really relevant: i think SG's fleeing from the situation at hand is a callback to her own father's decisions, which might make her realization and subsequent return even more heartbreaking (considering the childhood she herself suffered through). having her choices parallel the choices of the father she had so much bitterness for might snap her back into reason.
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