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  1. Voice S4 and S5 is already prepared by the studio. I guess the story between those two seasons are continuously connected like how they wrap S2-S3 up. I hope the characters in the golden time team are still the same; look at how Quiz from God made it happen until S5 despite low ratings. But if they didn't, I'll still watch it. OCN's goal or dream is actually to make many seasonal series like the western one, not typical kdrama. I forget where I read the translation of the interview, it's on Twitter.
  2. You know... If KJW made a lead, the second lead wont catch your attention and has no chance at all. If KJW made the second lead, you will feel sorry for him and wish he get the girl. He would leave a high standard as how no one can forget the strong impression of him being a sadist and charismatic serial killer and being an exorcist priest, others will keep being compared to him. Anyway, I love PMY. She's so cute as fangirl and so elegant as professional curator. Romance is not my cup of tea tbh, but this drama is less drama haha. So I like to follow it. All the fluff interactions make my wife goe awwww and want to do or treat me the same haha. We both watch it via TVN Asia as I subscribe cable TV.
  3. Long time not speaking up here. Do you miss me, girls? [laughs] I follow this series on TVN Asia as I subscribe a cable TV. And tonight, I'll watch eps 6. I like the OST btw, the metal version suit the theme of season 3 which is about KKJ dealing with the damage of her hearing ability and DKW's dealing with his psychopathic DID. If you remember, the rock version in season 2 fits the spirited theme of KKJ's sharp hearing (ears) combined with DKW's sharp observing (eyes) as duo. And the ballad version in season 1 fits the theme of both KKJ and MJH's grief for the loss of their beloved ones. Also, let's mention the first murderer in prolog is a Noh killer (and I still dunno if he was also the Wire Shun who also wears BJS's mask in S2 eps 1 when he killed DKW's friend, the same mask DKW's wear in KKJ's nightmare). And the other mask is Hannya killer. They're the name of the Japanese traditional masks shown here btw, so let's use that term to not confuse each other (vampire mask? pure white mask?). Anyway, I'm a bit mad why the killing scene in Eps 1 used Mozart's Lacrimosa, it's MTG's devil trademark. They should use japanese folk song or samisen music in eerie/creepy melody. That's all. I dont wanna speculate more and just enjoy the story. I'm ready to see Kousuke in full consciousness to riot and how KKJ will return his identity back to be the tsundere DKW she knew. Or, will she shoot him dead with no choice? All the dark woods scenes remind me of OCN Tunnel, well, same director anyway.
  4. Dramatic Cinema project and a psychological thriller in the dormitory? This will be my next watching list after VOICE3. TRAP sastified me. I like fewer eps and how the twist turn one of the main character who's the victim to be one of best psycho with daebak acting. I'd like to see Lee Dong Wook do it if that was his role.
  5. I dont think he died although I'm still confused why he coughed of blood at that time. Kangwoo disappeared at the night of explosion is what I expected, actually that the story I have roleplayed on Tumblr in post Voice 2 timeline. He’s more interesting than the villain itself. Do Kangwoo share similarity as Mo Taegu as I show in the pictures below represents their mental disorder and the cause, OCN really should produce the romance between them [laughs]. Bang Jesoo started to have mental problem after his mom died 4 years ago which is a delusion that his mom is still alive and a revenge against the world: starting from those who have separated him and his mom, those who also hate his mom and him, and finally those who he judges as "insect". Mo Taegu and Do Kangwoo already had mental disorder that is developed since they were a kid, triggered by witnessing their dad murdering someone, their condition is more severe than Bang Jesoo. For Mo Taegu, I think the closest disorder that can be diagnosed to him is CONDUCT DISORDER One personality disorder that is often found to occur alongside sadistic personality or antisocial disorder in an adult is conduct disorder, diagnosed since childhood or adolescence. According to DSM-5 criteria for conduct disorder, there are four categories that could be present in the child’s behavior: aggression to people and animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness or theft, and serious violation of rules. Although they’re physically aggressive, children with conduct disorder aren’t verbally aggressive unless they’re also diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Several domains have been implicated in the development of conduct disorder including cognitive variables, neurological factors, intraindividual factors, familial and peer influences, and wider contextual factors. Mo Taegu is “adolescent-onset type” as it was presented at the age of 12. Typically seen in “adolescent-onset type is rebellion against authority figures and/or rejection of conventional values/morals. Compared to the childhood-onset type, less impairment in various cognitive is present. One of the symptoms of conduct disorder is a lower level of fear. If a child does not learn how to handle fear or distress with no caregiver (since his mom committed suicide), the child will be more likely to lash out at other objects such as human, animal, and/or property. For Do