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  1. OMG OMG OMG... I don’t even know where to begin... I am speechless... this is downright outrageous... Is this a korean drama or freaking walking dead?? People just started dropping like flies in this week’s episodes.... I don’t know now... I feel like I have just wasted 24+ hours of my life... So pissed with the ending that I am just at a loss for words............ It’s time to switch to watching romcoms for consolation....
  2. Lol daebak episode as usual.. can I just say two things.. First, I love a woman who can stand up against bullies on her own like Hina! Second, Dong Mae ya!!! It will be tough for Dong Mae to get back in Ae Shin’s good graces ESP with what happened! It was so hard for him to gain that one tiny brownie point too and he lost it so soon after... haish...
  3. Man.. this drama likes to torture the main couple.. one sec we’ll be given a dreamy date etc and then rightaway, we’ll be presented with tears and heartaches... sigh...
  4. Am I the only one thinking that scene in the preview that shows Ae Shin and Eugene walking happily in western clothing might just be a dream?
  5. Omooo the preview- seems like it’s going to venture into the typical kdrama territory a little bit with grandpa’s rejection etc lmao.. Finally we get to see Ae Shin in proper western garb! But what does this mean??? I don’t think Ae Shin is visiting the US with Eugene... My heart is torn seeing Ae Shin cry so pitifully in the preview...
  6. Ah I see- I think I saw her in this long trailer of Mr. Sunshine.. she might play a bigger role in the next few episodes? Just not sure what it will be...
  7. Omg 15%!! I don’t know why I’m so happy this show’s rating is going up- think I’m going crazy... I hope this becomes TVN’s highest rated drama of all time
  8. Can anyone tell me who was that lady who bumped into Hui Seong and stopped him from chasing after Kim Yong-ju?? I don’t remember if she has shown up in prior episodes before
  9. Waitt, why no previews?! But dang- Righteous Army just had to interrupt them at ‘that time’... goodness.. I guess next week we’ll get to see Ae Shin duke it out with Eugene? Lol I don’t think both will be able to take a shot though hahaha
  10. Ohh yes I obviously somehow missed that... I most certainly am wrong then which I really don’t mind at all lol Hahah yes I def missed the Japanese soldiers- I was just being crazy in my analysis..
  11. Hmm looks like Eugene will turn rogue in the next episode... If I have to guess, there was probably some sort of conspiracy behind X’s death... So currently Joseon is having trouble trying to get US to loan money and Japan has been pressuring them as well... Joseon could be the one who killed X and they might try to pin the blame on Japan (aka Lee Wan Ik) to incite the US to make a move... Gu Dong Mae, on the other hand, was probably suspected of being the one who murdered X under the orders of Japan or Lee Wan Ik hence he was arrested by the US and tortured to reveal the name of the person who gave the order.. US has been pretty neutral so far in Joseon but the murder of a US citizen would simply cause a rift between these two countries which would benefit Joseon since this might mean US will finally make a stand against Japan by lending $$ to Joseon to build that railway (for example)... it is like the saying; my enemy’s enemy is my ally... While investigating X’s death, Eugene would find that all clues and evidence point towards Joseon... That minister who always hovers around the Emperor was probably the one who solicited Potter Hwang’s help in all of this for the good of Joseon.. So Potter Hwang probably ordered someone in the Righteous Army to murder X and make it look like Japan was the one who did the deed.. When Eugene found out, he probably went berserk and went to visit Potter Hwang with that gun in his hand in the previews but Potter Hwang (possibly sensing Eugene’s affection for Ae Shin and vice versa) probably gave AS the order to stand-by and shot whomever came... She probably didn’t foresee that her target this time would be Eugene... Talk about prophecy- she did warn him that she might kill him next when they first met in the pharmacy.. P.S.: Ae Shin’s grandpa was probably the real leader of Righteous Army- who knows. So if Righteous Army did indeed carry out the murder for Joseon then it’d be like Ae Shin’s grandpa was the one who murdered X which would make the romance tad bit more complicated now... Well tad bit is probably too mild of a word- a lot more is probably more appropriate since now Eugene and Ae Shin will have social status and blood stand in between of their growing affections... I hope I am just dead wrong on this one though
  12. Can’t believe it’s tomorrow already been so overwhelmed with so many things going on that time just flies.. Guess it’s a good thing on one end since that means waiting for Saturday becomes much more bearable.. I am still hoping for a HE for Ae Shin and Eugene!
  13. This is probably my wishful thinking but did anyone notice how Ae Shin’s eyes always looked so tearful during her separation from Eugene? Most noticeable in the scene when she was eating that castella cake with Hina... Talk about crying all night lmao her eyes then immediately reverted back to happy sparkling when she got back together with Eugene
  14. Ahh I see- I thought it was entirely pre-produced like DotS lol. Thanks! Omg that would suck big time if that is their last date It’ll literally be like playing with our emotions- this whole they are/aren’t together..
  15. Baeksuk is that chicken soup dish that they always eat in the drama- the one Eugene and Ae Shin ate together for lunch in Ep 12... Samgyetang is similar to baeksuk but it seems that the preparation is slightly different according to wikipedia...
  16. This drama makes me want to try to eat baeksuk... not sure where I can get this in Cali?? It seems similar to samgyetang.. If My Love from the Stars has chimaek, then Mr. Sunshine has baeksuk lol
  17. Wahh if you look at this— sunday’s episodes are always higher than saturday’s episodes eh... guess people stay out later on saturdays than sundays haha
  18. Finally a much happier episode for Ae Shin and Eugene though I am still not sure what the status now.. it looks like they’re happily dating with the understanding that they won’t have any future together but whatever, as long as they’re happy Ae Shin just needs to learn how to handle that rifle extremely slowly which is probably hard for her to do since she picks up things really fast (cue the billiard thing)... But goodness this show.. just when you think things are starting to get better and happier, show then gives that preview... I just want Ae Shin and Eugene to enjoy their happy dating life a bit longer before things start falling apart
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