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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

Go Seung Ji

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Several people have asked whether DM says to Eugene that he saw him on the roof in Jemulpo. I do not know what was said in Korean, but the Netflix translation made sense to me. DM and EC brought HS in the room to avoid HS's clothes drawing attention. Then what follows is a funny discussion about what they will do if the question of the identity of the shooter in Jemulpo arises. All know the shooter is AS and want to defend her. But their way of doing is very different: DM says that he saw Eugene, Eugene says he does not inquire into the issue, HS tells them he had already solved the issue by dressing in the same suit to make it become fashionable. (The three solutions reflect their characters and behaviour: DM is after Eugene because he is jealous; Eugene will not rush and use his power as an American soldier and HS acts in a frivolous but effective way.)


I was wondering why AS left after Eugene told her his story. The conclusion I came is that AS felt guilty: guilty of being a noble, guilty of not inquiring further into why she fights and for what she fights. Interpreted in this way, I think her discussion afterwards with the gunner makes more sense, especially the gunner reassuring her that she is not biased against lower classes. I am very curious what you think about why AS left.

(For the moment, the piece of advice the gunner gave her makes some sense, but it is not a very persuasive: Eugene's status in Joseon is different from that of the gunner. However, it is also not very very different. I'm very curious how they will resolve this new problem that appeared.)



@mistymorning I think you are right about Hina's remarks about Eugene. Indeed, he is neither at home in Joseon, nor in America. In the first or second episode, didn't he suspect he was sent to Joseon so that if he fails, the Americans will blame him for being a Joseon person? Probably Eugene is very aware that he does not fit in any of the countries. Maybe the fact that he is accepted by the potter is a sign that he finally found its place.


I think we are told that Eugene will join the Righteous army because he has some skills that the Righteous army really needs.

He is a very good strategist (everybody praises him for how he acts) and the rebel army needs one (Eugene remarks that the rebel army is a very clumsy organization). What I expect in the future is for him to start training the rebel army. From what I read, historically the armies were led by people from very different backgrounds. For example, one is Choi Ik-hyeon: I think the emperor's adviser seems to be based on him. Some other leaders were commoners, one I think was even a hunter (if I remember correctly from what I read). So the Righteous army/armies seems to be a mix of people from very different backgrounds, and Eugene would have fitted there.



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2 hours ago, chickfactor said:


I think a large part of the excitement comes from seeing both EC and DM rediscover their allegiance to Joseon through their love for AS. (She is basically Mother Joseon in this story.) Both men have turned their backs on Joseon, but now they are realizing that Joseon exists beyond their own sad experiences. There is obviously a very "ra ra patriotism" element to it that exceeds any romance in this story, but that's been built into the premise.


Yes, I agree with you on this which is why I think this is Kim Eun Suk's most ambitious work so far. Writing about history and patriotism.


It really spark the question for the guys, do they just become patriots just because they were born in Joseon? Shouldnt they pledge allegiance to the current country that adopted them? It is a dillemma to be answered.

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Instead of 'rebel'.. perhaps, it meant 'traitor' referring to Lee Se Hoon?


August 5, 2018


"Mr. Sunshine" Kim Min-jung Steals Rebel Gold


Source: Newsen via HanCinema.net




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Kudo Hina (Kim Min-jung) punished Lee Se-hoon's (Choi Jin-ho) concubine.


There was a rumor that the enemy of Eugene Choi's (Lee Byung-hun) parents, Lee Se-hoon's concubine, ran off with his gold. She then tried to buy clothes from Kudo Hina before she ran off.


The concubine handed her one gold bar, but Kudo Hina said, "You gave me enough for three sets of clothes. Wear one now and take two more with you. I'll take the price by the bag". She was asking for the whole bag of gold bars.


The concubine said, "I earned them with my effort" and Kudo Hina said, "The price for having been his concubine is your life. I'll give you clothes since it's cold. Don't lose everything".


