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  1. Happy Birthday Hyun Jin May this year be filled with joy, peace and good health and wish you success in your upcoming dramas.
  2. Wow! Solid cast for "You're my spring". I think this is the 1st time I like all the main casts in a drama. That makes me look forward to it despite some earlier doubts on the storyline and scriptwriter. I prefer KDW over YKS. I've seen him in "Find me in your memory". He is good and will be good match for SHJ. I like YP in "Birthcare centre". He has a deep manly voice. Lastly I like NGR, she was very good and beautiful in the recently completed "Kairos". I wish our queen all the best in this project.
  3. I forgot to say that the scriptwriter of Why Oh Soo Jae wrote Lies Of Lies. I recommended Lies of Lies to a few of my friends, it's really good. On male lead, a student role, I think the actor has to be very young or at least look young, someone like Lee Do Hyun in 18 Again. I first saw this actor in Hotel Del Luna. @Supergal 2016I suddenly find Kim Seon Ho cute and charming (although I first saw him in 100 days my prince) and I finished Start Up just bcoz of him, otherwise I would have dropped it half way through. I'm also watching The Spy who loves me and I also find that Kairos is
  4. I just saw the news. This SBS drama role sounds more interesting. I'm looking forward to it. Suddenly we're expecting 2 dramas from her next year. This year during the pandemic, I watched many dramas too but not many good ones. I hope 'why oh soo jae' scriptwriting doesn't disappoint.
  5. Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I posted anything here. I saw the good news in IG. I thought she wouldn't take up any project until the pandemic is over as we've seen before, she is quite prone to having cold/flu during work. This year, I'm not in my best form of health hence my lack of participation online. On the storyline or character, not sure how I should expect a 7 year old in heart trap in an adult. It also says made a wrong choice of men like her father but her father is smart. I should expect the male lead is not a big name but would like to see a prom
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