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  1. hmm. Looks like my decision to avoid these episodes was prudent. Just finished reading the detailed recap at dramamilk and it made me snort with frustration. The only sliver of light I took away from the recap was that DH finally told Jae Hyuk that she would file a police complaint. I would have been elated if she had in fact made an official complaint but hey! baby steps. From the pics released for tomorrow, it seems Do Hee will comfort Hae Kyung after his mother's passing away. Seeing one of the other BTS pic of NE and DH, I bet, No Eul is the one who calls DH and tells her to get her a*s over to HK's place. At this point of time in the show, HK has done all the fighting for this relationship. It is time for DH to step up now. Does she fight for her happiness or give up and continue self sabotaging this relationship the way she has been over the past two episodes?
  2. I squarely blame the writers' incompetence. They keep going in circles regarding the exes. Wasn't yesterday's episode a sort of final closure to the Hae Kyung/No Eul's past relationship? IMO, it was done nicely - No Eul was desperate for any sign but Hae Kyung shut her down for good. I even understood why he let her have his shoulder to mourn the demise of their past relationship. but hey! new episode just a day later and we are back to square one with No Eul's extremely shi*y actions. As for Jung Jae Hyuk - very frustrating to see Do Hee play the noble liar for him. I would have understood if she had done this before her relationship with HK started but there is no excuse for this now. She is now in a relationship with another man - why is she the one always holding back from HK? IS she still in Dinner Mate mode, thinking that she needs to keep personal things from a stranger? They are a couple now and she needs a harsh reality check on her actions.
  3. Very, very frustrating episode. If I say that this episode soured my whole mood towards the drama, then it wouldn't be an understatement on my part. Putting pause on the show for now. And to think I was eagerly waiting for the episodes each week. UGH!!
  4. Been a long time since I logged in. You can guess by the display picture how long it has been. Anyways, have been enjoying this show. Feels good to see a mature type of love story. I know that we can't embed instagram posts anymore but I was very curious about 3 new stills of Do Hee. If anyone can link these pics here, I would be grateful. I found them on a seo ji hye fan instagram account named - peach1984_ They show Do Hee in the same dress that she is wearing while watching a movie with Hae Kyung. Looks like she is in her home but she looks afraid/angry and has a frying pan in her hand. Scenario 1: Do Hee comes home from her job but Jung Jae Hyuk is waiting for her inside her own house. If you see the preview for Episode 11, there'a quick frame of Jung Jae Hyuk sitting in a room and switching a lamp on and off. Confrontation happens, DO Hee leaves and ends up at Hae Kyung's home. watches movie with him but falls asleep because she is tired. Scenario 2: Do Hee and Hae Kyung have movie night at his house, she falls asleep (sexy times may or may not happen), she comes back to her house early morning to find Jae Hyuk inside.