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  1. @mistymorning can you stop calling DM calling him a stalker, he was locked up for a number of days and when he got out, he investigated and give help to grandpa's. And yet he is still branded as a stalker? He is actually very busy running his businesses which showed, when he got out of captivity, he had to cover a few places immediately. He doesn't spend all his time on AS. Once I get fed up, I might start attacking the botox face of EC? if you don't like DM, just don't talk about him. Like I never talk about EC. This is a bloody Lee byun Hun thread. I see now the Hotaru character actress is from his company too. Goodbye.
  2. Yes, DM is just trying to help AS's grandfather. Anything related to AS, he is trying help. But he is also trying to be very careful, that's why he went alone without his entourage and at night in order not to draw any attention. Otherwise AS family will be affected if neighbours see him entering the house in broad daylight. He has no grudge against AS's family, in fact he knew very well he owes AS his life.
  3. @KDramaLogic I like what you wrote mostly but I think I don't blame AS for not seeing the plight of the lower class. As a noblelady, although she goes for physical training, she must have led a very sheltered life. Since I assume in her household, her slaves must have been kindly and fairly treated, she probably thought everyone does the same thing with their slaves. She probably grew up with a tunnel vision of slaves Are slaves and that's the way society is structured, so she couldn't accept at first that EC was actually a slave by background. Her world is fairly black n white, that's why like what you said she can't see DM beyond his facade. But I don't blame her, a person is a product of their upbringing, hopefully now that she is older and going out more, she grows to see other perspectives in life. ......
  4. Sorry to add a bad news, lee Byung hhun together with yoo yeo suk will not attending the celebratory dinner. Oh so sad. Aeshin fan club will not have a get together....
  5. According to Chinese Weibo news, the celebratory dinner will be on 2 September. Due to personal schedule, Yoo Yeon Seok will not be able to attend.
  6. Havent got the time to watch the latest ep but saw scenes of the eclipse scene and I was stunned, reminded me so much of Scarlet heart. Dongmae is really similar to 4th prince .... Death coming soon ..... Taeri look pretty in American clothes. The director is really very good in scene set up and lightings.
  7. Just read on China Weibo that the last day of filming was slated for 26 Aug but not sure if the current typhoon will cause delays. In any case, they should really be in the last stage of filming.
  8. I would suggest you don't talk about the character that you dont like. I basically come into this show because of Dongmae. Have it not be him, I wouldn't watch this entire drama at all. DM is a very sad character and doesn't need anybody else to step on him further. and they live happily ever after.
  9. @rubie not sure if they are in final stages of filming but when KES skipped the press conference, she did mention their gun licences were only valid till July, so they must have finished most of the gun related scenes. Also too yeon seok, on top of his monthly coffee event, appeared at the back stage of a musical to help out his juniors so am really concern he is having too much time on his hands. But his sidekicks hasn't posted anything about their end of filming, so hopefully DM doesn't die too early. @rocher22 I think EC should see in DM some similarity of someone who has to leave Joseon and survived under difficult circumstances. Although DM doesn't know about EC's background, with his street smarts, he should know EC is a good guy. DM generally admires effective and functional people vs guys like HS who sits around and do nothing much. @seabysea18 historical dramas usually doesn't appeal to everyone, especially on beanies unless it is heavily centered on romance, so I wouldn't be too concern on that. I know of people who refused to watch a period drama. Mr Sunshine is top in ratings and buzz in Korea with a lead far ahead of other dramas. So I think that says something.
  10. Too many things happened in the latest ep, so I need to rewatch it again before I give more detailed comments but suffice to say all those happenings help boost the ratings rather than the repeated meetings between AS and EC. I really admire KES for going beyond herself writing about political maneuverings instead of just romance. I have been recommending all my friends to watch this drama, because a drama of this genre is so rare in Kdrama arena. Yeah Lee Wan Ik should be murdered soon, I wonder how he will die though, he has made everyone his enemy. Yes, for a loser, HS is very likeable, credits to KES's writing again.
  11. Yes HS was being the noble fool for trying to take on all the blame by saying he don't want the marriage but AS grandpa seems very wise and knows everything. It's sad that the villain Lee wan ik has intercepted all of grandpa's letters. Am afraid, grandpa is in grave danger now and if something happens to him, AS will be devastated and go all out for revenge. I am sort of disappointed with the scene between AS and DM at the Judo place. I would have hope they showed how DM send her gently away but probably the director can't think of a good way to do it and just ended the scene with AS's puzzled face. Also now it seems like they frame DM to look like he killed Joseph. Actually he went there to meet another foreigner to talk about the railroad security...
  12. @aurelionsol yes, I think AS will migrate to US with EC. That is one natural ending and exit plan for her. Because Korea will be colonize very soon in this time period, and nobody remain behind has it easy during that period. Unless they really want to turn AS and EC into martyr patriots who choose to stay behind. Maybe HS will join them too, he should be rich enough to buy the ship ticket. DM and HN will go to Japan. Happy ending for all, nobody dies. KES will have to be careful of the ending, but I would think when she first thought about the story, she should have some inkling of the ending she wants to tell. Ever since soompi keep revamping their site, the forums has become such a quiet place. So different from the buzzling discussion area from just a few years ago.
  13. Although I was well aware that Yoo Yeon Seok played the role of a transgender person in the Hedwig musical, I didnt know Byun Yo Han did the same role as well. No wonder both their diction is so good. Such a coincidence. This transgender role had been played by a few actors and seems to be a role that actor's challenge themselves to do. credit infor to yooyeonsuk ifc Its amazing how the show managed to add in product placements like the sweets and the cake. I thought the rainbow colour cake was too modern for that era. sat tomorrow!
  14. @miracle23 yes in those day, people who embraced foreign cultures are frowned upon. This is depicted in many Chinese dramas o that time as well. I am really not sure if KES changed any o DM n teams portrayal except for changing the groups name. Yes, looks like Hotaru will be hugging him. From the trailer, I wonder if EC will be the one to rescue DM from the horrible Lee Wan Ik. ∼∼ Yah n that guy at the temple, he was give a good few seconds of screen time. He must have some role later. @Ahpheng es time passes too slowly to sat!
  15. Thanks for the video @charray ice bucket challenge. Lmao. Actually I got a few burning questions about AS and EC: ~ Why doesn't EC protest or throw a fit whenever his room get searched? ~Who runs the apothecary that allows them free access? Wouldn't somebody else read their mails? ~Whats the point of gifting AS the new tech gun, what about the bullets? Is there some mail order channel after she runs out? ~The bar that the guys hang out must be the latest chill place in town, it is always packed and they always run into each other there
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