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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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She’s quite cruel. Where do I lie between her passion and cruelty ? Joseph, it seems like I’m in a big trouble.”


“I knew you’d give that look if I told you my story. I knew, but it still hurts.”


”It’s fine. I don’t want to change room.”



“Me too.”


”I wanted to remember this place for a long time. But you ruined it.”


”I think I got my answer. Someone just said, goodbye.”


”I’ve decided to leave so that I don’t end up hurting someone.”




And he still offers her a hand...

And he still waits for her to come back...

And he still loves her. As always.


Eugene, the great and noble one, I just keep falling in love with how soft-hearted you are :tears:

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That was a nice shot.

Ae Shin on the side of the window and DMs reflection on the other.


But finally Dong Mae had to feel like a human being.

A slap is a type of reaction between humans.


My heart sank, because he was happy.

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Mr.Sunshine episode 9


Hug tight! :wub: We have a stormy 14 episodes to sail through.. 




Meet the Parents... no.. the Chaperones! :sweatingbullets:




Hurt her and you'll end up wrapped like this! :ph34r:



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Danger all around us...  And yet I am more afraid of never feeling again... The way I feel when I am with you...


Not done watching the episodes but is it me or does it often feel as if our OTP are in a sensual fog of black and white and everything around them is full of color?  It's like when they are together your able to see and feel only them.  Their words, those spoken or not their thoughts that linger even while watching one another from afar are like poetry in motion.  There is a simple and almost young passion that flows freely and often feels like watching love unfold for the first time.  Between two people who understand it's danger and yet cannot help themselves or hold their hearts back in wanting more...


Instead of making a double post I decided to place these two together as I have to go and  my apologies to

@Yongzura & @mistymorning

for adding after you reacted...




Upon a river covered in ice his words in revealing himself and his past and in pouring out the truth of not only who he is but in wanting to not only tell but hear the cold truth in her silence.  Maybe the most important words and heartfelt as well written in this drama to me.  Said with tears in his eyes and brokenness within his heart. 

" This country you're trying to protect who is it for?  Is there a life for butchers?  Is there a life for slaves? 


His words filled with truth like the chill of the wind that wrapped its coldness around her and  like ice cut deep within her.

It must have felt like the numbness and stinging of being bitten by frost in hearing him that kept her still and silent for she too knew his words however painful were true...





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@Ahpheng  Your posts always make me smile:blush:


I love the relationship that the 3 amigos have formed as odd as it is and I can't help but laugh at the writing that seems so funny and them becoming something I look forward to in just seeing them together.  It shouldn't make sense knowing they all love the same woman or at least have feelings for her and yet the writer makes it work.  It's like they are each different and yet they are the same.  I was moved when Eugene asked about the butchers life as well as the slaves.  I love this feeling of this love/hate bond that I believe they all know what is what and yet they seem to understand one another as well. 



Some things that shouldn't be possible, are...

  Some things that make no sense, in their case does...

Somehow it shows that no matter the differences there can still be a sense of respect...

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correction of course :{

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13 hours ago, grapefruit7 said:



I also love those humor too.. It somehow made my heavy heart to smile

And those 2 guys bringing HS to EC room was really funny moment to haha 


HS would definitely make me cry later if he get hurt or really get heartbroken.. coz his character hides this emotion for now, but i know one way or another, its going to happen. 


I also feel like HS is a very lonely guy. The conversation he had with AS when he said no one is rooting for him, *sigh*. All three guys are lonely in their own way. Being lonely is never a good thing ... 

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1 hour ago, blademan said:

I'm assuming we don't have to be too worried about EC and AS :P

Yet to see these scenes...


  Reveal hidden contents




LOL I know righttt

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Hello everyone! I want to join this soon I should catch up. I'm behind.

So I first saw Lee Byung Hyun in "I Saw the Devil." (2010).

This is my favorite scene from I Saw the Devil:

Image result for lee byung hun cry i saw the devil ending gif


Related image''

This looks like a man who says, "He killed my wife." and "I got my revenge."

But it also looks like a man who says, "It's over, but why am I so much pain?"

I don't know why he is crying. I think he it was painful.


The villain is also a great actor:

I think his name is Choi Min Sik.Image result for choi min sik


And the director is amazing! Kim Jae-Woon!


I thought, "I don't want to watch this." But my sister told me to watch it. And I don't regret it. And this drama is on Netflix! 

I'm using her account. I can't afford it! I hope I catch up soon. I can't wait to watch it with all of you and discuss it with you.

And Lee Byung Hyun was in Gi-Joe Rise of the Cobra. It's a movie that's in U.S. So I have seen him a lot! I didn't follow him. 

But I want to watch this! And didn't see Kim Tae-Ri in the Handmaiden, but I saw a few clips. I think she's a great actress.

I'm sorry. The Handmaiden might not be a movie that everyone likes. So I will join you all soon!


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August 6, 2018


Mr. Sunshine: Episode 9


by dramallama Dramabeans.com

Eugene makes pivotal decisions that determine his alliances, and it’s a breath of fresh air to finally see a more decisive Eugene who’s ready to confront the consequences of his choices. Ae-shin’s assertive nature seems to be rubbing off on him, and it’s leading to some satisfying payoff. Dong-mae and Hee-sung still remain relatively idle, though they seem to be strategically inactive as they try to navigate the new knowledge of Ae-shin’s other identity.








Hello to sibling of @2handsintertwined, welcome to MR.SUNSHINE! :D


ISTD (I Saw the Devil) is a favorite of mine as well, despite the incredibly gory and gruesome sadistic movie. Frankly, can only watch not that many scenes (the rest were too much to stomach :vicx:). However, check out the ISTD thread here at soompi to talk, share and some more stuff from the movie.


There's also thread each for Lee Byung Hun and Dir. Kim Jee Woon. Hopefully after MR.SUNSHINE, someone can start a thread for Kim Tae Ri as well. This wonderfully talented actress (it's hard to find an acting gem like her :wub:) hasn't got her own soompi thread yet. 

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my fav is Hee sung. In the preview he told Aeshin to run to him and hide if things get hard:"

Heesung ahhhh~

don't be hurt

and please, pretty pretty pleaseeeee don't be the bad guy!!!!!

okay?! okayyyy?!!!

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