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  1. @hola2jin Thanks. This time 1 cake is sufficient for a small party. I think we the minority here who couldn't do much always thankful that these fanclubs could do so many thoughtful & beautiful things and supporting her so well. Her upcoming birthday on 27th, I guess we'll see something from them too. I wonder if she has any plans to travel this time. I also hope everyone stay safe and healthy and the virus outbreak will be contained and end pretty soon.
  2. @shjfan23 oh is it postponed, not cancelled? The fans would have prepared that a month ago so those gifts have to be given to her somehow.
  3. They started filming in Aug last year and yet they only finished filming the last episode yesterday? Last night's episode 15 was so good and relatable. It certainly deserves higher rating. When I see them complaining about their performance based bonus, I also did that almost every year last time. I like the story of Hwang Bo Tong (this boy's looks resembles abit like LMK), not many dropout students think and behave like him. I like that they eventually discontinued lcarus through voting among the teachers and students, so fair and square. Lastly since BD is ending, this new scriptwriter got potential, the pace is like Mr Ajusshi and Misaeng. It's a pity if people don't like the genre and write off this drama.
  4. I started binge watching BD last week and finally finished 14 episodes. 2 more to go this week and the end. This drama is so similar to Misaeng and the genre is not everyone's cup of tea. I really like 2nd half of the drama starting with the banana incident (very good case) and prefer the 2nd year more experienced GHN character from ep 12 onwards. Kinda sad that this forum is becoming less active, so is the drama forum which is going very slow either.