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  1. @katakwasabi I watched NDF even though I am not a fan of sageuk. It was not bad especially the second half. Most importantly, YSY got to act with talented co-stars! He worked hard and from bts seems to enjoy filming with the bunch of great actors. But I am glad his next project Psychopath Diary is not a sageuk!
  2. Welcome back!! @nmka The drama thread for Psycopath Diary should be out soon since the cast is confirmed.
  3. Thanks for the info @nrllee. Yoon Shi Yoon will be one of the presenters for Soribada Best K-Music Awards to be held on Aug 22-23. (Thanks so much to @yunrac)
  4. Eight Celebrities Who Will Always Make Time For A Book 7. Yoon Shi Yoon During his appearance on 1 Night and 2 Days, Yoon Shi Yoon confessed that he reads 20 books in a month, and spends about 2,300 Korean Won a month for books and that he reads when he’s on the move. cr: Koreaboo
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