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  1. I thought I couldn't login again after awhile but I still can . A lot of things happened to me, so couldn't really come here often like last time and when I do, I'll be a lurker, so don't worry I'm still an avid fan. Hey @shjfan23 do you know you're now the owner of the thread and can edit the 1st page & title? Thanks for taking over. I hope she has a new CF. Is she still the spokesmodel for Kolping ? I don't think we'll be seeing her in a project this 1st half of the year since there are no news of her casting. Perhaps again like last 2 years, the Fall/Autumn period of broadcasting. Do I get the feeling that she's waiting for RDTK 2 ?
  2. @SweetLullaby @shjfan23 Hi, remember i said i took over temporarily until Angel is back. Since Angel confirmed that she couldn't, I have to pass it to someone else. I won't take it back. My health is not that fantastic either. We just need to pass to someone who is an ardent fan and keep coming here for updates or maintain the 1st page. Thanks! Oh! she's not really on Ninja Mode since she's appearing with Shideo to support JHB, haha. I was surprised to see MJI going there to support too. So now MJI has joined their circle of buddies?
  3. I'm still very busy these days. @shjfan23 are you keen to take over the maintenance of this thread? Saw that you're asking for edit. I've checked the options available, can't find anything to transfer ownership. @SweetLullaby can you help again to request for the switch? Thanks! Thanks for posting her tweet and her translated message. I only saw it this morning. She looks fresh and I hope she got a good rest and likewise she said stay healthy.
  4. I couldn't access this thread last night. Fortunately it's up today and it's such an important day for HJ and her fans (it's another busy day for me too) I'm here Wishing my beloved QUEEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the roads of happiness meet you and may all your dreams burst to fruition. As long as you have people who will love and cherish you for who you are, you already have an irreplaceable blessings in your life.
  5. Hi all, I'm back. Almost gave up this account as I couldn't login despite the correct password entered many times. I had to sign up via facebook account but I didn't want to use my personal account. Somehow managed to recover this same account but I'm afraid if I logout, I'm unable to sign in again. I could have created a new account here but justright is the account that is managing this thread currently. @Super Gal99 I'm glad that you're still active here. I'm not sure if you were the one who sent me a PM about trouble logging in and the previous account was gone. Anyway, I've been very busy with my family matters for the past 1 month and I need someone to take over the management of this thread. Please PM me if you're keen to take over. Don't get me wrong, I'm still supporting SHJ but I'm not the right person to "lead" and make the thread lively here. Angel has private messaged me and she won't be actively participating in this thread due to personal reasons. Without Angel, there isn't anyone taking the initiative to organise a birthday project for SHJ like the past 2 years and I don't know who is the committee team or who is the leader behind Soompi Hyunjinies. Without Angel, I don't know if there is anyone who will initiate the fund raising campaign for SHJ's new project like before in future. There must be a committee behind Soompi Hyunjinies and they need to nominate someone who can actively lead and run this. I recall seeing a twitter message not too long ago that the Korean fans (JINIUS ? ) are requesting everyone including International fans to participate in Naver searching a particular korean phrase starting on Feb 27 midnight and they want that phrase to trend on top on that day. If anyone found that post, please help to post it here and participate on that day. Thanks!
  6. Btw, i wasn't referring to RDTK prod team but TOL prod team in 2017. The woman you mentioned is PD Park soo jin, one of the directors of RDTK. Lunar New Year is coming soon. I'll be busy with the festive as well as my travels. While her ninja mode is ON, this thread is gonna be quiet too. If Soompi Hyunjinies committee has no plans to do anything for her birthday this year, then it's even more quiet.
  7. I think i saw the tentative broadcast schedule is from Nov to Dec ? Frankly I'm not too fond of SBS anymore since how she was treated (by the TOL production as well as broadcast company) in 2017. But i can see the early signs of her involving such as YYS posting her support for his musical concert right after MJI posted the TBI commentary stuff, YYS like and then unlike an IG post of a SHJ fan mentioning RDTK, SBS reposting RDTK youtube videos of the duo. As for the JTBC ON Campaign, i think most of us either given up or leave it as it is. I think 1.5k is what SHJ fans could do already. https://m.facebook.com/124691830975231/posts/1813769615400769/ SHJ's birthday is coming up in a little over a month. I remember last year at this time we were talking about ideas to give birthday greetings since she doesn't accept gifts. @angel2013 is there any plans from the committee this year? Are we doing something for her birthday?
