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  1. I've always despised noble idiocy in dramas, so now I'm going to go against the majority and say that I really hate Segye for doing what she did. Sure, her transformation is considerably a bigger burden than Dojae's face blindness especially because you know the only option is to run away when your symptoms starts messing up with your activity, while face blindness is less of a hassle since you could just have someone to tell you who's who instead of running away. But still, for her to give up everything -- the only person who recognizes and loves her no matter what -- just to overcome her guilt, it's just so foolish and selfish. Where will you go then? What will you do now? I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling sympathetic at all. 2 episodes left. I hope the writer has a happy reunion (and maybe a marriage) written somewhere in the final script. I'm fine with time lapse as long as they remain lovers and stay beside each other at the end of the drama. The 'sickness' can stay too, it doesn't matter as long as both of them stick together like they have been doing in the past episodes and besides, their sickness is actually the fate which brought them together and made them fell in love with each other. People will think their conditions are sad, but ain't that what romance is? When you face everything together, your troubles and your obstacles, in spite of people who don't have faith in you. The important thing is to be together. All those romantic and heartfelt moments will be for nothing if they end the main lead's relationship in a such a bad way. Even the second leads won't be able to make up for that. Hwaiting writer-nim, please give us a grand ending - M -
  2. From IG (credit to leeminki.indonesia): Still a mystery why they have to take the car together without any crew/manager in the car or nearby. Maybe because the shooting is in a rush so to make it efficient they decided to drive together to the next shooting location after they done shooting the scene where they talk together in the car. But still... for them to talk casually like that outside of filming a scene... They're so comfy with each other. Is this getting somewhere? I don't know, but I'm enjoying this. - M -
  3. I'm sorry to cut your post dear, I understand your feelings. Shipping is like a double-edged sword. It showers us with excitement yet it also takes away a lot of energy, and we may end up in happiness or sadness. That's the beauty of it! And all the excitement and memories outweigh all the burden. You're not alone in this, when we cry, either happily or sadly, we'll do it together. So, a lot of fancams of Min Jin filming in Petite France, Gapyeong, spread out in IG yesterday. Some people are remarking that even though it's just a scene from the drama, both of them looked like they were dating as real couple Also, I love this candid (cto): They really really look good together in the dating scenes. This one is my favorite: No 2nd BTS this week but all those candid photos and videos make up for it. - M -
  4. Based on the subbed version of the preview that @Nanana85 shared to me, Ra Mi-ran transformation is not part of the flashback... I think Segye's mom has terminal illness and her life is not for much longer, so she left hospital temporarily to see her loved one, her daughter before she leave her for good. Meanwhile, Segye's transformation is getting more and more unstable, they will have to find a way to fix it, before it comes to the stage where Segye changes everyday like the male lead in the movie version. I know Dojae won't mind because he will always see her as Segye, but what if his prosopagnosia suddenly heals? Okay, it may be almost impossible to happen, but what about Segye? How can she do her daily routines like a normal human being if she doesn't know when she will change. 7 episodes left, gonna be sweet moments mixed with angst. I'm prepared to cry a good tear, that's the beauty of this drama. It makes us want to see everything, from the happy parts to the depressing ones. TBI deserve more recognition. The plot and casting is top-notch, not a single flaw. Every week of waiting is such a burden. - M -
  5. I can't wait for tonight. Can't wait for these cute moments though they might take place in Tuesday's episode: The BTS should be fun too. And will surely test our patience to wait for next Monday. This couple has become a part of my life. - M -
  6. How can you tell that the chemistry between an actor and an actress is so good? When you can't stop replaying a scene with even a mild kiss or hug. I'm beyond help now. I promised myself not to ship Minki again but seems I've failed to keep that promise. They're just too cute, my heart keeps fluttering. Please keep the videos and gifs coming chingus! Sorry to cut your post dear, but I agree with you, it is such a beautiful fate that unite them together. However, there might still be angst when Dojae found out Segye's the one who (albeit indirectly) caused him to become face blind and made him suffer. I'm really curious how the plot will resolve that problem. We're entering the second half of the drama next week, things are bound to get even more exciting. - M -
  7. Ah yes, I meant to mention Min Jin, not Jin Min lol. I think it's a great name since it's their real name combined So for now, here's the part of TBI BTS which triggered the delulu in all of us: Still halfway to go to the end of the drama... Still more fun things to happen. - M -
