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  1. Why did it feel like Shwa is not showing her true color there kekekek... She is the wild one, yet she can't swear properly? Her eyes, there is a hidden meaning there. Girl got a reputation to uphold @_@
  2. @nrllee These! It brought me back to the question they asked yys on his woodworking. Hope we can see those realised in S2 Thanks!
  3. Oh my @nrllee that egg slap will never get old lmao. That happened in ep. 6. Shwa was enlightened of that fact about IJ. So it makes sense for her to react like she did when he confessed in ep. 10. Between ep 6 to 10 she gained further insights of the 40 y.o. IJ, including how different they are during coffee morning chat at the cafe, and she made her assessment. He projected his own self to others and expect others to follow suit instead of understanding them properly. IJ really needs to open up to, and accept what is the real deal in, his heart.
  4. @nrllee, I was looking at ep. 3 and came into the karaoke scene. The way their singing turn was arranged in the script, Shwa x Jwon were beginning (Jwon) to an end (Shwa). Tying/linking the two together, one end to the other. Just like the camera movement when he sang CINF, from him & Shwa and ended with Shwa & him again. Oh my. You are right. This is intentionally written and directed! Lol. Sneaky Shin Lee
  5. @nrllee, this look, his eyes.. i can't help but seeing him detecting shinlee m.o. of r94 on the loveline lol YYS: Hmm, I think I can see what you are trying to do. Are you gonna get me chilbong-ed again?
  6. Another good catch @nrllee ¤_¤ Real flowers should bloom together. Thanks!
  7. " [...] I get the feeling he put JWon in the background and SHwa in the foreground because JWon is the one who has been waiting for SHwa to be ready (for the right timing). And the timing is right. From Ep10 on. [...] " This! It strengthens the theory that he is the one who has been waiting all along as depicted by the songs. Thanks! You just gave me another points to add into my write up.
  8. @nrllee do you remember? Door vision panel shot vs window shot. We only have 3 window shots as follows: 1. Ep. 10 - ikjun n shwa 2. Ep. 12 - jang n jwon 3. Ep. 12 - shwa n jwon Do you remember you have suggested it to wishful thinking? IJ refused to go to sleep because he wants to remain in that imagination of his having meal with Shwa. And ep. 12? What is the difference in ep 12 window shots? One is jwon and shwa sharing secret smiles. Another is a long distant shot just like ep. 10 window shot. While ep. 10 has rain, ep 12 has snow.
  9. Great catch there with R88! It is a mash up @nrllee! A total mash up bwahahahaha...
  10. Omo omo @nrllee, you! How did I forget about this? Yes I mentioned the possibility of him running because of his patient but baby Ji-A T___T... it's IJ's imagination coupled with Jang's. He must have told her about it at the garden and she made the whole things up in her mind, thinking he really likes her. *roll eyes* Great catch!
  11. Oh @nrllee, you got that right! Yes, I also read his answer as you did. He is not gonna give more details. He will do his job and viewers do theirs without interfering with the production work. Thanks @nrllee^^
  12. Yes @nrllee, it was included in our updated hint list which I am keeping WIP. Both PG and Shwa's dad practise frugality. Werther will start in late Aug. but the casts have met today and probably practise will start soon after. There will be 5 actors playing Werther so YYS's schedule is not that pack for musical. He will be busy promoting his movie The Summit 2 starting this week till premiere sometime in Aug.
  13. Thanks for creating the thread @nrllee Actually Mido and Jaehak are currently in same musical. The three boys went to support their two favorite co-stars
  14. @kokodus it will make sense given 3 seasons. I have faith. 12 ep are not enough to explain everything. If people expect everything to unravel in just 12 ep, then plotline will get messy and unrealistic. That's just logic. My whole point on the matter. ^^ Cheers!
  15. That is what people are losing from the complete offerings of the drama @ryanallright. Romance is just a part of their lives. Like each of us. The bigger picture is how the 5 interact with their surroundings, how they handle their crises, how they deal with their pains, sorrows, happiness, promises etc., how they inspire people around them, how they move on with their lives. Aren't those a complete package, the bigger picture that are most satisfying to watch? This is not a teenage drama. The 5 are in their earlier 40s. Their perspectives and approaches towards life will be differ
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