Kudo Hina took the bag to Gojong (Lee Seung-joon) and Lee Jeong-moon (Kang Shin-il).



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@blademan dear, it would be best if you refer to the pinned posts by Berou. We would prefer to avoid unnecessary fights in here. If you disagree with any posts, agree to disagree my friend. No one shall attack you or your views hence you shan't as well. Maintain a positive discussion please. Thank you.

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Hmm looking from AS point of view, I could understand why she did what she did...


From her convo with her master, we know that AS wasn’t prejudiced against people below her rank— this was proven when gunner Jang mentioned how she kept on coming back to the hut even after being talked down to multiple times... but like her master said, it doesn’t have anything to do with her or what she thinks or feels, it’s just how the world works... AS might not care of EG’s origin but that’s not how others would see... I think AS decides to leave EG because she realizes that there’s simply no future for them so might as well part ways now to avoid further heartbreak... EG probably also knows of this as well, which is why he said to the Emperor that he’ll be leaving soon to avoid hurting someone... Guess we’ll find out what happens next week; time jump or not... 1 week just feels so longgg...

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12 hours ago, philosophie said:

Ep 9 was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when HS left the bar with a limp (wrong leg!). Then when AS realized EC can’t read Korean. Or how EC realized he drank a medicine for the feet! The humor was so on point.




I also love those humor too.. It somehow made my heavy heart to smile

And those 2 guys bringing HS to EC room was really funny moment to haha 


HS would definitely make me cry later if he get hurt or really get heartbroken.. coz his character hides this emotion for now, but i know one way or another, its going to happen. 


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She’s quite cruel. Where do I lie between her passion and cruelty ? Joseph, it seems like I’m in a big trouble.”


“I knew you’d give that look if I told you my story. I knew, but it still hurts.”


”It’s fine. I don’t want to change room.”



“Me too.”


”I wanted to remember this place for a long time. But you ruined it.”


”I think I got my answer. Someone just said, goodbye.”


”I’ve decided to leave so that I don’t end up hurting someone.”




And he still offers her a hand...

And he still waits for her to come back...

And he still loves her. As always.


Eugene, the great and noble one, I just keep falling in love with how soft-hearted you are :tears:

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That was a nice shot.

Ae Shin on the side of the window and DMs reflection on the other.


But finally Dong Mae had to feel like a human being.

A slap is a type of reaction between humans.


My heart sank, because he was happy.

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Mr.Sunshine episode 9


Hug tight! :wub: We have a stormy 14 episodes to sail through.. 




Meet the Parents... no.. the Chaperones! :sweatingbullets:




Hurt her and you'll end up wrapped like this! :ph34r:



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Danger all around us...  And yet I am more afraid of never feeling again... The way I feel when I am with you...


Not done watching the episodes but is it me or does it often feel as if our OTP are in a sensual fog of black and white and everything around them is full of color?  It's like when they are together your able to see and feel only them.  Their words, those spoken or not their thoughts that linger even while watching one another from afar are like poetry in motion.  There is a simple and almost young passion that flows freely and often feels like watching love unfold for the first time.  Between two people who understand it's danger and yet cannot help themselves or hold their hearts back in wanting more...


Instead of making a double post I decided to place these two together as I have to go and  my apologies to

@Yongzura & @mistymorning

for adding after you reacted...




Upon a river covered in ice his words in revealing himself and his past and in pouring out the truth of not only who he is but in wanting to not only tell but hear the cold truth in her silence.  Maybe the most important words and heartfelt as well written in this drama to me.  Said with tears in his eyes and brokenness within his heart. 

" This country you're trying to protect who is it for?  Is there a life for butchers?  Is there a life for slaves? 


His words filled with truth like the chill of the wind that wrapped its coldness around her and  like ice cut deep within her.

It must have felt like the numbness and stinging of being bitten by frost in hearing him that kept her still and silent for she too knew his words however painful were true...





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