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  1. I'm a bit disappointed at how they handle Eunsoo. Daeshik improves a lot compared to Season 1 and I like that what he chase is caught by him, not Derek (or Jinhyuk in the past). So, when I watched Eunsoo enter the secret room by herself, and after it's shown that the main culprit is also woman, I expected high that this would be her moment. I know this case is her first mission as dispatch team member, but still, her opponent is a woman like her! Or maybe this eps is for Daeshik since he captures two culprits. Ok, so Eps 9 explain this. I dont check the realism but I'm okay with
  2. I take my word a bit. I've watched Eps 6 and it's nice to see Joongki notices the man in the cliff isn't dead by committing suicide. The cops in Season 01 are very dumb because they always easily said the culprits commit suicide twice.
  3. Procedural get better and better, is this effect of US investigation team? Haha. Man, I like Derek Jo so far. Jinhyuk is the least smart, Kangwoo has sharp observation but he can't control his anger and emotion, but Derek is so professional. Anyway. I like that Derek Jo calm the villain like the FBI agents in Criminal Minds do. (when I said Criminal Minds, it refers to the original one from CBS, not that one suck Korean adaptation) And I always like the episodic case. Daeshik seems to get better role, I hope the PD team has learned how to empower him from his counterpart in Japan a
  4. Next question, how the hell could local police in LA across their jurisdiction to investigate abroad? Not interpol or something? She wont be the evil one, we have mysterious woman talking to Bang Je Soo in S3 Ending. I dont wanna be frustrated like S2-S3 guessing if Do Kang Woo really committed crime when his dissociative disorder strike and I bet they dont use the same formula. The villain has same voice and ability as Kwon Joo, that's probably why we see two version of Lee Hana in teaser here. And if she was being framed, remember what happen to Kang Woo and now she experience i
  5. I just can comment that this drama is total opposite of Flower of Evil: a serial killer dad but had a kind son a doctor who save a life but had a psycho son It's not because of gene and more realistic Poor Jung Bareum.
  6. kettlebell crushing skull shears wire Now an axe decapitates their victims, wow!
  7. My question, the new pretty guy as cyber agent... does he replace the previous agent in S2-S3 or would the two work together? Anyway, I'm here for both Korean S4 and Japan S2. And I still run this fansite: https://voicedaily.tumblr.com/ If you had tumblr, help me there haha. Just in case you dunno, Japan Adaptation of Voice will air their Season 2 one week right after Voice 4 ends. I think they have original story since Moo Jin Hyuk (JP character name: Higuchi Shogo) is still the captain instead of Do Kang Woo. I dunno where the thread for the Japan one is since this f
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