  8. LMK also has some dedicated Chinese fans I believe. But perhaps SHJ is much more well-known. @Nanana85 Ah, so they're going to release that song next. Wonder if they will release the one by Wendy On another note, for those who are into shipping, the thread is up at the respective forum. - M -
  9. I will revamp the post later, for now, let's have a good time shipping this lovely couple. Also, we need to decide an official name for the couple. Here are some ideas: - Seo-gye couple - Couple of the Century - Seolee couple - Jin Min couple Feel free to submit your own! - M -
  10. PROFILE Name: Lee Min-ki (이민기) Birthdate: January 16th, 1985 (33 years old) Birthplace: Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea Height/Weight: 183 cm/68 kg Zodiac: Capricorn Blood Type: A Profession: Actress, Singer/Musician, Model Education: Konkuk University Agency: GO_OD Management MOVIES 2018 Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (Heukdopo, special appearance) 2015 Shoot Me in the Heart (Seung-Min) 2014 For the Emperor (Lee Hwan)@ 2013 Monster (Tae-Soo) Very Ordinary Couple (Lee Dong-Hee) 2011 Spellbound (Ma Jo-Goo) Quick (Han Ki-Soo) 2010 My Brother Young Ja-Ya 2009 A Million (Park Cheol-Hee) Haeundae (Choi Hyeong-Sik) Oishii Man (Hyun-Suk) 2008 Romantic Island (Jung-Hwan) Humming (Chun-Jae) 2007 A Good Day to Have an Affair (College Student) 2006 Three Fellas (high school student) TV SHOWS 2018 The Beauty Inside - JTBC (Seo Do-Jae) What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - tvN (cameo, Mi-So's father) 2017 Because This Is My First Life - tvN (Nam Se-Hee) 2012 Shut Up Flower Boy Band - tvN (Joo Byung-Hee) 2007 Dalja's Spring - KBS2 (Kang Tae-Bong) Four Gold Chasers - KBS2 2006 Love Truly - MBC 2005 Taerung National Village - MBC Be Strong, Geum-Soon! - MBC ACHIEVEMENTS 2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (Haeundae) 2009 2nd Style Icon Awards: New Movie Icon 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Be Strong, Geum Soon!) PROFILE Name: Seo Hyun-jin (서현진) Birthdate: February 27th, 1985 (33 years old) Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height/Weight: 167 cm/45 kg Zodiac: Pisces Blood Type: B Profession: Actress, Singer Education: Dongduk Women's University Agency: SOOP management MOVIES 2017 Because I Love You (Lee Hyun-Kyung) 2016 Familyhood (Sang-Mi) 2012 The Peach Tree 2011 Life is Peachy (Hee-Jin) 2010 Magic 2009 The Madonna (Short Film) 2008 Story of Wine 2006 Love Me Not (Ji-Hye) TV SHOWS 2018 The Beauty Inside - JTBC (Han Se-Kye) Let's Eat 3 - tvN (Baek Soo-Ji in episode 2) 2017 Temperature of Love (Lee Hyun-Soo) 2016 Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim - SBS (Yoon Seo-Jung) Bring it on, Ghost - (cameo) Another Miss Oh - tvN (Oh Hae-Young) 2015 Let's Eat 2 - tvN (Baek Soo-Ji) 2014 The Three Musketeers - tvN (Yoon-Seo) 2013 Drama Festival: Rebellious (TV Movie) - MBC (Joon-Kyung's mother) King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang - MBC (Seol-Nan / Soo Baek Hyang) Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire - MBC (Sim Hwa-Ryeong) 2012 Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong - MBC (Na Jin-Joo) Horse Doctor - MBC (Jo So-Yong, cameo) Feast of the Gods - MBC (Ha In-Joo / Song Yeon-Woo) 2011 The Peak (TV Movie) - MBC (An Il-Yang) The Duo - MBC (Dal-I) 2007 H.I.T - MBC 2006 Hwang Jin-Yi - KBS2 (Jung Ka-Eun) ACHIEVEMENTS 2017 53th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress (Another Miss Oh) 30th Grimae Awards: Best Actress (Temperature of Love) 2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellent Actress (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) SBS Drama Awards: Ten Star Award (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN Actress (Another Miss Oh) tvN10 Awards: Romantic Comedy Queen (Another Miss Oh) 5th APAN Star Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries (Another Miss Oh) 2013 6th Korea Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress (Here Comes Mr. Oh & Goddess of Fire) 2012 31st MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (Feast of the Gods & Here Comes Mr. Oh) 2011 30th MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress in a Miniseries (The Duo) Reasons to ship them: - They have great on and off-screen chemistry in The Beauty Inside - They are of the same age - Both of their visuals match and complement each other, unique beauty/handsomeness - They are both talented singers (and we're hoping for them to lend their voice in a duet) - No official announcement of their relationship status as of now
  11. Just watched up to ep 7 with sub. This drama is just so unpredictable ain't it? One minute you think everything's going well and all lovey-dovey, next minute it's suddenly burst of angst raining over the parade. I have to say, with an arguably cliché premise, the drama managed to keep us entertained without having to rely heavily on the fantasy aspect of the drama (HSG transformation) . When it comes relevant in the story, the writer managed to blend it with the drama aspect so nicely that makes the main lead's storyline and relationship enjoyable to watch. With each passing episode, the quality is always increasing that I'm always worried how they're going to follow up afterwards, but PD-nim and writer-nim never failed to surprise me. I feel guilty to have underestimated it when the project, along with the plot, was announced. I've been avidly following Lee Min-ki since BTIMFL and I'm really glad he took part in such a beautiful drama series. Seo Hyun-jin's dynamic acting is just so flawless, not a single dull or exaggerated moment. She is really the heart and soul of this drama. The OTP chemistry is really good mostly thanks to her part. - M -
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