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  1. @hola2jin oh! from director song, I thought it's from hyunjinlight. I also can't get used to her short hair, even shorter than her RDTK look but she looks so young too.
  2. Just as I thought this group (SEOHYUNJIN SUPPORTERS) was very quiet this year and I saw their support in IG just now. I think this is the 2nd after JINIUS. Did you see the Hyun Jin Team / Black Dog backpack? I wonder if it's given by this team. Next, I'm eager to see HyunJinLight's. It's always interesting to see how innovative are their gifts and how much love and support given by her fans. @SweetLullaby do you know if soompi hyunjinies' admin going to support SHJ/Black Dog by giving rice wreath this time? Better alert them to prepare for fund raising campaign if they're going to.
  3. I'm not sure if this applies to outside South Korea but if you do come across very very malicious slanders in Soompi, allkpop, dramabeans and other international sites, do save the screenshots. Actually I have seen many haters out there whenever there's an article on her or her drama but we have to discern which is malicious.
  4. Both SHJ's dramas competing with one another? Is that even possible? I would like to think that the admin made a mistake since there was no confirmation on the broadcast date in an official news. Btw, when exactly is the 100th anniversary of KBS, this year or 2020? Why would any station think of premiering a drama on New Year's Eve and also there are local station's award ceremony going on? Dec 31 is a Tuesday so it's also impossible right? Saw SHJ's latest look with short hair. I didn't expect her to cut her hair this short for Black Dog. It will take awhile like a year before it grows longer like Beauty Inside. Her voice, do you think she seems to have a sore throat or having cold? Oh dear she is/was sick again.
  5. Black Dog is pre produced and hence it's understandable that Soop is promoting their artistes from their upcoming or current dramas. Besides her commercial, there is nothing else to post. Any behind the scenes of her in Black Dog should only be released by them during the promotion or broadcast of her drama. We feel very empty as she is only active in 1 production a year. For the past 2 years, her dramas were started broadcasting in fall/autumn. We all know by now that Green Allies (a mystery?) is not happening? as it's impossible nothing is mentioned in Korean news. For Black Dog, this time we have to wait longer and I won't be surprised if it's competing with RDTK 2 on the similar time slot. JINIUS and HyunJinLight already started collecting funds to support her and her drama. I'm not sure if this year Soompi Hyunjinies will do the same without Angel. It's still early if we're only keen on rice wreaths for the premiere promotion of Black Dog.
  6. @LifesLikeThat @hola2jin @shjfan23 sorry I thought it was a follow up to mother of mine but it isn't. Upon checking again, it seems to be a different time slot (an hour later?) and/or different channel (KBS1?). I don't know as I'm confused too. Let's wait till Sep 13 then. I saw the pics in Weibo, thanks for the link. Perhaps the season they're filming is autumn to winter and thus the coat attire. There are 2 different hairstyles, same person SHJ or the other is RMR?
  7. You should tell them you're a fan of SHJ and who knows, you could form a small fan club and get together to share and discuss all things about her and her dramas . it's very rare to hear about her in my country too. We all know she hardly did interviews or hardly appear in news, very low profile. Btw, I think it's time to change the title.
  8. She's been away from the limelight for too long. Soop keep posting all the old videos and news otherwise got nothing to post about her. You can safely say she's filming Black Dog either now or pretty soon. No need to wait for confirmation as they won't release it until the broadcasting date is near and confirmed. As for Green Allies, we've to wait till late September to find out. Heard that premiere is postponed and mother of mine is extended. Also heard that KBS is facing financial difficulties, not sure if there is impact on actors' salary payout. You've heard of actors not getting paid after finishing the drama for years. Btw, Black Dog should be melo, the meaning is depression. If filming takes about 4 months, it will last until winter when our queen will be freezing cold.
  9. @shjfan23 @hola2jin @SweetLullaby I also think that because this is a big production from KBS and they're keeping mum about it until the appropriate time to release to the public. Hancinema can't be making a big mistake like this. Due to broadcasting competition? Possible. I'm not sure if this is the time slot that SBS is broadcasting their pre-produced mega blockbuster Vagabond. 100 episodes big project historical drama cannot be filmed real-time, it has to be pre-produced or very much ahead before the broadcast schedule. If her filming is in China, it has every reason for Soop to postpone that event previously and that damn reporter not knowing anything. As for Black Dog, i'ved a feeling she already decided to take it up if there is no news of rejection. From the last RDTK2 news, we know the broadcast of Black Dog is around the time of RDTK2 which is in Nov. She could have wrapped up filming for this historical drama before starting on Black Dog filming. As for Shideo photo by JHB, yeah possibly helping to babysit if she is in this historical mega project. Sep is only 3 months away.
  10. OMG! I think it's true that she is filming this KBS weekend saguek drama in secret. 100 episodes drama has to be filmed in advance and they probably couldn't release the information earlier. No doubt I believe she was really sick earlier when she couldn't attend the tax ambassador event. Now the more reason I suspect she was sick due to filming in the cold for this drama. I was shocked to see the cast list, I only know who is LMK and PSY but don't know the rest. I saw in the dramalist, LMK and PSY are one of the support roles ? while SHJ is one of the main roles. Don't tell me after this drama filming completes, she continues with filming for Black Dog which may broadcast end of the year? I'm still shocked Edit: @shjfan23 kindly help to change the title of this thread, remove tax award message and replace with her upcoming drama once confirmed by Soop. Also, can help to add the recent face shop's CF on the 1st page? Many thanks.
  11. I thought I couldn't login again after awhile but I still can . A lot of things happened to me, so couldn't really come here often like last time and when I do, I'll be a lurker, so don't worry I'm still an avid fan. Hey @shjfan23 do you know you're now the owner of the thread and can edit the 1st page & title? Thanks for taking over. I hope she has a new CF. Is she still the spokesmodel for Kolping ? I don't think we'll be seeing her in a project this 1st half of the year since there are no news of her casting. Perhaps again like last 2 years, the Fall/Autumn period of broadcasting. Do I get the feeling that she's waiting for RDTK 2 ?
  12. @SweetLullaby @shjfan23 Hi, remember i said i took over temporarily until Angel is back. Since Angel confirmed that she couldn't, I have to pass it to someone else. I won't take it back. My health is not that fantastic either. We just need to pass to someone who is an ardent fan and keep coming here for updates or maintain the 1st page. Thanks! Oh! she's not really on Ninja Mode since she's appearing with Shideo to support JHB, haha. I was surprised to see MJI going there to support too. So now MJI has joined their circle of buddies?
  13. I'm still very busy these days. @shjfan23 are you keen to take over the maintenance of this thread? Saw that you're asking for edit. I've checked the options available, can't find anything to transfer ownership. @SweetLullaby can you help again to request for the switch? Thanks! Thanks for posting her tweet and her translated message. I only saw it this morning. She looks fresh and I hope she got a good rest and likewise she said stay healthy.
  14. I couldn't access this thread last night. Fortunately it's up today and it's such an important day for HJ and her fans (it's another busy day for me too) I'm here Wishing my beloved QUEEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the roads of happiness meet you and may all your dreams burst to fruition. As long as you have people who will love and cherish you for who you are, you already have an irreplaceable blessings in your life.
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