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  1. I wanted to say a sincere thanks and a heartfelt goodbye to all the show's fans who frequent this thread. It has been a pleasure participating in the discussions, reading others thoughts and getting translations, spoilers and other info so easily. I say this in advance because if the finale has a tragic ending in store for either EC or AS or both, I don't think I will be entering this thread or post my comments at my other usual haunt at dramacool. It may sound irrational but IMHO, it is the best way to get over a show and try to move on from its tragic story line. Dwelling on it, rewatching the show's old episodes and participating in discussions only makes it worse (at least for me). So, thanks again for everything. I usually watch only two or three kdramas per year, so I hope to see you guys in the discussion threads of some amazing drama in the future.
  2. As always, thanks for the translations. Looking more and more likely that we will get a tragic ending. Maybe the writer will throw in reincarnation by showing a future timeline where these characters meet again in different lives, but tbh, I just don't care about future different versions/lives of these characters - because these new characters wearing the same faces will not be the ones we spent time with and emotionally cared about for the past 24 episodes. How can we even begin to care about them?
  3. Can anyone here help me, a complete ignorant, who can't tell the difference between languages - in the preview, we see Eugene sitting in front of a store, looking at a pic and crying. What is the language on the signs in front of that store? We have a train journey in the finale, Ae Shin disguised in Western clothes, the young soldiers disguised in Japanese military uniforms, Eugene on the train and also Eugene with a bloody chest (https://imgur.com/a/8g68DtW ) on the train. I am expecting another time jump in the finale to 1909 - the year when Ito Hirobumi was assassinated. He was killed as he arrived at Harbin Railway Station to meet a Russian representative to Manchuria. Could the train shown in the preview be the one going to Manchuria? No AS in the preview but there's a very brief shot in the preview of a fair hand in what appears to be a white coat, wearing the ring - ( https://imgur.com/a/k7S0qHX ) the hand is too pretty and feminine to be Eugene's so it is definitely AS - what is interesting about this pic, is that behind this feminine wrist, is what looks like the elbow/part of the arm of someone else in a very light grey suit - that could definitely be Eugene edit - I looked at it again and I don't think it is Eugene - it is just one person only, so most probably AS - but mark this - I am 99% sure that this is again some fantasy and dream of either Eugene or AS as they lie(lay? what is correct here?) dying. - edit - don't think it is a fantasy either because AS's wrist looks dirty and blackened on the bottom side - so this could be a part of a mission.
  4. 1hr 45 min? O_O Edit: Looking at the instagram spoilers and reading the recap at dramamilk, am I the only one who is finding this episode a bit underwhelming? Don't get me wrong, are extremely sad but this doesn't feel like the penultimate episode of a drama.
  5. Come Sunday night, I am going to spoil myself silly by finding out in advance if the ending is sad or not. Due to my high, and some might rightfully say, an irrational emotional investment in this fictional show, I don't think I can handle watching the finale, if it is tragic. Who else is in the same boat as I am?
  6. Heading into the final two episodes, in your opinion, which characters among the main five are in the greatest danger of tragically dying and which of them have the highest chance of making it out alive by the end? IMO, the person in least danger and the highest chance of making it out alive is Hui Seong. Dong Mae follows next - there have already been way too many near death experiences with him, so I think he will live. It also gives him a chance to start anew, but now, fully a Joseon man. Ae Shin is at third place. Yes, she is walking headfirst into danger, sniping enemies, planting bombs, getting injured, carrying a bounty on her head etc but even after all this, the show has emphasized through many other characters that she needs to live/has to be saved, so I believe that she will also make it out alive. Kudo Hina has an 80% chance of dying. The preview of Dong Mae carrying her on the same beach show in E21, which is in the town where her mother is buried and the shot of her lying against Dong MAe's arm makes me think that she is going to die from her injuries sustained by the Glory Hotel bombing. The person with the highest chance of dying, the one in gravest danger, is Eugene. I have a bad feeling that he is not going to escape his journey towards the flame. He will either end up being a martyr for Joseon or he will sacrifice his life to save AS.
  7. As always, thanks for the synopsis. Cruel fate befalls on those 2 men coming back to hellish Joseon... That second line is making me nervous. Edit: I hope you keep a lookout for the synopsis of E24 too. I am really curious to see how they word it.
  8. Haven't seen anyone upload the E23 preview, so here it is. All credit to Sadgasna Also, how cruel are they? They show Dong Mae rescuing Hina, they show even more DM/KN scenes (which Iwholeheartedly welcome) but the sadists at TVN know exactly what to not show at all - and that is any EC/AS scene. UGH!!! There's a quick shot of Eugene shooting Japanese soldiers in the hospital - is it where he takes AS in the first place? Dammit!! I am going to be so pissed if AS is unconscious and out of action for most of the episode. Towards the end of the promo, we have Eugene saying , (and I got this translation from a fan on twitter) - "You go save your Joseon and I will save you." Right before he says this, we have a very short dialog by AS and no one has translated it . I would really appreciate it if someone here helps us out by transcribing the preview. Ahem!! Yo, @mistymorning , where you at? "You go save your Joseon and I will save you." The pit in my stomach grows deeper. Looking more and more likely that Eugene will end up sacrificing himself to save Ae Shin. I keep going back to that spoiler pic from many, many days ago - Ae shin in Western clothes at the train station - why is she alone? Where is Eugene?
  9. @rubie Oooh!! That running towards the firworks is simply scintillating. Thanks for posting the link. Also, for those interested in tonight's special, do check out this instagram account: mrsunshine_thirtybutseventeen
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