Kangwoo, he must've diagnosed with DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER. Dissociative disorders (DD) are mental disorders that involve experiencing a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity. DD usually develop as a reaction to trauma and help keep difficult memories at bay. Times of stress can temporarily worsen symptoms, making them more obvious. Symptoms — ranging from amnesia to alternate identities — depend in part on the type of DD you have. There are three major DD defined in the Diagnostic and DSM-5, Dissociative Amnesia, Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly named as multiple personality disorder), and Depersonalization-derealization Disorder. The severity of the DD in adulthood is directly related to the severity of childhood trauma. Unpredictable or frightening family environments may also cause the child to ‘disconnect’ from reality during times of stress. Individuals with DD may have post-traumatic symptoms (nightmares, flashbacks, and startle responses) or post-traumatic stress disorder. Several studies suggest that DD is more common among close biological relatives of persons who also have the disorder than in the general population (and I guess his dad had this disorder too). This still my theory. While VOICE2 show his illness in Dissociative Amnesia level, its ending hinted that his illness might really have reached Dissociative Identity level and one of his identity/personality is someone who’s evil/psycho/sadistic like Mo Taegu (it was shown in the way he smashed the criminal's head using brick and if the past was true, he really committed murders which cutting body part that Bang Jesoo is just his copycat) while another we’ve known all along and who Kwonjoo tried to believe throughout VOICE 2 is the good person. I predict that the evil one is his original self (who has the same name as his Japanese birth name, Kousuke, someone whom Bang Jesoo keep calling him with) and the good one is the new identity/personality created by his fear, guilt, and hallucination. The evil one must’ve locked deepest since then but VOICE 2 ending trigger it to be shown again in VOICE 3. I can’t wait, the mystery will be revealed soon. Btw, about Kwonjoo traveling to Japan, I hope they mention Oh Hyun Ho even if it's just a name like Moo Jinhyuk.
  6. that's good because I dont think he has the same severe mental illness/disorder like Mo Taegu (I'm sure he suffered Conduct Disorder) to be put in psychiatric ward. Tbh, Do Kangwoo is even as severe as Mo Taegu if he's really diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder.
  7. Yeah, I think I ever said in Voice 2 thread before that OCN probably would like to make multiple seasons like western TV show they air. Now I'm sure about it when the article wrote OCN's mission is to broadcast more seasonal dramas.
  8. OCN was so late for that, I already created the story [laughs] Btw, I found a certain translated interview on Twitter about Sports Seoul in conversation with Lee Chan-ho, studio dragon's content producer, the one behind the success of voice 1-3 and save me 1-2: why ocn <voice> is considered a successful multi-season drama series? original source: https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000488509 Wow, the writer has planned for Season 4 and 5.
  9. that's good if they're siblings, it still could lead to tragedy between them if the lead male dead for protecting her for example, or that she just realized he's her only blood-family she had when it's too late. The ending song already makes it sadder. Sibling love can be still as good as romantic love.
  10. I like the plot so far. I wonder if the two leads would end up sibling while it seems to lead on tragic romance??? I also like the action scene when they show off with martial art like John Wick-wise. Though, I'm disappointed at how he just let the red mafia alive? The bomb is such a low explosive for killing the rest of the men and he better tried to assassinate them off when they're comin' after him instead of runaway, He should not forget RULE #2. The detective may refer to him as "serial killer" in the investigation but the summary of this series should not use the word "killer" to describe him, he's more like a hitman or an assassin, not a cold-hearted man who just enjoys killing to see his victim suffering. LOL, why Pavel reminds me of the King's visualization in Final Fantasy XV?
  11. I see, because I ever read a Japanese Manga title "Psychometric Eiji" 'til complete. About a high school guy, name is Eiji, who has the psychometry ability, which is discovered by a female police investigator when his little sister gets involved in a serial murder case. And so, she uses her charm to get the boy to help her, and he obliges, getting more and more involved in the murders, his powers proving to be quite powerful. There's a japanese drama adaptation about it although I never watch it because it was too old, so I thought this one is the korean drama adaption.
  12. Teaser seems good, this will be my watching list, at least while I'm waiting for VOICE S3.
  13. Dont worry, I understand him, probably to need a break after playing a serious and stressing role in The Guest. He did it too with Temperature of Love after playing VOICE.
  14. Fangirls hearing Kim Jae Wook finally would take a lead male role in romantic drama after many years: *makin' a party to celebrate* Me, a male fan: dude, when will you release your music album again?
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