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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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Premiere Watch: 100 Days My Prince, The Guest

This week we have a light historical romance and a dark horror thriller on the way. One I plan to check out immediately, and the other… I’ll peek at the recap through my fingers to determine whether it’s safe to proceed. Some of us are scaredy cats, okay?

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A tired woman is handing out fliers by the beach. She gives one to a young woman, who immediately throws it away. The woman gets dejected and picks up the fliers, then turns cray cray eyed at the camera. I covered her eyes with my hand. She ponders a bit and then heads straight to that young woman, now sitting with her friends, and just stabs her right there and then with a long knife,  her blood all over the sand. The friends are like wth I'll run for my dear life but in slo mo. K. This guest gets easily upset.


Twenty years ago. We meet our psychic Hwa Pyung, as a boy who resembles a chubbier Toshio. He sees a ghost lurking among his family. The father gets angry but the elders confirm it's just natural that a psychic would be born among them shamans. On the day of their seaside village ritual, a family member tells him of the tale of a possessed visitor, Park Il Do, the hand (sohn) or the guest who murdered their village and died at sea. That member is later possessed at night by a spirit from the waters. Upon seeing Hwa Pyung, the spirit moves out of the body. Our boy falls ill and can't see through his right eye. He tells the fam the spirit doesn't want him to say anything or else it's going to kill them all. He wanders at night. His mom looks for him but later on drowns. Granny is hanged. 


The shamans perform a spirit cleansing ritual, believing the boy is possessed. Hwa Pyung gets frantic.Remember the old woman from Voice? She's the head shaman now. She spits blood and declares that they kill him -- he's one of them. Dad gets an idea.


Father Yang and a young priest with no abs visit Hwa Pyung. Father tells the family he's not possessed. The two think he's rather physically abused. Hwa Pyung wants to tell the young priest named Choi Sang Hyun something: hand.


The young priest seems to have been possessed as well as he is suddenly talking about his renewed faith while touching his irritated right eye. Yes, it's the sign. He suddenly wants to go home. That night, Dad tells him their dog is barking. He gets a baseball bat. Mo Tae Gu mode.


Meanwhile, back to our shaman abode,  Toshio tells dad he can now see. Dad executes his idea and chokes him. Gramps intervenes. Our boy runs away to meet Choi Sang Hyun, who is now busy bludgeoning his dad at home. The priest then drinks lots of water. Gotcha.


Hwa Pyung reaches Sang Hyun's house but stops outside, visibly terrified. A car pulls up. A woman comes out asks him what's wrong. He points to the house. She tells the girl she's with to stay in the car.


The priest forces open his little  brother's room, ready to kill him, when the woman knocks. She's a police officer. She thinks it's the perfect time to investigate alone. She asks for water lels no, girl, no. She rescues the brother and he runs outside, but she gets killed.


The police come. The girl goes out of the car and inquires about her mom. Our three heroes finally meet each other -- the shaman's son, the priest's brother, the police officer's daughter. 


And we're just halfway ep 1.


Moral of the story: You do not talk about sohn, the guest. He's part of Fight Club.


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W/o subs there isn't much that I can understand, but so far, I think/it seems that... 


the spirit/thing seems to "use" the (deep)desires/feelings/emotions/pasing thoughs/etc of the people that "it" possesses (just like the lady in the beach and the shaman party/ritual scene) and use all that as a gate or easy way to "enter" it/his guests, and those guests do horrible things...

As if "hand/the spirit" magnifies and twists the feelings or thoughts of people and transforms them into brutal and bloody actions.


Also, KJW looks handsome in his priest suit :wub: :lol: :lol:

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8 hours ago, aisling said:

So how scary was the first episode? I’m quite intrigued but I’m also a scaredy cat, so I’m hesitating if I should watch it...

it's definitely scarier than kbs The Ghost Detective.

the possessed scenes are much scarier in both looks and atmosphere.

seriously, The Guest's possessed scenes make me feel like The Ghost Detective's possessed scenes as very family friendly.

i thought the drama is R-rated.. but it's 15. i guess because they kinda hide the "actual" scenes.

i actually get scared for the characters. it's not just me feeling scared for myself, i feel anxious for the characters as well.

i especially get very nervous when i hear the unintelligible sounds coming from the possessed because i don't know what they are going to do, but i know it's nothing good. 


but it's not terribly scary. i really can't watch scary movies, but i could watch The Guest, though there were few moments where i hid the screen with my hand lol


as in story wise, the first episode is "introduction." so i am hoping the story progresses much faster in ep 2.

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