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  1. @jusnita I doubt Jihyo would play along with the members teasing them together if that was the case. Even if they ended things on good terms pushing the lovelive would've been a very awkward thing to do for both of them.
  2. @airplanegirl just curious, are you talking about the "future wife" letter?
  3. I think it may have been because his company hadn't revealed his new merch yet (the shirt she was wearing). After she deleted the post a few hours later his company made a post revealing the merch for sale.
  4. here's the full english translation of the Q&A we were talking about before. thanks to yesyoong on Instagram for translating.
  5. For any translators or people who know anyone willing to translate my_19810115 on twitter posted a transcript of the Q&A at Jihyo meet and greet. Part 1: Part 2: I did use a translator for this part but it might not be 100% accurate so if you're still curious i wrote some below
  6. Pretty sure that's her other Unstoppable co-star Park Ji Hwan. Since in the translated caption of Jihyo's post she mentions his name along with others in the picture. Looks like they had another cast get together.
  7. it seems a lot of koreans thought the article was originally about SONG ji hyo as well, her mentions on naver are full of those types of comments lol
  8. Tbh I think the reason he looked back is because someone sitting on jihyo's row (or jihyo herself?) shouted out cheering the performance. You can faintly hear the shouting after gummy sings Our fate pours down like the rain but it was lowered to try to hide it.
  9. I could be wrong but the stance of the person standing behind them looks oddly familiar......
  10. If you go to the last video you get a little more of "loveable" and jongkook splashing Jihyo with water. (they really had their own little RM fanmeet with a preview of JK's abs and everything lol)
  11. Looks like they filmed their dance practice today. It hurts me seeing Jihyo holding her back and Kwang soo so sweaty. I really hate the PD for picking such a hard dance knowing they would struggle. Especially knowing they all suffer from back injuries.
  12. I thought it was sweet when YJS and Haha were trying to throw Jihyo off during the quiz game, Sechan and JK said "let her be." and "let her answer." Also, has it been confirmed that Haha says "in love" and not loveline? I could've sworn the first time I watched it live I heard him say "shouldn't those in a loveline go?". Of course that doesn't change the fact that Somin instantly said Jongkook and Jihyo I think this also proves how good Jihyo is at playing off these types of moments. I'm pretty sure you can see Jongkook glance over at Jihyo for a second after Haha says that but Jihyo remains looking forward, which in my opinion makes it even more obvious. lol
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