  8. Thanks for all the updates. These days i spent more time with my kid. I do come here to get a quick read and support. I'm here wishing our beloved queen Hyun Jin and all her fans here (lurkers as well as active participants), A Bright and Inspiring 2019 to be filled with Great Health and Prosperity, Abundance of Love, Happiness, and Blessings! Everyone of us from different parts of the world will be greeting the New Year soon at different timezone starting from NZ, Australia, Asia.... Happy New Year! May we stay together and give SHJ more love here and elsewhere
  9. @MizzParkSungAh @shjfan23 I checked the JTBC and also SBS FB pages for comparison. There are not many likes in every post, hundreds likes and some popular ones up to 1-2k likes. 5k likes may seem difficult to achieve. Even in Naver articles or videos, not easy to achieve 5k likes unless it's very popular. Do you all notice that the no of likes for socar videos are low but views are very high? Same as kwangdong cf video, views reached more than 1 mil quickly but likes is only 150+. Another possible reason is most people don't like to use their personal acct to like and share this stuff on their FB timeline. If using new FB acct, you can't really spread the news and you can only rely solely on dedicated SHJ fans (but how many?) to do this. Another way is, each person each day create 10 new email accts and hence new FB accts to like the post. Edit: on another note, TBI DVD pre order is extended to close on Dec 31.
  10. @LifesLikeThat you confused me at first when you first posted using this new name . You just change your name not too long ago and if you change again after i get used to your name, i may not recall your ”original identity” . Today i'm full of confusion lol. I'm confused again by the number of versions of the SOCAR 6 seconds ads. I went to the mall for Christmas shopping today and saw a few reserved parking lots for SOCAR but no cars there. I like this pic. Cr. Owner As for the FB post on charity donation by Jtbc, I'm actually surprised by the lacklustre response. I initially thought it's just peanut to`get 500 likes and didn't expect it to take a day to reach it. Now we learnt that it's 5000 likes instead, it may take 10 days to achieve the number. Is it because the post has no picture or video of our queen? If we share it in FB and invite our family, relatives, friends and colleagues to like it for supporting this charity without paying a single cent, it will help, right?
  11. Wow! I was busy today and didn't expect so many new happenings. So cool! New narration for Jtbc On Campaign, her tweet, and 2 new long CFs wowee, awesome! Thanks for all updates and translation. Her beautiful sweet voice and the little drama in CFs .
  12. @angel2013 I'll be right here waiting for you! Take care, rest well and yes, you need to be back with a "vengence" next year, before our queen's birthday? Welcoming all the Chinese translators to share with us here any piece of news related to SHJ from HyunJinLight. Thank you so much. Christmas is around the corner and our queen should be celebrating this festive season. Then soon, countdown to 2019. Let's hope 2019 is a better year for all of us.
  13. @BlissfulMoments i didn't cancel mine either. In fact my order is together with the ost album. They should be sending me ost album first. Is this going to be a real subway ad for her birthday? Hope someone can enlighten. Cr owner. @SweetLullaby what's our queen saying here (video), do you know? Cr owner.
  14. @kkamong many thanks for the translation. If you often visit HyunJinLight and come across any of their latest translation, please do share with us. Thanks again and also to some who shared previously @hola2jin @supergal99. Now i think we have a few who can read Chinese . @SweetLullaby i edited the statement here bcoz i saw @BlissfulMoments already requested for translation for a video that covers presentation too. Thanks BlissfulMoments. I remember there 1 more tVN.asia interview, saw pics but not the video. OST album comes with a booklet. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. This is much cheaper than Bluray or DVD. Btw, DVD pre orders will close in 2 days ~= Dec 20. Cr owner.
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